I have deleted all the patches to make it smaller for faster loading. Clicking on the link below will take you right to that squadron. If you would like to download the entire file (it's big) go here.


Altus AFB, OK 97 OG/CMS Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota 911 ARS McGuire AFB, NJ 2nd ARS Robins AFB, GA HQ AFRC
Altus AFB, OK 54th ARS (CFIC) Grand Forks AFB, ND 912 ARS McGuire AFB, NJ 32nd ARS Robins AFB, GA 99 ARS
ALTUS AFB, OK 55 ARS (CCTS) GRISSOM ARB, IN 72nd Air Refueling Squadron McGuire AFB, NJ 141st ARS TIGERS Rihyad, Saudi Arabia
Altus, OK Det 2 AMCAOS GRISSOM ARB, IN 74th Air Refueling Squadron McGuire AFB, NJ 150 ARS Salt Lake ANGB, UT 191 ARS
FlightSafety Services Hickam AFB, HI 203 ARS MCGUIRE AFB, NJ 76TH ARS Scott AFB, IL HQ AMC
Bangor, Maine 132nd ARS Hickam AFB, HI PACAF AOS McGuire AFB, NJ 78th Air Refueling Squadron Selfridge ANGB, MI 63 ARS
Beale AFB, CA 314 ARS Incirlik AB, Turkey McGuire AFB NJ 621 AMOE Seymour Johnson AFB, NC 77 ARS
Beale AFB, CA 77 ABW KADENA AB, JAPAN 909TH ARS McGuire AFB, NJ 621st AMS Sheppard AFB, TX EAUC
Birmingham, AL 106ARS Kadena AB, JAP 633 AMCF McGuire AFB, NJ 721st AMS Tinker AFB, OK 465 ARS "THE OKIES"
Birmingham, AL DCMC PEMCO Langley, VA HQ ACC McGuire AFB, NJ 821st AMS Tinker AFB, OK Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC)
Chicago ANGB, IL 108 ARS LINCOLN, NE 173 ARS McGuire AFB, NJ Raytheon Tinker AFB, OK 10 FLTS
Davis Monthan AFB, AZ 12 AF Little Rock AFB, AR 463rd ALCS MERIDIAN, MS 153 ARS Travis AFB, CA 15 AF
Dyess, TX 317 ALCS MacDill AFB, FL 91 ARS RAF MILDENHALL, UK 351st ARS Travis AFB, CA. 6th ARS
Edwards AFB, CA 452 FLTS March, CA 336 ARS Milwaukee ANGB, WI 126th Air Refueling Sq. Travis AFB, CA. 9th ARS
Eielson ANGB, AK 168 ARS March AFB, CA 196 ARS Mountain Home AFB, ID 22 ARS Travis AFB, CA. 70th ARS
Fairchild AFB, WA 92 ARS McConnell AFB, KS 22 OGV NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. 136 ARS Travis AFB, CA. 79th ARS
Fairchild AFB, WA 93 ARS McConnell AFB, KS 344 ARS Pease ANGB, NH 133 ARS Travis AFB, CA 615 AMOS
Fairchild AFB, WA 96 ARS McConnell AFB, KS 349 ARS Phoenix ANGB, AZ 197 ARS Travis AFB, CA 615 AMS
Fairchild AFB, WA 97 ARS McConnell AFB, KS 350 ARS Pittsburgh ANGB, PA 146 ARS Travis AFB, CA 715 AMS
Fairchild ANGB, WA 116 ARS McConnell AFB, KS 384 ARS Pittsburgh ANGB, PA 147 ARS Travis AFB, CA 815 AMS
Fort Dix, NJ Air Mobility Warfare Center (AMWC) McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN 151 ARS RAMSTEIN AB, Germany HQ USAFE AMOCC Washington, DC ANG/DOOM
Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota 905th ARS McGuire AFB, NJ 305th OGV Rickenbacker, OH 145 ARS  
GRAND FORKS AFB, ND 906 ARS McGuire AFB, NJ 305th OSS CCTS Rickenbacker, OH 166 ARS  

Memory of Richard G. Visintainer Fairchild AFB, WA 147

NOTE: ACT: Active Duty AFR: Reserves ANG: Air National Guard


Preface *

The "Boom Signal" is a compilation of Boom Operator inputs, past, present, and future. It is the only one of it’s kind and several attempts have been made to copy it, without success. The primary purpose of the signal is a communication link between each Boom Operator, past, present and future. A historical document tracing fellow boom operators back to, and before, CMSgt Bob Truelson’s January 1979 signal. We need to ensure this tradition continues. We owe it to ourselves, the booms who have gone before us and to the future booms who will hopefully continue this tradition.

Quoted from Chief Truelson’s first issue of the boom signal; "If this is to become a meaningful and successful venture, it will require the participation of all of us." The final comment from the Chief was; "This is the first edition of The Boom Signal. It is only the start, and with your help it will grow."

As I put the 1998 edition of the signal together I am moved by the commitment most have to the signal and the Union as a whole. I am however, disturbed by those who fail to take the time to continue the tradition started, so long ago, by Chief Truelson. I want to thank those of you, past, present, and Booms of the future, for making each edition of the Boom Signal one more page in the history book of Air Refueling. I understand with today’s commitments and schedules, it is sometimes difficult to submit an input, but please remember; "We Must Not let this tradition die."

Boom stowed, leaving position…..

Jim Eden

Any comments or questions about the 1998 Boom Signal can be directed to SMSgt Jim Eden, HQ AMC/DOV, DSN 576-5305, E-mail: james.eden@scott.af.mil. The 1999 signal will commemorate the 20th year for our Boom Signal. Start working your input now. Let’s make it worthy of Chief Truelson’s vision. Instructions to follow. Please include the retirees in your local area. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

We always wonder…what happened to ol’ so-n-so…Now we’ll know.



Altus AFB, OK




This past year was filled with many a goin’s on. We started the year off by deactivating the 97 TRS and activating the 54 ARS. This squadron combines CFIC with a CCTS component. Next, we dedicated our new cargo load trainer in honor of Claude F. Arden, a Castle AFB IBO who lost his life during a training mission. We’ve put this new aircrew training device to good use; pretty much cleaned up at RODEO 98. The 19th annual boom operator’s symposium (second one at Altus) was even better than the first. A lot of hard work goes into putting this event on, but it’s worth it. This year’s symposium is scheduled for 21, 22, and 23 May. We are honoring the accomplishments of the "Young Tiger" booms as this year’s theme, hope to see you there!

We’ve finally been able to release some of our high time CCTS instructors (all initial Altus CCTS cadre and some with Castle CCTS time), sending them out to the line units, where the career field Chief’s say they are badly needed. The career field owes them a debt of gratitude for starting up this unit, all while maintaining the schoolhouse standard; the highest example of "Service Before Self". We in-turn, are receiving young eager fired up instructors who can’t wait to get a hold of some fresh clay and mold them into their own image. Altogether, we’ve sent back out to the field or retired/separated 11 highly experienced IBOs this past year and are losing an additional 10 in the next few months. We have gained over 14 new CCTS IBOs this past year with 5 more inbound. Many thanks to the squadron operations superintendents for sending us their best. Please continue to send them to YOUR schoolhouse.

Since we’ve reorganized our manning numbers have changed; here’s the current lineup. I have 67 authorized IBO slots divided up as follows: 54 ARS 27; 55 ARS 32; and the 97 OSS 8.

Just to let you know the caliber of instructor booms we have, 3 have been selected for OTS ( TSgt Ron Strobach, TSgt Joe Reed, and TSgt (S) Dave Robinson) and I expect more will follow; our loss but the Air Force’s gain. Also, congratulations are in order for our latest STEP promotees; MSgt Mikey "Student Drill Master" Adams and TSgt James "Boom Home Page and Pacer CRAG Guy" Hill; they done good!

We haven’t been resting on our laurels either. The Basic Boom Operator Course (BBOC) is starting this summer. This course will produce 3 level boom operators, who after graduating, will attend a specific weapons system Initial Qualification Training (IQT) course, i.e. KC-135 BIQ or KC-10 BIQ. Currently, before a Basic Military Trainee attends KC-10 BIQ they must complete KC-135 BIQ. This is expensive and time consuming; the BBOC eliminates this redundancy and sets us up for any follow-on tanker IQT training in the future. Additionally, we’ve been asked to provide fighter qualification training at the schoolhouse. There are many issues that must be resolved before this becomes a reality. Pacer CRAG training has started for IQT students; we intend to produce a dual qualified (Pacer CRAG and Round Dial) boom operator. For those of you unfamiliar with Pacer CRAG, it’s the glass cockpit with avionics upgrades and removal of the navigator from the crew complement. Yes, times they are a changing! But I guess change is really the constant. Remember, keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down! AIR POWER!






Altus AFB, OK

54th ARS (CFIC)

Greetings from Altus by the sea. The 54th ARS is the new squadron here at Altus, but don't confuse us with the 55th ARS (Monkey Town) we’re the most qualified and motivated squadron! All kidding aside, we teach CFIC, Faculty Training Course (FTC), Pacer CRAG, Difference, Requal, and CCTS. I replaced SMSgt John Harris (as if anyone could replace B.T.) in September. John left us to be the 19th AF DOV, it’s just like John to get to grade his own work. Since joining the 54th I’ve been working on getting CFIC & Pacer CRAG qualified, it just doesn’t get any better than that. If you want to instruct, Altus is the place to be. It’s very easy to further your education here. Where else can you receive 100% TA for your CCAF degree, and most booms don’t stop there! We have several booms with OTS packages working, others are working on their bachelors or masters degrees. Awesome. Family life is great here as well, if you enjoy the small town atmosphere. We even have a SUPER Wal-Mart! While it is true we put in long hours, we go home every night and we can plan on having our weekends (Oklahoma City is only two and a half hours away.) The bottom line is, if you like to instruct and enjoy a stable family life, consider an assignment to Altus! See ya at Boom Symposium!


Operations Superintendent

DSN 866-5128

"Fly the Aircraft"




SMSgt Dalton "Gunner" Pratt - Our first shirt, fearless leader and all around guy. He is a qualified boom operator but still thinks like a gunner. Just like his old job, he usually has things backwards and is slightly behind the rest.

MSgt Andy Lacasse - Program Manager in training. Andy just arrived here from his former life in EC-135's at Offutt. He'll be OK when he figures out that he's actually seen the whole town. Ask Andy about the Masters programs here. He'll be finishing his master's degree when he gets done here.

TSgt Dean Pickering - Mr. One main gear landing. Dean is married now. Hasn't lost anymore landing gear but has lost more hair. For an ex-KC-10 boom, he's OK because he rarely admits it.

TSgt Scott Hicking - Our best NCO Club patron. Scott is working where we he can best use the skills he honed while flying the KC-10, scheduling.

TSgt Tim Clark - Timmy fits right in around here. CCTS Flight Super and expert potato gun shooter.

TSgt Ken "Peeper" Crowe - Running Stan-Eval now. Recently completed BS degree but vows to never become a zero. Ken is busy telling everyone his kids IQ score. Guess he’s some kind of genius. All we can say is it must not be genetic.

SSgt Jim Eustis – (TSgt Sel) CFIC Flight Super. Jim has also finished his degree and is looking at being an O. God help us. Tried to quit smoking for a whole 3 hours. Jim has all the qualities and prerequisites to be a clueless butter bar.

SSgt Gordo Ringler - (TSgt Sel) "Old Head" CFIC Flight Super. Resident scribe and know-it-all, any complaints contact me! Trying to stay here forever.

