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The purpose of the McGuire Boom Operators Association (MBOA) is to promote unity, fellowship, and "Esprit De Corps" among Boom Operators, to include active duty, guard, reserve, retired, separated, and honorary members serving their tour of duty at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. Our objective is to be self-sufficient in every way, shape or form and not to be associated with the United States Air Force or the United States Government. We will work together to achieve our goals, maintain our traditions, and work towards the betterment of our association and ourselves.



1. FINANCE: The McGuire Boom Operators Association is organized as a type three private organization (PO) pursuant to authority contained in AFI 34-123. The MBOA is a nonappropriated fund instrumentality (NAFI) and is not considered under Air Force control. It will be self-sustaining and will not receive any direct financial assistance from an NAFI. All MBOA assets (monies and property) will come from donations, payments or other receipts. No act or omission of the MBOA or any of its officers or members shall create a debt of liability upon appropriated funds (APF) or NAFIs.


2. CONSENT: It is acknowledged that the MBOA can only exist on McGuire AFB upon written consent of the installation commander. This consent may be withdrawn at any time that the commander determines such a withdrawal to be in the best interest of the USAF. The consent of the commander is contingent upon, but not limited to, compliance with the conditions set forth below:

a. The MBOA will not:

(1) Conduct any activities which will prejudice or discredit nor will it conduct any business which states or implies official Air Force sponsorship or endorsement.

(2) Engage in activities that duplicate or compete with any base MWR activities or NAFI including AAFES. All requests for occasional fundraisers will be submitted through the Commander MWRS to Installation Commander for consideration and action.

b. The MBOA will notify the Chief of MWR of any changes in officers or points of contact.

c. Neither APF activities nor NAFIs may claim the assets of, or make, or assume any obligation for, the MBOA except those that arise from a valid contract between them.

d. This constitution cannot be amended to omit the statement of the nature or purpose of the MBOA or omit provisions for disposing of residual assets and liabilities when it is dissolved.



1. The MBOA officers shall consist of four members and four alternates: the President, Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and an alternate for each position. The term of office shall be for one year, with new officers elected before, and taking office on the first day of April. No individual may serve consecutive terms as an officer in the same position.

2. The President (or the alternate) will oversee the operation of, and preside at all meetings of the association. He may also call all special meetings of the association and/or officers, and has the authority to sign all contracts and countersign all vouchers of the association. The President (or alternate) is the only member who may commit the association to any high level functions, only after a general membership meet and poll.

3. The Vice President (or alternate) may perform any and all duties of the President when designated by the President or in the absence of the President due to leave or TDY status. The Vice President (or alternate) is also responsible for briefing new boom operators/members assigned on the policies and activities of the association.

4. The Secretary (or alternate) shall keep a complete and accurate record of all association meetings. Provide the President with an accurate list of members attending each meeting for the purpose of determining a quorum. In the absence of both the President and Vice President due to leave or TDY, the Secretary will be responsible for maintaining the association


5. The Treasurer (or alternate) will keep a complete and accurate financial record for the association. Collect all outstanding debts and assessments payable to the association. Upon request, any member of the association may view all financial records.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The four officers of the MBOA constitute the executive committee. The executive committee is responsible for the organization, operation and direction of the MBOA and will conduct all routine affairs. The ByLaws give the Executive Committee some powers to act independently to directly benefit the MBOA.

ALTERNATE COMMITTEE: The four alternates appointed by the Executive Committee of the MBOA constitute the alternate committee. The alternate committee is responsible for the organization, operation and direction of the MBOA and will conduct all routine affairs in the absence of the elected executive committee.

8. OFFICER SUCCESSION: To insure continuity and order in the event of an officer leaving his/her position between elections the following procedures will apply:

a. If the office of the President becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice-President shall assume the position of the President. The President shall immediately appoint a member as interim Vice President.

(1) If more than 60 days remain before the annual election specified in the ByLaws, the President shall call for and schedule a special election for the office of Vice President.

b. If any other of the three offices become vacant (Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) the President shall immediately appoint a member as an interim officer.