SSgt Dave "Smokey" Robinson - (TSgt Sel…..2 LT Sel) CCTS Flight Super. Also finished his degree and looking at being an O. True to his name, Smokey wasn't satisfied with burning his house down, that he tried to burn his face off too. Keep this boy away from flammables.

SSgt Ron Strobach - (TSgt Sel) Another boom finished with his degree and going to OTS in January. Anyone with any experience in dealing with butter bar lieutenants knows that Ron will fit right in.

SSgt Tom Unerfusser - (TSgt Sel) Our resident Colin Miller. Working in Training flight. Tom loves Hooters so much he tried to decorate the Ops Group CC car with Hooters décor.

SSgt Frank Acosta - Frank finally got his orders out of here. KC-10 to Travis. Gonna be the "Gucci Gringo". Next time you see him ask if he’s taken any more leave lately?

SSgt Joe Barry – Joe comes in second for longest training time to get checked out. (right behind CMSgt McPeak) Joe came from a flight test job and can't decide which job is more dangerous, flight test or a CCTS student.

SSgt Kevin Beccard - Mr. Boom Association. Quiet as ever. You never know he's around, usually because he isn't.

SSgt Brett Clark – Brett’s mouth has gotten bigger with age, if that is possible. Teaching CFIC and giving checkrides, he finally has the clout to back up that mouth. Like U+9, he loves the décor at Hooters. They way he talks, you would think he won Rodeo. We’re still looking to see our first Cadillac bin.

SSgt Dave Coleman - Anyone not at Altus probably doesn't know Dave. He has been here all his life. His boom skills have earned him the job of ground scheduler.

SSgt Craig Eyre - Craig is teaching CFIC. Still single but time is running out. Craig is the only boom in the country who has a literary work of art dedicated to him, "The Psycho Manifesto".

SSgt James Hill – (Stepped to TSgt) Mr. Pacer CRAG, Training Flight and the webmaster of the Altus Boom Association Home Page. Needing some warmth and light at the last boom campout, James tried to use his arm as a torch. Well done!

SSgt Steve Hines - CFIC Instructor. Can't wipe that grin off his face since he left Monkey Town (55th). Steve is also moonlighting as the "twister" and "dog dancer guy" for the Miller Lite commercials.

SSgt Kevin Mathews - The Okie finally made it back home. Kevin will be all right when he finally tells people what's on his mind.

SSgt Murray - New guy. Keeps asking when he is going TDY. He knew all about Altus and came back anyway.

SSgt Lance Quenga - Another Altus fence post. Finally got orders to MacDill. Says he will be at the beach bar if you want to get ahold of him. Lance was the test boom for the new "pop top" C-141 receptacle.

SSgt Tom "T-bone" Rice - CFIC Instructor. Single now. Tom is trying to remake the movie "American Gigolo". Tom is also working on being a spokes model for Clairol "for men" hair color.

SSgt Rocky "Husker" Rollins - CCTS Instructor workhorse. Had hopes of being a war hero on this last Saddam scare. Everyone knows that the AETC patch is a non-combatant designator! Rocky made TSgt last year……………oh, no he didn’t.

SSgt Andy Stutts - New guy. Andy liked Altus so much when he went through CFIC, he came back to see his mentor…Gordo.

SSgt Doug "Cliff Claven" Templeton - Flight scheduler. Can this boy talk or what? Talk to Doug if you have about an hour to spare.




Greetings from the other CCTS.....the split has finally happened. For those of you who said it would never happen, well it did. Yes, there are now two KC-135 CCTS squadrons, the 55th and the 54th. The new cargo load trainer is up and running. We are still working out some minor quirks but it has been a real success. The building that houses the trainer was dedicated in the honor of Claude F. Arden, a CCTS instructor that was killed during a training mission.

Training: a) The cargo loading trainer is alive and well. A great facility, really modern. b) We have upped our training tempo to include the Singapore AF into our training program. The Turkish training program is slowly winding down. With the ORI just around the corner I’m sure our work tempo will triple (it always does!). c) Our next big hurdle will be the incorporation of the PACER CRAG training program. The 54th is the headstone for this program and we will slowly come on line. BIG NEWS FLASH!!!!!......PACER CRAG is HERE!

Personnel Changes: We bid a fond farewell to SMS (sel) Mark Sletten. He is heading to Grand Forks (we haven’t told him that it’s in North Dakota, yet!). Mark took over from Dalton Pratt when the squadrons finally split. Dalton went downstairs to the 54th. A proud owner of his own private airplane (.3 transition overfly is approved). Great incentive to make SMS......Take care and watch your six!

Our goal has been and will always be to "TRAIN THE BEST DAMN BOOM OPERATORS". If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, fax, or e-mail your suggestions or concerns. Boom Shop: 866-7940, SQ Fax: 866-7948. P.S. We are still looking for good MEN and WOMEN that are seeking the true challenge of instructing Basic Qual students. If your interested just fill out an application that can be found on the BOOM OPERATOR’s Homepage located on the World Wide Web. Just use the following Internet address: www.intellisys.net/user/altusboom. Here’s our line-up. All of the instructors may be reached at their email address located on the Boom Operator homepage.


Operation Super / 1st Shirt Program Manager

OLD: SMS (sel) Mark Sletten OLD: MSG Mark Sletten

NEW: MSG Dean Oulela NEW: MSG Rodney Derringer


A-Flight B-Flight C-Flight

TSG Tom Hess (Flt Super) TSG Bruce Zahn (Flt Super) TSG Mark Batties (Flight Super)

SSG Nick Burney SSG Mark Anderson SSG Troy Doane

SSG Tim Arsenault SSG Dave Padilla SSG Chris Hargett

SSG Allen Smith SSG Chris Whatley SSG Scott Walker


D-Flight S/E Flight Scheduling Flight

TSG Dave Monk (Flight Super) TSG Dave Cox (Flight Super) TSG Tim King (Flight Super)

SSG Charlie Weaver SSG Paul Swanson TSG Brad Hamann

SSG Russ Gardner SSG Dicky Hunt SSG George Tobola

SSG Mark Villacis


Training Flight Odds & Ends FNG Flight

TSG Gary Elliott MSG Elmo Diaz (AMC DOU) SSG Derek Grant

SSG Paul Wallace MSG Joe Surovy (OSS ?) SSG Shawn Hughes

TSG WT Moore (WG Computer Geek) SSG Tom Roetzler


See Ya Flight SSG Jerry Burns (AMC DOU)

SMS Jeff Reuter (Retired) SSG Roggy Kennedy (WG Scheduling)

MSG Steve Tuttle (Retired)

MSG Todd Salzman (PCS to Scott AFB)

TSG Paul Giles (Retired)

SSG Dave Keller (PCS to Robins AFB)

SSG Brian (The Boom Operator former known as Barthlow) (PCS to Grand Forks AFB)

SSG Ray Lewis (Separated to McConnell Reserves)

SSG Paul Greene (PCS to AF Academy)


Altus, OK



510 N. 6th Ave. Suite #3

Altus AFB OK 73523


Here we are again, same station, same time, but different year. There have been some enormous projects that have happened and on the drawing board this last year. The "Claude Arden Cargo Loading Facility" was turned over to FSSC to use for boom training and certification. This is a mile stone in the history of the boom field. The DET and AETC could not meet the time restraints to get the request for the new Boom Operator System Simulator (BOSS), in time for the POM, so we are working with Ogden to let out a contract to refurbish the aging BOPTT’s. There is a new project that is being worked called the Basic Boom Operator Course (BBOC), and as of to day the Individual Tryouts (ITO) was concluded with excellent comments from those who participated. This will be a three level awarding course that will be required for all KC-135 and KC-10 boom operators to attend, after successful completion, they will attend their respective weapon system for certification training. The McConnell booms are working extra hard to get the Pacer Crag and Multi Refueling Pod Systems (MRPS) for boom operators on line. We were able to assist in courseware objectives and validation, and really appreciate them allowing us to help. If any of you boom operators out there have any training concerns, please call us and we will help in any way, shape or form to get any training situation corrected.



ROCKY RACOMA GS-11 (racomar@det2.lts.aetc.af.mil) DSN 866-7181

Rocky is a long time Castle boom that came to Det 2 by way of civilian life through FlightSafety. He retired in August 1988, worked odd jobs, went to college to get smart (didn’t think you could teach old dogs new tricks) but he did graduate, but the crew dawg in him wasn’t ready to sit on the porch. He is the office manager and runs a pretty tight ship (who ever taught we would work for a short Hawaiian, or is it Filipino, or Japanese, whatever)! He invites all of his old buddies, retired or active to call and talk about old, old, and I mean OLD times. GO 49ERS GO!!!!!!!! Has anyone seen or heard from Benny Kepaa?

ELMO DIAZ, MSgt (diaze@det2.lts.aetc.af.mil) DSN 866-1389

Elmo arrived at the DET in Nov 95. If he is not at his desk he is either TDY, flying, or you might find him pounding nails, or sawing 2x4’s. He is the squadrons "The Toolman Elmo". His joy is to work on homes that needs fixing (at a minimal cost). Watch out world of boomers, Elmo was able to keep it in the family. This year his son Andy, became a coin carrying boom operator. It amazes me to see how much influence some dads have with the Air Force, because the young man is serving his country at Mildenhall, England.

TONY NICHOLSON TSgt (nicholsona@det2.lts.aetc.af.mil) DSN 866-7984

T. Nick comes to us from CFIC, and he is our "Project Person", if you need any project done out side of the Det’s mission, ask him and it will get done. Our congratulations to him and a few other boom operators who orchestrated the "Boom Symposium 98", and according to many it was a great success, and we are looking forward to the "99 Boom Symposium" and if anyone out there has any suggestions to help make this one a success, please e-mail or call T. Nick and let him know. "GO PACK GO"

JERRY BURNS, SSgt (burnsj@det2.lts.aetc.af.mil) DSN 866-7991

Jerry decided to stay around for CCTS to pay back his debt to the boom field. He came to Det 2 in May of ’96, and loving every minute of it. His wife Kelli, son Keleb and an eighteen-month-old baby girl Kelsi are doing fine. It seems he has a thing with the letter "K". Rumor has it that the boy makes smoother contacts than "Jerbo" does in the BOPTT! Another future boom operator in the making.


It seems that this job is so great, no one wants to leave, so as of now no one PCS out of here. I am sure with a year or so, one or two of the booms will be leaving, so just hang on, and some day a position or two will be opened.


FlightSafety Services

Instructor Boom Operators


Greetings from the FlightSafety Boom Instructors. It seems like the time goes by so quickly (are we getting older?). It has only been 156 students since our last input to the Boom Signal. We have the same staff of 16 instructors that provide training for Boom Operator Initial Qualification, Requalification, CFIC Upgrade Course (which includes Guard and Reserve Short Course) and the Faculty Training Course. There is one additional Boom Operator that has joined the ranks of FlightSafety. Herb Driskill is the C&DM (configuration and data management) manager for the C-5 side of the house.

We finally moved into our new 64,000 square foot facility during June of this year. Compare that to the 15,000 square feet that was at Castle and you get a comparison of the size of the new building. It’s quite an improvement over the borrowed facilities that housed us for the first three and one-half years at Altus. Both BOPTTs and the four OFTs are in the building along with all the support people. It’s a pleasure to come to work when all the agencies are under one roof and you don’t have to commute to different buildings to get the training accomplished.

Our FlightSafety Civilian Boom Association golf tournament was held this past July and continues to grow in popularity. We were able to host over 100 players who had a chance to win a new vehicle with a hole-in-one. A bar -b-que followed while numerous prizes were handed out to the lucky recipients. Unfortunately no one won a new vehicle.

Work is progressing rapidly for development of a Basic Boom Operator Course for all KC-135 and KC-10 Boom Operators. This will be similar to Undergraduate Pilot and Navigator training. After completion of this basic course the students will be awarded a 3-skill level and continue on to their aircraft specific course. Presently all Boom Operators are trained and receive a check ride in the KC-135. The KC-10 students then go to Travis or McGuire for their training. Valuable training time for both the KC-135 and KC-10 will be saved under this new concept. The new course will generate an additional Instructor Boom position within FlightSafety, so if anyone is interested in working at Altus, send in a resume for consideration.

The new Cargo Loading Trainer building was also completed in June of this year and houses a full-size KC-135 fuselage (minus the wings) that was transported by truck from Davis Monthan AFB. The facility was named after TSgt Claude Arden (deceased) who was an Instructor Boom at Castle AFB, Ca. All cargo loading including floor and palletized training is conducted in this new state-of-the-art facility. This is a tremendous improvement from the trainer that was in use at Castle. All Booms need to thank CMSgt Minton for his efforts in accepting nothing but the best for the Boom Operator family.

That’s about all the news from the school house. Again, if you’re in the area, stop by for some coffee and take time to visit. The 20th Annual Boom Symposium will be held at Altus in May, 1999 and we will be open for tours of the facilities and trainers.



George Dion

FlightSafety Instructor Boom Operator

FlightSafety Services Corporation


Bangor, Maine

132nd ARS


Greetings once again from all the MAINEiacs!! things have been quite busy for us in the Northeast, Bangor is looking forward to the Boom Conference this year to meet some new friends and tell some stories with some of the older friends. Hopefully we will be sending someone to the Boom Symposium this coming year, also. IF YOU STOP INTO BANGOR MAKE SURE YOU DROP BY THE BOOM OFFICE AND SAY HI!! WE WILL TRY TO POINT YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. HAVE A GREAT 1999 AND FLY SAFE!!! SSgt Ed "SPED" Seymour

Bangor’s Line-Up

Full - Timers

CMSGT Myron "Sonny" Reynolds - Program Manager

SMSGT Robert "Slick" Phair - STAN/EVAL

SMSGT Charles "Chuc" Halsted - NCOIC

MSGT Bruce Geroux - Training Flight

MSGT Jay "Tattoo/Smeggy" Ellingsen - Cargo Loading Training

TSGT Ed "Sped" Seymour - Current Operations

TSGT Jim "Swimmy" Simmons - Tanker Task Force

TSGT Fergus Kenny - Tactics

TSGT Gerry "Sweet Bread" Martin - Scheduling

TSGT Cheryl "Taa-Taa’s" Martin - Pubs & Flips


Part - Timers

CMSGT Ed "Street Heart" St. Heart

TSGT Carla Cyr

TSGT Scott "Hydro" Hesseltine

TSGT Chris Boucher

TSGT Ray "Seven" Rauscher

SSGT Laurie Karnes

SSGT Bob "Clem" Rice

SSGT John "Strappin’ Big" Haney

SSGT Dan "the Muscle" Benner

SSGT Dennis "Balony-Skin" Bradley

SSGT Jim "Buffy" Dickson

SRA Jason "Zippy" Dupuy



Beale AFB, CA

314 ARS



Here is a run down of our booms.

CMS James A. Welborn, Program Manager (ART)

SMS Robert D. Renn, Stan/Eval Boom (ART)

SMS Daniel L. Quasius, Instructor

MSG David A. Myrick, Evaluator

MSG Margaret M. Evans, Boom Scheduler (ART)

MSG Brian J. O’Rourke, Current Operations (ART)

MSG Michael P. Bell, Training (ART)

MSG Richard M. Mecum, Evaluator

MSG Warren E. Daly

TSG Frans W. Stenken, Instructor (ART)

TSG Larry V. Naso

TSG Jon E. Pullen

TSG Eve L. Lovelace

SSG Todd A. Ruth, Mission Development (ART)

SSG John C. Fill

SSG Steven R. Moulton




Stan/Eval Boom Operator


You can contact us at the following Phone numbers.

DSN: 368-1628/1618


COM: (530) 634-1628/1618



Beale AFB, CA

77 ABW


Greetings from Sacramento.

Well, McClellan is a dying base, and we’re down to about 12 planes here going through depot. Some will be FCF’ed and delivered to customers, and others will be reassembled and ferried to other bases to have the depot work completed.

People-wise, we’re now down to one four-man crew, and expecting to lose one pilot and me in the coming months. I’m retiring effective 1 September 1999, so I’ve only got a couple of months left. I very much look forward to civilian life, but I’ll miss the flying and all the great people I’ve worked with over the years. The Air Force has been my family for the last 20 years (but I’m not saying it’s not just as dysfunctional as any other family), and it’s been good and I feel fortunate to have had the experiences I’ve had.

Bob-O Renn from the 940th ARW up at Beale will be covering the last few months of FCF work for the Air Logistics Center here, so he’s probably the man to talk to if you need anything from Sacramento ALC.

Anyway, feel free to give me a call between now and July—after that, I’m gone. It’s DSN 633-1388 or commercial (916) 643-5207. Hope all is well with everybody in the real world. Call or come visit anytime—3rd floor of base ops. Fly safe!

Never though the day would come to say this, but: "Boom stowed, leaving position…"


MSgt Ted Glick

77 ABW Directorate of Operations

3028 Peacekeeper Way, Suite 4

McClellan AFB, CA 95652-1020


Birmingham, AL


Hello again from the BAMA booms, deep in the "Heart of Dixie", Birmingham, AL. Well, the past year has been a busy one for us. Many, many TDY’s, trips across the water and countless daily missions. Lots of personnel changes have been made since last year: New Commanders, new Aircraft commanders, NO NEW NAVS, NO MORE NATE WILDS(ret.), and a few new booms. If you are in our territory (South of the Mason-Dixon line), stop by for some southern hospitality. Hope to see ya’ll soon.




CMSgt Mary Washburn, Chief Boom: (Traditional Guardswoman): "Chief has been very busy with her outside job. She never neglects her duty as our Chief. She tends to all of us and makes sure that we walk the straight line. She runs a good shop and expects only the best. It has been heard that she is only a 1-800 phone-call away. A pleasure to work for, if she authorizes it !

SMSgt Dickie Drake, IRPM, (Technician): "Dickie" is our newly promoted, but almost didn’t get the job, IRPM. Dickie has taken the bull by the horns and is doing a tremendous job. He now understands all the headaches that go with his new job. Dickie, got any aspirin ?

SMSgt Don Doyle (Traditional Guardsman): Don is our bread & butter man. He has returned from CFIC with a burning desire. He accepts all trips, will train all boom operators and will go just about anywhere, as soon as the unit makes up their mind as to when & where & what time. A good asset to our unit.

MSgt Butch Turner (Technician): Butch is our newly demoted, and once held the job of IRPM for three hours, IBO/Eval. Butch was notified by the state military department that he was chosen as our new IRPM. Upon further investigation, the state military chose the wrong person that was chosen by the job interviewer…. Now do you understand? He also catches all the blame for any tricks that are played when TDY. "He probably did it," is often heard. Butch can be seen most of the time riding his newly acquired hog flying down the road with his hair on fire. He also has an insight for the science of medicine. He also is one of our new IBOs and is the "cargo guru."

MSgt Herschel (Fu) Young (AGR): Fu has been behind a computer screen in scheduling now for about two years. He went TDY one time and got to the hotel when the lady said, "I don’t have a reservation for a Herschel Young, but I do have one for a Mr. Fu Young". He said, "That’s me, I guess." He still threatens bodily harm to Rick Dillard for making the reservations for him. He is also one of our new IBOs.

MSgt Caroline Bearden, (Technician): At the time of this article, Caroline is attending CFIC in lovely Altus, Oklahoma. We are getting worried about her. For the last few months, she has come to work and her hair has been changing colors. One day it’s blonde, the next day, it’s yellow, the next day, it’s streaked. She may have changed her hair color again while at Altus, who knows? We are in the process of having an All Points Bulletin issued for her because she hasn’t called us to let us know how she is doing, but we can’t get past the hair color square on the form. The customs agents are looking for her concerning taxes on some Erdinger. Has anyone seen her?

MSgt Rick "Put your hands up" Dillard (AGR): What can I say ?….. I’m writing this boom signal. Rick has been busy at work. He has moved to the Stan/Eval shop. Has finally been paroled from scheduling. He has returned from CFIC and that place is not the same (He went with Butch). In his spare time, he volunteers with the local sheriff’s department as a reserve deputy. He can be seen at the raceway twice a year and is TDY the rest of the year. Want to see a race? Come see me……. I still claim to have taught Eric Clapton to play the guitar.

MSgt Len "I bought a house the other night" Naugher, (Technician): Upon returning from CFIC, Len bought a house, a jeep and an airplane. He has managed real well. He lives "on the road" and seems to enjoy it. He has been transferred to our training section. His job encounters lots of work and attention to detail. Len is doing a fine job training and instructing our new booms. Another good asset to our unit.

TSgt Paul "HP Guru" Hudson (Technician): Paul has become so good at programming our new HP’s that the Chief has asked him to program everything(only after she authorizes it). Paul is in the vault and has plenty of time for these additional duties. Still counting money and leave hours/sick hours.

TSgt Phil "Kung FU" Lee, (AGR): Phil has been moved from the training branch to the scheduling office. In his spare time, he breaks two by fours with his hands. He competes in Kung Fu matches and has done really well. One tough hombre’. By the way, if anyone needs windshields replaced or repaired, Phil is your man. He is a master craftsman. He still has the plans for a 40mm spud gun.

TSgt Scott "I got food—for sale" Naden (Traditional Guardsman): Scott has settled in very well. He works all the time at his regular job. He has taken lots of trips with us. He even has explored the opportunity of providing a small catering service on flights. That job was short lived and he has moved on to bigger and better opportunities.

TSgt Steve "Did you hear that turkey gobble?"Hay (Traditional Guardsman): Steve is pondering the idea of having his own outdoor sportsman television show. You can find him in the woods this time of year searching for that ultimate opportunity. When he’s not in the woods, he attends law school. He will soon become a barrister of law. We may need him if Scott doesn’t quit selling food.

TSgt A.J. Sharit(Traditional Guardsman): Shopper Extraordinair…. Still shopping around the world, still looking for his keys that may have been left in the Azores, and still asking why are we going TDY so much? Still the same. Always smiling……….What’s he up to ?

SSgt Beth "New Mother" Manning (Traditional Guardswoman): Beth is the mother of a new bouncing baby boy boomer to be. She is spending time with her son and enjoying motherhood. She still finds time to fly and take a few trips with us. She still has big plans as to her career. Look for her anywhere.

SSgt Jerry "I’m the DNIF/SSGT man for life" Davis (Traditional Guardsman): Jerry has had some bad luck lately. Been DNIF for about a year now. Can’t seem to get rid of that DNIF bug. Hope he can get well and continue to be with us. When we talk to him on the phone, his answering machine says, "I’m SSgt for life/DNIF for life Jerry Davis. If I can get to the phone before you hang up, I’ll talk to you. If I can’t get to the phone, leave a message and I return your call in a day or so, if I can remember who to call" Best Wishes & Get Well Soon Jerry !!!!

SSgt Shane "Roof -Top" Rogers (Traditional Guardsman): Lots of changes here….. Look for him on a rooftop somewhere in the southeastern part of the US. He builds rooftops on something. Shane finds time with his BUDS at the base when not on rooftops. Does a lot of flying and hanging around. Who knows where he will be next.