If more than 60 days remain before the annual election specified in the ByLaws, the President shall call for and schedule a special election for the vacant office.

c. If an alternate position become vacant for any reason, the officer shall appoint a new one.




1. Our membership is voluntary and will not be used to tarnish a fellow boom operators’ image if he/she does not believe in our cause or does not wish to join the association for reasons of their own. The membership will consist of boom operators at McGuire Air Force Base, retired boom operators living in the local area, and members selected as honorary boom operators; each of whom upon accepting membership, thereby, accept and agree to be bound, not contrary to law, by the articles of this constitution.

2. Honorary membership can be bestowed upon those selected as distinguished individuals. The selection will be made by a majority vote of the general membership present. Honorary members have no voting privileges and may not hold an official position within the association. However, they may attend all social functions associated with the MBOA.

3. RESPONSIBILITIES: Any person eligible for membership shall be deemed a member when they have attended a regular meeting of the general membership.

4. PRIVILEGES: Only members may participate in a vote at any meeting, hold any office in the MBOA or benefit from any of the privileges of the MBOA.

5. TERMINATION: Membership will be terminated under the following conditions:

a. A member makes it known to the Executive Committee that he/she wishes to resign from the MBOA for whatever reason. A member, who voluntarily terminates in such a way, retains the right to join later. Provided the Executive Committee is satisfied with the reason for his/her absence.

b. Upon permanent departure of the member from McGuire AFB or it’s community. Retirement alone is not justification for automatic termination.



1. MEETINGS: A meeting of the general membership shall be held each month at a time and place determined by the President. The President will make due effort to schedule the meeting for the same time and place each month and ensure it is convenient for the majority of members.

a. The monthly meeting of the membership shall be the forum for discussion of issues by the membership and for votes approving expenditures, projects, and the forming of committees. The President shall insure appropriate rules of good order are observed and that discussion is free and constructive. Every member has an unquestioned right to express his/her views. All members are required to observe acceptable standards of decorum at meetings.


2. COMMITTEES: Committees may be formed only for purposes approved by the membership, and only by a majority vote. The President appoints committee members. Committees must report to a meeting and their actions must be approved by a membership vote to be binding.



ADOPTION: The Constitution and ByLaws shall become effective upon adoption by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the McGuire Boom Operators Association present at a meeting, provided it is thereafter to be found to be legally sufficient and approved by the Installation Commander.

AMENDMENT: The Constitution and ByLaws may be amended as follows:

Any or all of the ByLaws may be amended, deleted, or altered by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at a meeting.

The Constitution may be amended or altered by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members.



GENERAL: This Private Organization will be dissolved in the event that a non-appropriated fund instrumentality (NAFI) on McGuire AFB fills the needs and purposes for which this PO was organized as set forth in the Articles I and II hereof, or:

The membership determines, in a vote of equal number to that required effecting an amendment to this Constitution that the need for this PO no longer exists.

Consent of the 305 SPT GRP/CC for operation of this PO is withdrawn.

FINANCIAL LIQUIDATION: Upon dissolution, all residual non-cash assets shall be liquidated and converted into cash by sale, auction, or other means. In the event the same cannot be converted into cash, they will otherwise be disposed of as the executive committee may direct. All funds in the treasury and from the sale of other assets will be used to satisfy any outstanding debts, liabilities or obligations. The balance will be disposed of as determined by the membership. In the event debts exceed assets; each member will bear an equal part of the debt.



Either an insurance policy to cover liability and fidelity issues shall be secured to protect the organization from property damage, personal injury, or a waiver will be sought from the 305 SPT GP/CC.

Insurance coverage for the organization will be set forth in the ByLaws. If an insurance waiver is granted it will be based upon the low risk nature of the organization’s activities. If a special event is pursued which greatly increases that risk, executive committee will secure insurance necessary commensurate to the risk.


Last Updated: September 25, 2000