SSgt Mark "Q-What?" Bryant (Traditional Guardsman): He know everything…. Ask him and he’ll tell you. Lives in the books. Has a new job…. Working as a mechanic on the KC-135 government project program across the runway. Has a SMALL problem deciding which clothes to wear to work. With normal doses of medication, this problem should clear up within a few weeks.

SSgt Steve "?" Pickett (Traditional Guardsman): Steve is a BRAND NEW BABY BOOMER just delivered to us by Altus. We are still looking around here trying to find out who his parents are. We think he was hatched. Steve should be an asset for us here and will definitely be a handful for our instructor force. He has high hopes and is full of energy. Does the term "Deer in the headlights look" ring a bell ?

SRA Todd "MY Dad used to be in this Unit" Murray (Traditional Guardsman): ANOTHER BRAND NEW BABY BOOMER. Todd comes to us with a little experience flying on an AWACS. He was also delivered to us by Altus. Todd should be doing fine in a couple of months. He’s full of energy and likes flying.


Birmingham, AL



This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Chicago ANGB, IL

108 ARS


Greetings from the 108th Air Refueling Squadron


CMSgt Roy Balsamo Retiring in the Local area

SMSgt Sam Gerros Moving to Scott/Program manager

SMSgt Ken Phillips Retiring in the local area

MSgt Robert Rizzo Moving to Scott/Stan/Eval

MSgt Pete Lagioia Retiring in the local area

MSgt Faruza Kalaba Retiring in Florida

MSgt Jim Miranda Part timer/will commute to Scott

MSgt Pat Quaid Moving to Scott/Scheduling

MSgt Keith Wagner Full to part timer, will try to commute to Scott

MSgt Steve Butler New local hire/will commute to Scott

TSgt Matt Glover Moving to Scott/Training Flight

TSgt Rick Spejewski Moving to Scott/Current Ops

TSgt Dominic Guerrieri Retiring in the local area

TSgt John Weber Retiring in the local area

TSgt Joe Long Separating/Police Officer in local area

TSgt Susan Luciani Separating/Teaching in the local area

TSgt Brian Allendorfer Part timer/will commute to Scott

TSgt Bill Buckwalter New hire/transferred from the 131st FW, St. Louis

SSgt Pat McCauley Separating in the local area

SSgt Chris Meinken New hire/moving to Scott

SSgt Mark Buzenski New hire/moving to Scott

SSgt Jay Heimann Part timer/will commute to Scott

SSgt Paul Fusek New hire/will commute to Scott


Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

12 AF


Hello from sunny Tucson, Arizona, I am MSgt Mike Bauer"s replacement. Mike decided to stow his boom in call it quits after twenty-five years of outstanding service. He retired in the local area and has a bead on a couple of jobs. Mike had some big shoes to fill here in 12th Air Force. He did the Boom Career Field proud in the way he conducted day-to-day business.

For those Booms I have not met, I am a recent arrival from the 351st ARS Mildenhall, England. In my current position resides in the 12th AF Stan/Eval shop. My duties include the normal stan/eval duties and any others issues effecting the enlisted flyers within the command. As one of only two enlisted flyers in 12th AF, I find myself on the road at least one week of each month. While visiting various locations, I constantly hear comments on the excellent job that the Boom Operators are doing out in the field. So to the Program Manager and Chief Booms kudos for the outstanding supervision.

In closing, I would like to say hello to all the booms in the 100th ARW and to let you guys know I am thinking about you when I sitting by my swimming pool. In addition, to the Booms at Mt Home AFB, thank you for making me feels welcome during my recent visit. To any booms, if you find yourself in the area and I can be of assistant please feel free to call me at 228-5346.



Troy L. Sinclair, SMSgt, USAF

12th Air Force Standardization/Evaluation


Dyess, TX

317 ALCS


Big Howdy from Abilene, Texas! Another year has come and gone, as they usually do when you stay busy. Our KC-135 guys are MSgt Vern Harvey and SSgt James "Jaws" Bautista. Our KC-10 rep is MSgt Ruben Mendoza. Third time here for Vern, has a cattle ranch out at Clyde. Jaws broke down and got a real nice house, right outside the front gate. Ruben spends a lot of time at the gym, when he’s not TDY. MSgt Don Hess, now Mr. Hess, has retired. He’s in the local area, working for the Coca-Cola Company and going to school. If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and sit a spell. A good number to reach us, when we’re in, is DSN# 461-3230.


Edwards AFB, CA

452 FLTS


DSN 525-4100/4103


MSgt Don (the other body) Cash is still in-charge of the big empire we have here. Seems he built a pool in his back yard this year and runs it as the California City public swimming pool. You ought to see the price of admission! He has also become famous and now appears on the cover of magazines. Next month it’s Vogue (we think). Also talks about running for the Governor of California. If Jesse Ventura can do it, so can he! He just finished his Bachelors Degree from SIU.

SSgt Dave Francey still controls all of the additional duties in the squadron. Seems he just won’t let anyone else have any fun updating TOs and the flip! He does such a good job the ops officer won’t let anyone else do the jobs for him. Dave spends his spare time finishing his Masters Degree at Embry-Riddle.

SSgt Todd Cole is Dave’s whipping boy. Seems he always has me cleaning up the flip/chart room. Still waiting to pin on and go to the NCO academy in February. He’s getting shipped off to the wing to work after he returns from the academy. I can’t say anything bad about Todd because he is the one writing this stuff!

MSgt (Goose) Pillar flew the coop and is now a dearly departed member. Seems he lost the touch so Don had to let him go to work at HQAMC.

We have had a busy flying year and it’s finally beginning to slow now. The F-22 program kept the three of us busy for several months by having to provide a primary and spare tanker almost every day until they got their congressionally mandated flying hours.

We are currently in the process of releasing a limited air refueling envelope for the operational 135 booms. In the next several months business effort should be able to refuel the F-22. In January we plan to do the KC-10/F-22 testing. SMSgt Eden came out here to refuel and evaluate the F-22’s characteristics but the plane just wouldn’t cooperate with him. But, as soon as he left they started flying again (snake bitten)!


Eielson ANGB, AK

168 ARS

Greetings from the Frozen Wasteland that we lovingly call ‘Home’. Things have been very busy for the 168th this last year. In addition to hosting Cope Thunder, we seem to have at least two planes on the road at all times (if you don’t believe us, just ask for a copy of our Ops Tempo report). A few stats for those interested in those kinds of things: in FY98, we flew 425 A/R sorties, refueling 1,613 aircraft (18.6 million pounds of dinosaur juice). Through it all, we trained five new booms, retired three others, and managed to skillfully avoid any aircraft or aircrew mishaps. FY99 looks equally busy: we have three new booms in the pipe, and we’re projecting a loss of one of our oldest, most qualified Boom Operators (and the Ops Tempo doesn’t appear to be going down…).

Here’s a line-up of our folks:

MSgt Mark McGrath: On his third year as our Chief Boom. At the rate his kids (Booms) are going, he won’t have a non-gray hair on his head by the time you read this.

MSgt Bridget Tamburino: Bridget is running our Training Flight and is also one of our senior Instructors.

MSgt Steven Forgue: Steve doesn’t have a real squadron job anymore. He just flies (120 sorties last year), goes TDY, Instructs, and Evaluates. Steve’s still looking for some female companionship, so if anybody has a sister…

(Ladies, did we mention that he knows how to make White Chocolate Truffles?)

MSgt Todd Cook: Todd recently returned to his full-time job as our Stan-Evil boom, and was just promoted to MSgt.

MSgt Mario McGee: Mario is our scheduler, and according to a recent public opinion poll, he’s doing a great job. Everyone gets all the good deals they can handle, and the part-timers get 30 paydays a month. Mario was also recently promoted to MSgt.

TSgt Paul Nunemann: Paul is our Current-Ops guy. In addition to planning all of the TDYs for us, Paul is studying for his upcoming CFIC class.

And now for the Traditionals…

SrA Foy VonDolteren: Our senior part-timer, Foy has been with us for 10 years. However, the lure of the Anchorage Police Department is taking Foy from us. We wish him and Kirsten the best of luck in the future.

TSgt Lyle Kirgan: After Foy, our senior part-timer. Lyle is a full-time FAA guy, so we don’t get to see him as much as we would like. (But he still covers Alert when we need him.)

TSgt Butch Stein: Butch is another guy we would like to see more often. When he’s not helping out in Cope Thunder, he’s making millions as the rental-car God in Fairbanks.

SrA Christy Rossiter: Oops! That should be Christy Curry. Our congratulations to Christy and Joe on their recent marriage. Christy finally finished her degree, and is looking for a pilot slot. Until then, she continues to help out anywhere we need her.

SrA Robert Carr: Robert works for CE, runs a B&B, and still manages to come out and fly.

SSgt Keith Henrys: Keith is one of our few Guard Bums. We picked him up from the Marines a few years ago, and things have never been the same. Keith has aspirations to become a full-timer some day soon, even though his wife has a job with all of the benefits.

SSgt Curt Gipson: Curt has only been booming for a year or so, but his natural abilities have allowed him to jump right in and do an outstanding job for us. He’s already looking for one of our full-time slots. (He’s also looking for somebody’s sister).

SSgt Pat Kerber: Pat is a recent CCTS graduate. He works full-time for the FAA, and still manages to fly, go TDY, and pull Alert.

SrA Tanna Carter: Tanna (Princess) is a full-time student downtown. Always available (if we beg), Tanna spends some of her spare time working on Private Pilot Ground School, and eating Steve’s extra truffles.

SrA Elisabeth King: Liz joins us from the active-duty (Grand Forks) side of the house. She’s only been here a few months, but loves it already. She hopes to get her husband (another former Grand Forks boom) on with us shortly.

MSgt Karen Holmes: As of this writing, Karen is our Baby Boom, having just returned from Altus a few days ago. She already has the system figured out, and can’t wait to start living the Good Life (TDY, Alert, three hours in the pattern…)


MSgt Richard Hardy

MSgt Robert Edgett

SMSgt Robert Hauer

Losing these guys was a real blow to the 168th. We lost about sixty years worth of experience in less than six months. They will all be sorely missed.

An Extra Special Thanks to Jim Eden for taking charge of this whole process.

Thanks Jim!


Fairchild AFB, WA

92 ARS

Blackhawk Boom Pod!

Greetings from the 92nd ARS


Another busy year has passed. A lot of faces have changed but we’re still getting the mission done. Where to start. Where else but SW Asia. We took our turn in Bahrain over the holidays. Went to Turkey in the spring. Went to PSAB in August. HOT! Last but not least we’ve flushed the force every time CNN said "Phoenix Scorpion". Somewhere in all the fun we received an Excellent on our ORI, moved into our new squadron building ( a moment of silence for the fallen woody patch ) and are currently watering the eyes of ASEV. Very few planes on the ramp take the mystery out of if you’re going to get jumped by the "Team". The new guys enjoy being on the road all the time and the old heads are looking a little weary. But like we said, we’re getting it done.

So here’s who we are this year… FLY SAFE!

MSgt Rich Kozak- The new daddy and additional duty First Sergeant of the 92nd ARS. Enjoying life, Full time job keeping everybody in check.


A Flight

SSgt Mark Reuter- Mr. Never say die, has a baby on the way, and still rides the yellow Ducati.

SSgt Rick Recaido- had a new baby and now works in Stan/Eval keeping all the booms and pilots on track.

SrA Jeff Bishop- Heading to CFIC in March 99, Worked in the UDM Office and reaped some good deals.

A1C Robert Long- Mr. Up and Latched himself is no longer a part of the Bobsey twins.

A1C Chris McGee- Good ol’ southern boy who refuses to give up his old tricks and is learning a few new ones. Hey Chris, DUCK! Here it comes again. Newlywed.


B Flight

TSgt Todd Fairfield- Now B Flight Super. And an ex-ammo troop seems to have gotten his head out of the bomb dump and into the sky.

SrA Mike Sapp- Resident nature photographer, ask him about the snake.

A1C Frank Miranda- Another one of our baby booms who is just learning to spread his wings.

A1C Ken Williams- Baby boom who recently joined us. Another southerner that plans to learn from others mistakes. Heard about Rodeo and wondered where we kept the horses.


C Flight

SSgt Bert Fristad- The Surgeon, well you would have to ask him about that one. On his way to Kadena

SSgt. Bruce Perkins- Another of our 98th refugees. Newest NCO and soon to be newest Flight Super. Getting married in 2000.

SrA James Dickson- 92nd’s resident golf pro. Training Flight boom is going bald from all the new baby booms. DOS in Aug 99.

SrA Jason Burianek- Hardcore 98th refugee and living up to his nickname the "BRAIN".

A1C Matt Hunsinger- 3000 GT driving, wannabe pimp. He was an addition to the 92nd when the 98th disappeared.

In bounds

A1C David Brandt- A baby boom that is now finding out what survival school is like.

SrA Patterson (SSgt Select Congrats!)

SSgt Callender

Amn Robert Airhart



SMSgt Frank Perry- The Big Kahuna, working in the CCX and is looking at the light at end of the tunnel (retiring in Apr).

MSgt. Mike Hammond- Ol’ Tail gunner retired his guns Oct 98 for the better life.

MSgt Glen Forward- Still here living up the life but, now is in OSK. Retiring Dec1999.

TSgt Colon Miller- Moved to 93rd ARS (hallelujah!). Thought he was going there as the Squadron Commander

SSgt John Baughman-. Tommy Boy followed his mentor to the 93rd.

SSgt Louis Rushano- Mr. Computer retired in Jan 99.

SSgt Jay Stiles- Beach Bum, got married, Left us in June 1998 for the land of the rising sun.

SrA Jason Lancaster- Got out early on a section 8 (that’s what the rumor is anyway). Went back home to Indiana


Thanks to Mark Reuter and Chris McGee for putting this together. Happy Flying from the 92ARS "Blackhawks".


Fairchild AFB, WA

93 ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Fairchild AFB, WA

96 ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Fairchild AFB, WA

97 ARS

Hello from the 97th. It’s been a busy year, here and abroad. But fortunately everyone is safe and sound. We’re deep into Pacer CRAG training, should be complete in May. Our booms are young, age and experience, but still setting the standard for the wing. Seems like they’re constantly on the go and every once in a while I run into them to make sure things are fine. We survived the ASEV! Our booms had the highest testing average in the wing, along with the only boom "Exceptionally Qualified" ratings for no-notice flight evaluations. Overall, everyone’s doing a superb job and we’re expecting bigger and better things this year. NKAWTG!!!


TSgt Jaime "Jim" Recuero- Still waiting to make MSgt! Been working hard the last six months as Chief Boom. It’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot. Fortunately we’ve got an excellent bunch of booms and it makes life easy. We just had our second daughter, Taylor Alyssa. No more kids, two’s enough. Lovin’ life at Fairchild.

TSgt Ron "Roscoe P." Marasco- A-flight supervisor. Been a boom operator for a year now. Still learning the ropes, but doing a great job. Heads off to the NCO Academy in April.

SrA Ben "Wound Licker" Neal- Ben’s doing pretty good, now that he’s recovered from his Panamanian survival excursion. That knowledge should come in handy as Ground Safety Rep. Unfortunately we’re going to lose Ben next year. He’s separating and going back to school in Idaho. Good Luck!

SrA Mark "Slim" Schlimgen- One of our two BTZ airman. Slim’s doing really well for himself. Along with the getting promoted he’s running the UDM shop. Now if we can just change this obsession for Texas….

SrA Shawn "Cooter" Wagner- B-Flt supervisor. Shawn came to us from the 96th in November and took off running. Spent 3 weeks learning Pacer CRAG at McConnell and took over training flight. Unfortunately we’re going to lose Shawn in September. Getting out to start a business with his dad in Ohio. Best of luck!

SrA Jayson Chatham- Jayson got married this past year and is learning how to be an obedient husband and good father. When he’s not home he’s working as Ground Safety Rep. He’ll be heading off to CFIC this spring.

SrA Vince "Testes" Estes- Just took over AVPOL. When he’s not doing that he’s upgrading his mountain bike (going on $3,000 now).

A1C Matt "Hambone" Hamblim- Our resident tattoo expert, setting current guidelines for the AF. Matt became a father this year, little baby boy. No tattoos, yet!

SSgt Greg "LT" Berry- C-flt supervisor. Another one year boom. Greg was just picked up for ROTC. He’ll be leaving us sometime this summer, going back to sunny Florida to finish out his degree. Take Care.

SrA Brad "Estrogen" Kesterson- Brad’s usually combing his hair when he’s not busy going to school. Just became one of alternate UDM guys. He should enjoy himself.

A1C Tina Roy- Is Tina in the squadron? Her shy, quiet demeanor makes it almost impossible to notice she’s here sometimes, RIGHT!!! One of our newest schedulers and doing a great job. She takes out her frustrations pumping iron and riding Harley’s.

SrA Frank Warner- Frank was our first BTZ last year. He’s still trying the Army helicopter thing (when he’s not out smoking his pipe). So far it looks pretty good. Keep pressin’.

SrA Jesse Olhiser- Our newest instructor! Boy is he going to be busy the next couple of months. Also got married this past year and had a baby daughter.


Attached to the 97th:

SrA Alecia Judd- We just lost Alecia to the KC–135 WIC. A great move for her, a great loss for us. Thanks for all your help in and out of the squadron.

TSgt Joe Reiner- Hard to believe, but Joe’s in scheduling. Working for the OSS now. Bails us out when we need instructors.

TSgt John Curry- John’s down in XP doing the DCC thing. But yet somehow he manages to be TDY or on leave during actual deployments. Good contacts I guess. Helps us out when we need instructors.

MSgt Kevin Watton- Kevin’s taken his "Quality" skills to scheduling. He did a lot of great work for us in Stan/Eval getting us ready for the ASEV.


Inbound to the 97th:

Amn Eric Williams- Baby boom. (April 99)

SrA Billy Wilkes- Maintenance retrainee from RAF Lakenheath, UK. (April 99)

SrA Michael Smith- Maintenance retrainee from Elmendorf AFB, Ak. (May 99)

SSgt Gregory Smith- Boom operator from Mildenhall. An instructor no less! (July 99)


Fairchild ANGB, WA

116 ARS


Greetings from the Washington Air Guard at Spokane. Well, as of this writing, we have experienced a major turn over in our Boom Force. Tim Downing, Chris Nordlund, and Dan Moriarty retired. Molly Baldwin is currently in UPT. Rich Weatherly will be retiring sometime in Sept. The worst loss was that Rich Visintainer was killed in the aircraft accident in Geilenkirchen, Ge. Remember Rich and his family in your prayers. We have five new Boom Candidates either in or awaiting school dates. We have had a hard year but are doing well.

Here is the current list:


CMS Rich Weatherly

SMS Glenn Nelson

MSG Ike Isaacson

MSG Bruce Olson

MSG Sam Via

MSG Dane Porter

MSG Tim Flock

TSG Wayne Nelson

SSG Steve Waddell



SMS Ray King

TSG Don Roberson

TSG Melinda Hirst

TSG Sheri Paplham

TSG Steve Tilford

TSG Lance Dahl

SSG Eric Apelskog

SSG Monica Helman

SSG Kevin Grubb (in school)


Have a great year!

Bruce Olson

Cargo Program Manager



117 ARS




Hello everyone from the Land of Oz. This past year has been a very busy one as it has for everyone else. We still have the most variations of the KC-135 in the tanker community, with two "E" model Pacer Crag Block 20, four "D" models, and the new Airborne Digital Interphone System (ADIS). Even we aren’t sure what we are qualified to fly or where we can fly it. We are into our Pre-ORI time period, so we’re full steam ahead as it counts for grading purposes. Enough of this small talk, here is the lineup of the "Best Boomers Anywhere".

CMSgt Steve Stucky - Program Manager and all round good guy, just don’t talk bad about his hunting dog.

SMSgt Lee Perry – Stan/Eval (Editor) and all round bad guy, if you’re having a bad day in the aircraft just look over your shoulder and there he is.

MSgt Harvey Deweese – Traditional Harvey was recently promoted to Captain on the Topeka Fire Department.

MSgt Keith Fulton – Cargo Loading Manager/Training, when not knee deep in training files you will find him on his place (Green Acres).

MSgt Chuck Hanna – Local Scheduling Chuck, like Will Rogers, never met anyone he didn’t like or at least knew who he was before they got away.

MSgt Ron May – NCOIC Publications, Ron is ace in the hole when it comes to the latest in pub changes. He has personally killed most of the trees in Kansas making copies.

MSgt Mark Mertel – Current Operations Mark is the one to talk about trips and yes, he is on all the good ones.

MSgt Jim Spurlock – Current Operations Jim is still trying to pass cars on the racetrack, it would help if the car would keep all four wheels on it.

TSgt Darin Coash – Traditional Darin is our resident drug specialist; he is working on becoming a Pharmacist at Kansas University.

Tsgt Marvin Hittle – Tactics Marvin is so low profile (read covert), most us never knows if he is here or on a trip.

TSgt Mark Sweeney – Traditional Mark is the perfect Boomer, always there and in line for a trip where there is a casino.

TSgt Tim Trienen – Squadron Boom Tim is the biggest K-State fan in the land as long as they are winning.

TSgt Mac Torrez – Traditional Mac is there whenever you need him, thinks flying is better than working anytime.

SSGT Brandi Doods – Traditional Brandi is working on her degree at Washburn University.

SSgt Jamy Dunbar – Traditional Jamy’s head is so far up in the air, we never know where he is headed with his employer, the communication towers company.

SSgt Trey Forrest – Traditional Trey is working on his degree at K-State, thinks he would like to someday be a tanker pilot.

SSgt Matt Miltz – Traditional Matt is working on his degree at Kansas University. He works with the law very well.

SSgt Jon Swinney – Traditional Jon is away at the schoolhouse at Altus. He comes to us from the flightline as a crew chief.

SSgt Bryan Thomas – Traditional Bryan was recently selected for a Pilot’s position. He is finishing up his degree at Kansas University.

These are the Best of the Best found anywhere, if you don’t believe it just ask us. Hope everyone has joyous holidays and we will see you on the road. If you are in the neighborhood for an APU Mod or whatever, stop in and share some of the best BBQ found in the Midwest. FLY SAFE!


                                                    LEE E. PERRY, SMSgt, KSANG

                                                    Standardization/Evaluation Boom


DSN 720-4631

Comm. 785-861-4631


Fort Dix, NJ

Air Mobility Warfare Center (AMWC)


Greetings from the Garden State Parkway, Fort Dix Army Installation, New Jersey. The Air Mobility Warfare Center is home to, SMSgt Craig Blessing and myself (yes, there are boom operator assigned here). As for me, I currently reside in the Tactics Division and SMSgt Blessing, has his finger on the pulse of the Center (as the Superintendent of the facility) and keeps it going. The Center is an excellent place to work and develop personally as well as professionally. The Center provides vital education to a multitude of Air Mobility Command professionals. Fort Dix is within a stone throw of McGuire AFB, and is located 35 miles from Philadelphia and approximately 1+30 hours from New York City.

The Air Mobility Warfare Center is about 300 strong. As an organization, we’re directly subordinate to AMC/CV. The personnel at the center are comprised of: transporters, RAVENS, intelligence analysts, stage managers, combat camera, test & evaluation, and the Air Mobility Command Battlelab . You’ll find the Center can provide education and qualification in a number of areas.

Our long-range view of the future is embodied in the AMWC Campus Plan, which combines the procurement and use of high technology with the growth and development of the AMWC as a World-Class training and education center. We’ll teach you to operate in your aircraft in an high threat environment, test and evaluate new equipment for your aircraft and provide force protection. The Center provides training to 8700 students a year through 55 different courses. The Tactics Division runs the Combat Aircrew Tactics Training (CATTS) course.

If your ever passing through this part of the northeast, be sure to look us up. You can find Craig Blessing at DSN 944-2514 and I’m at 944-1165. The first cheese steak is on us, hope to see you soon!


Superintendent, AMWC Tactics Division



319 OG

Greetings from the Winter Wonderland. Another year has come and gone, and with it many accomplishments to be proud of. Our four flying squadrons have done a marvelous job meeting all taskings that were presented to them, from a multitude of deployments and business efforts, to the latest Phoenix Scorpion III. My thanks to the 75+ boom operators in our wing for a job well done. Over the past year we have said good bye to some great booms, and welcomed some great ones into our flock. We let some very talented folks go to a wide variety of jobs/assignments to include TACC, TALCE, CCTS, ANG, and Navy Seals. Also, we will have retired three outstanding booms this year, MSgt Jeff Wright, TSgt Mike Frovarp, and TSgt Joel Parker. Their leadership will surely be missed.

Attached are detailed status reports on our four flying squadrons. The individuals assigned to wing/group positions are as follows:

CMSgt Paul Christensen, Chief Boom. Yes, I’m still here.

MSgt Jeff Potter, Wing Training . Has stock in Taco Bell.

SSgt Jeff Murphy, PACER CRAG Trainer. He still needs to teach me.

TSgt Mark Adame, Special Ops. Secret Squirrel Guru, keeps me out of trouble in that area.


As I say every year in my recruiting speech, Grand Forks is looking for booms who want a challenge, and want to better their career. We have a lot of leadership opportunities available. If you are interested, give me a call, email, fax, smoke signal, or letter. Ask the folks that are here, they like it, (More than you think). As always, if you are in the area, look us up, the coffee is always hot.




        Chief Boom Operator


Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota

905th ARS


"Home of the Rhinos"


Greetings from the frozen north! Where happiness is an operable snow blower and a 4WD with a block heater. Currently not much going on in the way of deployments, till next summer. At the 905th, we’ve been designated as the first operational Pacer Crag squadron. Right now we have approx. 120 days for the full conversion to take place, (weather permitting). We initially started with a single aircraft and they’re slowly trickling in, and now we’re up to 5. So for those of you who thought, it would never happen, it’s becoming everyday reality for us. It’s definitely been a little adjustment from the start, since we’re minus the Nav. Booms are now tasked (whether we want to or not) to handle the secrets and flip, in addition to the water and box lunches. We haven’t been exposed to any cargo and pax missions as of yet, so this should make it a little more interesting. There’s something about, "boom you got the secrets?" that just doesn’t sound right. The biggest thing for us is the loading of mode 4 and secure voice with the use of the DTD and /or the kyk-13. Nothing cosmic here, after a couple practices, providing you have a cooperative cable. We also have a lot of twisty turny knobs at our new station to play with. So for a lot of you old dogs, there’s some new tricks.

As always, Grand Forks has the welcome mats out for any persons wishing to volunteer, and we’ll even keep’em out for some of you non-vols. Overall, we’ve got a fairly young force, so we could stand to have a few more instructors. Frankly, I’ve only been here a few months, and so far, my family and I enjoy it. It hasn’t been the horror story that everyone makes it out to be, but then again, we haven’t survived a winter yet.

Our current list of booms, goes as follows.


SMSgt Jeffrey Boutwell -Program Manager - It’s back to business, now that he’s back from the SNCO Academy. He has the luxury of wearing two hats, the other being 1st Sgt. When not dealing out punishment, he can be seen wandering the hallways looking for any supporters for his team, the Dallas Cowboys.

TSgt Rodney Targos - B Flight Boom - Recent arrival from Kadena, still getting acquainted with the AMCism’s. Just seeing how long he can hold out till he gets a snow blower, "well you know shovels are a little cheaper".

SSgt Paul Danio - C Flight Boom - Came to us about a year ago after nearly 10 years as dog handler in the police field, finally coming to the realization that this is the real Air Force. Always looking to scam on any and all TDY’S.

SSgt Bryan Lee - Stan Eval - A fairly new arrival from CCTS, just completed the initial cadre training for Pacer Craig at McConnell, now he’s the head guru for the squadron. Answers most questions with, "what’s the book say", I guess old habits are hard to break.

SSgt Michael Ward - A Flight Boom - Another cross trainee (times 2) in search of that perfect job. I guess, climbing telephone poles, and passing out socks in supply just didn’t cut it. Doing a great job keeping the troops in line.

SrA Jason Hall - Keeping his fingers crossed, still hoping to defy the odds and get that dream assignment to Robbins. (I think the chances of Ed McMahon knocking on his door are greater ?!?). Helping out in Training Flight doing a fine job.

SrA Jamie Lamont - Our most recent selection for CFIC. One of the few who enjoys both kinds of music (C&W). If she’s not in the squadron cracking the books, you can bet she’s probably spending time at the base stables with her horse.

SrA Charles Maxie - Seems to hang around long enough to get another good deal TDY. For some reason he’s the only one the schedulers think is always available. Also on the chase for SrA Wygant’s record, good luck.

SrA David Tickle - Wanted: A boom from anywhere, doing anything to swap for a boom here at Grand Forks AFB. Anyone interested contact Dave at El Forko Grande, Ext. 362 -5768. (Any takers?) Just got checked out in Pacer Craig and doing a great job.

SrA Kenneth Wygant - When not helping out in scheduling, you can find him in the boom pod honing his skills playing Mahjong. With 2 minutes, 17 seconds, he’s currently the champion and definitely envied by other fellow booms. Now that’s talent!

A1C Brian Holbrook - Can you say telephone standby and Winnipeg for the weekend in the same sentence?..... NOT!!! Currently the proud owner of the Squadrons prestigious "Red Bull Rhino Award". Anxiously waiting to get every receiver qualification known to man, and doing a great job.

A1C David Kosmowski - Had the experience of landing with the boom in trail on one of his first solo sorties, due to mechanical failure, surely things can only go up from there. Now here’s a person who says he truly loves it here!

A1C Paul Scheppf - You don’t even know this guys around unless you see him, he’s so quiet. He’s a dorm dweller, who claims to be from Louisiana, and you guessed it—he’s a Saint’s fan. Hopefully, more details next year.

A1C Keith Weckerle - Just completed his reign as the CINC Snack. Couldn’t figure out how you can sell a whole fridge full of stuff, and only have 15 cents to show for it. Currently a part timer in training flight, doing a great job. He can be seen with calculator in hand scratching his head, wondering why the times on the TAPR’S aren’t adding up.

A1C Robert Zafke - He’s a quiet one, just got his mission qual training complete, "Wow", with just a couple days prior to applying for a waiver. Definitely looking for some good things coming from his direction.



SrA Nathan Cates - Bit the bullet so one of us wouldn’t have to, volunteered for a TALCE assignment to Travis. Can you say TDY?

SrA Stephen Gelling - Cross training approved, left for Kirtland AFB, NM to begin helicopter flight engineer training.

SrA Richard Potts - Got accepted for an early out to be a Seaman in the US Navy. He has his sights set on becoming part of the Navy Seal team, Best of Luck.

SSgt (S) Andrew Stutts - After surviving nearly five winters, desperately seeking a little change, volunteered for a little CCTS action.

Well that’s it for us. Feel free to drop in if your passing thru, or call at DSN 362-5768. Thanks, see ya next year!



B Flight Boom



906 ARS


Greetings from the not yet frozen tundra of NoDak Land. We’ve had three snowstorms already (as of 25 Nov), but only one that was classified as a blizzard. Officially, 22.2 inches of snow has fallen, but much of that has melted in our currently balmy 40-degree weather. If it gets much warmer, the mosquitoes will start hatching.

We’ve had a busy year until now…it looks as if all the booms in the 906th will be home for Thanksgiving for the first time since the squadron moved here from Minot. We have six booms with over 160 days of TDY this year, mostly to the garden spots in SWA. We’ve had a fairly stable year in the personnel arena, with only four losses and five gains. We won’t be able to say that next year, with eight projected losses. There are lots of opportunities for young folks to get their Stan/Eval, squadron staff, and other job-title tickets punched here at the Forks. Don’t knock down the doors at MPC applying…

Here’s a list of the currently assigned booms in the 906th and some of the things they’re up to:

MSgt Jeff Wright – Orders in hand; I begin terminal leave 20 December – a Christmas present to myself for 20 years

TSgt Joel Parker – Has his orders, too, just not as much leave saved; leaving in Jan 99

MSgt (sel) Nathan Peachey – From Kadena to Hell-Frozen-Over; do Ford Mustangs like this kind of weather?

TSgt (sel) Chris Campbell – Still longing for that southeast US, close-to-home assignment (anyone at Robins want to swap?)

SSgt Jody Riggs – Celebrating 10 years in the 906th between here and Minot; why move someone who wants to stay here?

SSgt Dan Rando – Expecting his first in January; took him a while to get married, but wasting no time now

SSgt Paul Jacobs – Also expecting, in April; Montana native who’d like to see Malmstrom reopen

SSgt Donnie Lambert – New boom (x-trainee) in from Mt Home; hearing ‘party animal’ stories already

SrA Bud Verdi – Still here; our first Pacer Crag boom; fills in our training flight office when he has time

SrA Mike O’Connor – Just arrived (x-trained) from Offutt; hope to get some fighters for him before Feb Saudi trip

SrA Brian Sinclair – Another new guy (x-train) from Beale; another newlywed

SrA Jenny Little – New IB; our first upgrade in three years; already projected to be our training boom in Dec 98

SrA Dan Beecher – Nobody here likes being a boom better than Dan; hope he keeps up his fine work

SrA Scott Conner – Squadron scheduler; wants to be a doctor when he grows up

A1C Brian Wright – Former swinging bachelor; may have taken up a different life style lately

A1C Brad Pittman – Got married two days before Turkey trip; "Hope you have a nice honeymoon, dear"

A1C Ryan Dobos – Things started looking up for Ryan when his sweetie moved up from OK

A1C Jake Gardner – NoDak resident; looking forward to world travel and babes (can I say that?)

SSgt Rafael Him – Him isn’t a boom yet, but will be when we can get Him to EAUS; Him came from Howard (how’s that for a climate change?), and had Him’s 2nd in the short time Him’s been here

SMSgt Mark Sletten is due in here any day now; hope he has as much fun here as I did; Good Luck

Farewells: Mike Usevich left for Mildenhall; hope the Brits can keep their sense of humor

Kevin Mathews went south to Altus; best of luck to him and Renae

Frank Sabalauskas celebrated his April fun run and was subsequently separated from the Air Force

A "Boom Stowed" to Mike Frovarp, who retired in the Greater (er?) Grand Forks area. I don’t think I ever met anybody who didn’t like Mike, nor can I think of anyone who worked harder. Thanks for a great 20 years Mike.


I’d like to thank all those folks who, for twenty years, have made for buckets full of great memories for my wife and I. I can’t begin to list all of the friends and mentors who’ve made my career in the Air Force a real pleasure from day one until now. Look me up on the Altus Boom Operators Web Page and drop me a note. Keep your hands on the ruddervator stick. – Jeff Wright


Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota


Red Eagles

Welcome to the 1 of 4 North Boom Squadrons, where 9 months out of the year it is cold. We moved in to our new AMU about 1 year ago. Won the Spaatz two years in around 95 & 96. But our fellow squadron got it in 97.


MSgt Gary Davis, Nascar Fan


A Flight

SSgt Joe "Thumbs" Corder . In charge of the flight. Just pinned on in Dec. (God Help us)

SrA Steve "Blackcloud" Gasper . Flight scheduling boom and got the black cloud stuff out of his system.

SrA Manuel Sandoval. Always TDY and Lady’s man, just ask the UND ladies. Ground scheduling

SrA Dan Register . I think he has a reserved seat at the Flight Doctors office. Mobility rep

A1C John Tjaden . A new guy in the squadron, mobility rep.


B Flight

SrA Max " SuperTroop" Morkin. In charge of the flight. A cross flow from sheet metal out of Altus.

SrA Amanda" Pok Dots" Pearson. Training Flight boom. Another person always TDY

SrA Thomas Mosqueda. A cross flow from SP out of Osan .

A1C James " X-Files" Andrews or should I say Titanic. He went and saw that movie 5 times. Training Flight Boom

A1C Ricky Alvarez. Works in Stan/Evil , always going to school.


C Flight


SSgt Ray Ouellette. In charge of the flight. A cross flow from Fuels, Soul II guy. Nascar Fan

SrA Bill Fitch. Works in Stan/Evil, great golfer PGA soon?

SrA Juan Gonzales. A cross flow from SP here in North Dakota.

SrA John Colbert . A cross flow from AGE. Just got here.

A1C Chris "No-Nick Name" Maleski,. Works in ground scheduling and he can name any 90’s song on the radio.


Booms that have departed the 911th

MSgt Jeffery Potter went to OG

SSgt Jeffery Murphy went to PC shop

SSgt mike Murray went to Altus.

SSgt Quam went to Talce at Travis


Grand Forks AFB, ND

912 ARS


El Forko Grande, Home of the Black Sheep


Greetings fellow Boom Operators from the Great White North. Here is the run down of the booms in the 912th. If you want to call up to the Boom Pod the number is DSN 362-3494

MSgt Terry "Smurf" Klementz (Program Superintendent) -- Flying the Jolly Roger and leading young and impressionable booms into the mountains of Montana. Still looking to see if he made Senior, from last year. Got any Captain?

SSgt Joe Wilkins (Flight NCOIC) -- Trying hard to get an assignment to anywhere that will take his horse.

SSgt Corey Grape (Flight NCOIC) -- Finishing up his Private Pilots license and trying to survive until Sep 2000. "No, I don’t have a bad attitude! I Quit."

SSgt Matt "Mr. Perfect" Arevalo (Flight NCOIC) -- Still loves to make the new co-pilots lay down and cry! "Get your own flight lunch, and get mine while your at it!"

SrA Leslie "LA" Yarbough (Training) -- On his way to CFIC, if his wife will let him go. Trying hard to become the first American Dart Champion.

SrA Elisabeth "Chick" Puetz (Unemployed) -- Tired of all the crap she was getting from the leadership and is in the Alaskan Guard starting 30 October 98. She also walked down the aisle with fellow Boom Ryan King.

SrA Ryan "Goat Boy" King -- After finding out that he really did not make Staff he decided not to stay at Grand Forks. Trying to follow the BOSS up to Alaska. Still talking about changing his name to Puetz, after failing to make it to the rehearsal.

SrA Melvin "Dino" Flutz -- Finished his MQT…Still got him out on the flight line guarding airplanes so he doesn’t get home sick for that cop stuff.

SrA Matthew " Big Dog" Hartman -- The Big Dog decided that a line job was all he could take. Having fun playing with his little kid and doing ground scheduling.

SrA Kelly "Pirate" Mueller -- Completing his 260 days TDY this year. Contemplating the new Air Force policy on piercing.

SrA Tim "Blondie" Mitchell -- Let his girlfriend dye his hair blond and paint his toe nails red. So he left on a world wide tour. Trying hard to get in GQ.

SrA Richard "Dick" Kelsey -- Found a nice girl from Fargo, She was found in his dorm room. So he married her before she could get away.

SrA Heath "I’m too tough" Peed -- Trying to keep up with the Mueller in TDY days. If not on the road you can find him at the Black Jack table. "I lost my whole check, again."

SrA Tom Conley -- Tried out for the Mick Jager lip look a like contest and won enough money for a new car. Trying to find a Tanker Base near Boston.

SrA Jeremy "Prison Bird" Morris – Hoping to compete in the Olympic Steeplechase race, practices with the base SP’s. Pretty good kid as long as he takes his Ritalin.

SrA Jason Larimore -- Didn’t think that the dorm life was safe enough. So he moved into a house, in Larimore, with Dino Flutz

SrA Johnny "Stone Cold" White -- Desires to be like Steve Austin but actually looks more like Pewee Herman in a thong. Thinking about getting married. His new fiancée makes him sleep with a stuffed pink pig.??

A1C Josh "Sweet Chuck" Brown -- New Baby Boom. Just got his license for the first time and bought a new sports car. I’m sure his new car will do great in the middle of the winter. Anybody have a rope?



72nd Air Refueling Squadron


Rump Shaker Boom’s

Greetings from all the Rump Shakers in the 72nd Boom Shop. It’s been a short year since our last Signal. If you’re into fast cars we are close to Indy for the 500 and Brickyard 400.


CMSgt Mel Wiemer (Worm) is still dealing out his pain as Chief Boom. Keeping all his subjects in various capacities on his s*** list and the young teens locked in his basement makes his life complete. Rumor has it Mel has to pay for a blown-up surf chopper the teens used as a towing vessel.

CMSgt Tony Fansler (Fans) How did this happen? FM. DOV dork, gets a new, nearly fatal illness every other week. Tony has been busy building a new Double-wide on a lot next to his neighbor; seems the neighbor wanted to make sure he wasn’t on Tony’s land so he cut off part of his deck.

SMSgt Larry Bartel (Uncle Larry), as a licensed Physicians Assistant, Larry has given many free Prostate exams to Maj. Pavel while on Alert. Uncle Larry’s days as a boom is numbered (rumored to be January).

What could be worse than a 48 year old Lt. and former Boom giving you your physical?

MSgt Paul Houser (Doogie) nearly sent all of us into cardiac arrest as we got a brief (emphasis on brief) view of his un-cluttered desk following a new carpet project. It returned too normal shortly thereafter and Doogie continues as the best scheduler to date. Doogie and Wardholio are thinking about becoming HP 200 consultants. Possible company names like Where’s the Freaking Instructions Inc., This is Freaking Bull Crap .Net, Who messed up my Freaking Computer.

MSgt Ron Johnston (Shark) spends his days as Indiana State PoPo pulling over semis and school buses while training to scuba (bob for bodies). Ron will probably log an all time high for F Compt naptime.

MSgt Jim Seidle (Soui), still DOTO loner boy, has had to tone down his restoration projects since his wife threw out most of his junk car collection. Soui has also developed a nervous tick following an electrocution incident in his pole barn.

MSgt Jeff Williams (Remo) still hasn’t got the Omni operational as he fights fires and passes gas. He and Wardholio are now almost neighbors so they can attend their special meetings together.

MSgt Jeff Withrow (Killer) recently had his moment of glory as he displayed his newly acquired pilot’s license. So he mangled a tree with his wing! With the body shop work done and the cigar business humming along, Jeff has started a new empire as flying safety NCO working for his best friend Vic.

TSgt Gloria Jones (G Spot), another of our kin to acquire a pilots license with the aid of a Shoney’s booster seat, now has a job pumping gas at an airport. Her job pumping gas allows her to wear the Daisy Dukes and Tube Tops from her Franktucky collection.

TSgt Jeff Maier (Heffe) doesn’t have much time left with which to rule Dan and his counterpart Chris with his Fascist regime. While he prepares to groom the next college help he has taken on a new responsibility as PACER CRAG boom dork.

TSgt Lisa Polston masters the art of heavy equipment operator while trying to keep from breaking another leg while doing things like mowing the lawn.

TSgt Doug Preece (Mud Vein) pollutes young minds and beats them into submission at the juvenile center as he puts to work that criminal justice degree.

TSgt Scott Ward (Levon) AKA Wardholio. When he isn’t online in his virtual world looking at Hanson’s Web page or checking out the Spice Girls site, Scott is still working his mobility magic.

SSgt James Maxwell (Booger) we haven’t seen too much of Booger this year he likes to change jobs too often. Working also allows Booger to stay indoors during the day. Booger can only fly on the weekends every other leap month.

SSgt Howard MacDonald (Tick) still has not taken a dirt nap from lung cancer. Tick is now supporting his nicotine addiction and sleazy lifestyle by sticking it to blue hairs in the car business.

SSgt Laura McKee (Wilma Phingerdeux) is playing cards at a lucrative job site known as Chrysler. This job allows her to bury more coin in the back yard. Laura has also learned the importance of keeping the top to the Jeep handy so she can go fly when it rains.

SSgt Mike Morgan (Leonard), Ward’s mobility side kick, can now refill your drink and bring you seconds on all-you-can-eat rib night with his new job at Damons which has kept him from having to take out a second mortgage on the Sony Playstation.


Boom wanna-be

Dan Fry (Butt-head), our summer college student and the Boom shop Cabin Boy. Butt-head will be leaving us this year with a new wealth of knowledge which he will, most assuredly, put to use as he trudges through life eating cheetoes, drinking PBR, and watching pornos in his trailer.


GRISSOM ARB, IN 74th Air Refueling Squadron


When a person can no longer laugh at him/herself, it is time for others to laugh at him/her!

CMSGT Kim "Helen Reddy" Ayers (IB) (ART/Chief Boom): What with all the diaper changing, butt powdering, and keeping the whining kids from killing each other, Kim can hardly find time to take care of her other kids away from the squadron.

Favorite Song: I Am Woman

CMSGT Billy " Hank Hill" Carter (IB) (ART/Training): Billy has not been the same since he became a movie star. You’ll know him as that guy in the red and blue sweater who opens the over-wing hatch on the KC135 R Pax briefing video. Billy will soon be up and stowed permanently, Good Luck in your retirement!

Favorite TV Show: King of the Hill Favorite Movie: KC135R Passenger Briefing Video

SMSGT Roger "Buff Father" Drumm (EB): Roger has started to recruit for his "family" of former gunners, the biggest drawback is you have to kiss something else besides his ring.

Hobbies: Selling little old ladies a new furnace when all they need is a pilot light re-lit.

MSGT Kym "What’s in it for me?" Orange (IB): Kym recently received an honorary Ph.D. in "Hide and Seek". He majored in avoiding work and minored in hiding from "Helen".

Favorite Song: Let it all hang out Favorite Actress: Tonya Harding

MSGT J. Buck "El Myshu" Henry (EB) (ART/Flight Commander): Buck plays Flight Commander when he’s not researching hair care health and beauty tips in " Mens Health". We’re not saying he uses shoe polish or anything, but Ronald Reagan called to say he wants his hair back! Can’t we get bigger mirrors on the impact card?

Favorite Movie: Shampoo Hero: Vidal Sasson Favorite Song: Flashlight Favorite TV Character: Vinny Barbarino

MSGT Jerry "Elmer Fudd" Schumacher (EB) (ART/Flight Commander): Be very, very quiet! Jerry’s hunting for ANYTHING warm, furry and slow! Jerry uses the squadron washing machine to do most of his laundry, but he still does his small loads by hand while on alert.

Favorite TV Show: Any Saturday morning show with guy’s killing things Favorite Artist: Ted Nugent

Favorite Song: Fudd’s "Kill the Rabbit" on the Looney Tunes Label

MSGT Timothy "The MULE!" Stibbe (IB) (ART/Scheduling): Tim’s idea of a romantic first date is drinking beer, watching "Full Metal Jacket", and teaching his girl how to disassemble and clean his weapon blindfolded.

Favorite Movie: "Dirty Harry" Ideal Companion: Anything with less hair on it’s back then him ( including Ed Asner)

MSGT Shad "Holly" Culp (IB) (ART/Cargo Load Manager): Shad is definitely the king of his castle and does exactly wants he wants, whenever he wants! It’s just coincidental that it’s also exactly what Holly tells him to do too, and when to do it!

Favorite TV Show: Anything From HOLLYwood Favorite Artist: Buddy HOLLY Favorite Plant: HOLLY

Favorite Song: It’s a HOLLY jolly Christmas Favorite Motorcycle: HOLLY-Davidson Favorite Holiday: HOLLYween

MSGT Bryan " Dork" Hettinghouse (MB): When not walking around with a perpetual look of someone who smells something burning in the kitchen, I found the time to solicit inputs for this year’s Signal. Remember, "The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit".

Favorite Movie: Animal House Role Model: Needermeyer

SSGT James "Break-A-Leg" Baker (MB): Dusty will go to about any length to stay on active duty orders and keep those paychecks rolling in. The way he has it figured, he’ll be able to retire before he runs out of bones.

Favorite Movie: My Left Foot

TSGT David "Dominos" French (MB): Dave’s got a new civilian job working for Raytheon on the KC135 Pacer Crag project. Dave’s doing real well and they seem to like some of the ideas he brought from his previous job, in fact their new motto is " We’ll have your jet back to you in thirty minutes or its free." Additionally, David has moved his electronics business so often the state now requires him to apply for a license plate instead of a business permit.

SSGT Michael "What day is it?" McGowan (MB): Mike’s another one of our guys that got on with Raytheon. You’ll know if your unit receives a Pacer Crag aircraft that Mike helped modify. It’ll be one of those that when you put down the gear handle, the toilet will flush. Additionally, you’ll have to kick start the motors, it’ll only have two wheels, and a big old Harley-Davidson saddle bag on each side of the fuselage.

TSGT Lawrence "Barney" Santine (IB) (ART/Scheduling): Larry’s dating someone named Fred. We know about the "Don’t ask, don’t tell policy", but we wonder how Pebbles and Bam-Bam feel about it.

Favorite Food: Brontosaurus Burgers Long Term Goal: Keep that cat out for the night

TSGT Darren "Why is it?" Zollman (MB): Darren is currently attending Purdue University in hopes that he’ll finally get that High School GED. Then maybe he’ll be able to buy new tires for his house.

Favorite TV Show: 60 Minutes Role Model: Andy Rooney Favorite Movie: Revenge of the Nerds

SSGT Dennis "Waldo" Jewell (MB): Where’s Dennis? If anybody on active duty sees Dennis, please drop him in the nearest mailbox, COD to 434 ARW Grissom ARB IN.

Favorite Movie: Lost in Space

SSGT Robert "Spike" Spychalski (FB): Spike is our most recent addition to the squadron. We all thought he was the quiet type until he flashed his Harley Tattoo ( it covers his entire back! ).

Favorite Movie: Easy Rider (See the tattoo) Favorite Song: Ghostriders in the Sky

SRA Scott "Sid - Mall Cop" Spangler (MB): Scott’s not really a Mall Cop, yet. He’s actually a Lieutenant with the DOD Security Forces at Grissom, but he’s got his application in at two malls, and his hopes are high.

Role Model: Barney Fife


Hickam AFB, HI

203 ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Hickam AFB, HI



This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Incirlik AB, Turkey


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.




Greetings fellow Boom Operators!

After a year in the Pacific I can honestly say Kadena has to be the best boom assignment in today’s Air Force. We have 20 boomers in the AF’s most utilized Air refueling Squadron and 5 of the finest booms running the scheduling, coronet plans, and PACAF TALCE jobs from the 18th OSS. Last summer we indoctrinated 4 first assignment boom operators directly from Altus CCTS to Kadena. A1Cs Yale Perkins, Blaise Rohan, Shane Cassily and Tony Trotter have changed the course of PACAF history forever! This summer A1Cs Nahalea and Nordick will be added to this select group. These young men feverishly challenged themselves to be the "best of the best" from day one…and have never looked back! My hat goes off to their Program Manager, Flight Supervisors, Training Flight booms, Instructors, and SrA Damian Ash who organized the first real boomer bay in the squadron dorm. Your living proof that leadership/mentoring can grow one hell of a boom crop…thanks! This past year we ran hard and heavy! Our TDYs took us to Korea (a lot!), Japan (a lot!), Singapore, Malaysia, U-Taphao, Diego Garcia, Guam, Hawaii, China (almost), Alaska, Australia and back home to the USA. The rapid pace of Pacific tanker operations has been exciting, very challenging, and an excellent breeding ground for producing what I believe are the finest young boom operators in this career field. Only days after completing MR training many of them were flying against operational B-52s headed for sand land. We only had one Typhoon threaten our island this past summer…is that normal? I’m sure we’ll make up for it this year.


Having publicly schmoozed my booms, I would like to address a more serious topic…manning. There are still a few of us who remember the days when there were at least 25 active tanker bases a boom could choose from…and if you ever had a boom question you couldn’t answer; you could always call SAC CEVG. We could usually be found laying around an alert pad 7 days out of every month, then get 4 days of Combat Crew Rest and Recuperation. (who’s idea was it to fly off alert?/do ERCCs on alert?) A boom could count all of his/her yearly TDYs on one hand and plan on at least one 45 day ETTF or PTTF a year. Ouch! Our primary receiver was the B-52…and I’m sure we all think we hold the world record for consecutive Buff (B-52) refuelings…remember 109L/H/E/W? I know I have a lot of you wondering what in the hell I’m talking about…and I’m sure there are a few of you remembering back to "the good old days" before the "R" and the "10". However there is one common thread I believe will always remain constant - "there is no better job in the history of the Army Air Corps/Air Force than being a boom operator!" Yes, There will always be challenging missions, undesirable assignments, long family separations, and for us in the Pacific…too many sorties and not enough booms. If you feel the Air Force is asking too much of you, not paying you enough, or just not taking care of you…I encourage you to ask those seasoned Chiefs’/retired booms about their 6+ month tours in Vietnam, or launching on an Alpha Long from Alaska on Christmas eve. If you think our loss of experience in the air frame is a scary thought…ask those old head booms what’s the scariest thing they’ve ever seen?


I have watched our career field go from a robust 70% retirement eligible (days of SAC) to approximately 70% with less than 10 to 15 years of service/experience. Sometimes I often wonder how bad things will really get before we see the up swing. I remember the days when we had to literally pry booms out of the career field and into retirement because being a boom was such a desirable way of life (lifers). I remember when the AF only accepted cross trainees into the boom field for many years and the promotion bottleneck it created. I was one of the lucky few selected for cross training in 1982. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not thankful for this opportunity and I will probably be one of those booms needing a crow bar in about 8 years! I’ve survived water injection take-offs, FSA/CAS conversion, HP-41/200s (still have a slip-stick!), R model conversion (thank you God!), A/R pump problems, SAC/base closures, Castle/Altus CCTS duty, tanker down sizing, loss of friends/fellow crewmembers, and many more occurrences to numerous to list.


I believe our future will see many more changes to the tanker business before we leave/retire from the AF. Our career field manning/structure/employment has changed drastically since the days of SAC/base closures. We have had a strong and steady influx of young talented airmen through CCTS for the past 4 years and it will take many more years/reenlistments to balance our career field structure. For those young airmen and NCOs deliberating over staying in or getting out…please look forward 5 or 10 years, talk to your Chief booms, or give a friend a call. Realize "nothing stays the same forever!" Make sure you’re separating for the right reasons and not all the wrong ones. I see a boom career field where there are no barriers to success - unless you put them there. Talk to your supervisors about promotion/job opportunities 5/10/15 years out. Airmen today are at the crest of the manning/opportunity wave – I tell my airmen "one day you will be a Chief" and then show them what they need to do…to make it a reality. FLY SAFE!


I would like to thank SSgt Jepson for his outstanding composition and dedication to this year’s signal. If you’re ever passing through Kadena please stop by and meet the booms, or call us anytime @ 634-9015.



Operations Superintendent



Chief (sel) Greg Durand (PACAF Chief Boom) It’s hard to tell who’s happier, Chief Durand who is now all powerful but still in an itty-bitty living space…or all us booms, who can now say "the CHIEF said so!". For sure everyone’s breathing a sigh of relief that we won’t need to break in a new (or old) Chief. He’s doing a great job keeping us in line and likes the island paradise.

MSgt Dave "Swazey" Pileski (PACAF ALCE) This guy is the hardest working boom on this island, Just ask him. Yes he continues to survive on Miller Lite and fishing trips. Never seen on our side of the Base until his fly pay is about to run out.

TSgt Pat "Chip" Stevens a.k.a. Skippy the Clown (Program Manager) Do they really expect us to take him seriously? It’s hard to keep a straight face when a guy with a big red nose is ordering you to do something. He is the best Program Manager that ever managed a program. We love this guy.

TSgt Shawn "Shadow" Lewis (18 OSS Plans) Recently added a baby to his family. Civilian plans went out the window when the Air Force refused to release him from his commitment. Recently reenlisted… possibly heading to Grand Forks to help out the two other Kadena Booms who also DEROS’d to GF…what up with this?

TSgt Tony "TDY" Panganiban (Stan/Eval Supervisor) Recently discovered the joys of going TDY. Now we can’t keep him in the area long enough to do his job. Were still waiting for him to bust someone.

TSgt Phil "Senator" Frank (18 OSS Plans) Phil is our wing’s diplomat he has actually sold air refueling time to the space shuttle Discovery. We decided to let him go and teach at Altus in May. He’s going to be the second best thing to ever happen to Altus…Tom R. was the first! Truly an outstanding addition to their ranks. PACAF NCO of the Year and going for the 12 Outstanding! Take a little advice and don’t play cards with him, or any sport that you want to win at.

SSgt Rod "Yeti" Cline (Asst. Program Manager) Rod is currently learning the 18 OSS plans job. He will be our front man for all missions in Asia. If you need gas just call him. When things are slow we all like to sit around and watch his beard grow. If it’s real quiet, you can actually hear it.

SSgt Ed "I‘ve got Gas" Smith (Cargo Loading Program Manager) This year has been very exciting for Ed. He added another baby to his bunch. He loves being a dad but we haven’t been able to get that "deer in the headlight" look off his face. While TDY to Cope Thunder he took himself off a flight for gas pains and ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Could be headed for the Forks too.

SSgt Dave "Sr. Surfer" Steiner (A-Flight Supervisor) Dave has all the answers, but won’t share unless you ask him. He is the daddy surfer figure to Blaise and Shane. When they grow up they want to be just like him. We all think he is a millionaire.

SSgt Larry "There I was" Lewis aka L3 (B-Flight Supervisor) A recent graduate of CFIC. Usually seen with a crowd around him telling a tall tale or five. If you see him ask about the long puppies he helped deliver.

SSgt Robert "Marshal" Jepson (C-Flight Supervisor) We call him the running man. On a recent trip to Thailand he acquired Montezuma’s revenge from the curry chicken. He is our true SAC groupie. He misses General Curtis Lemay. He says SAC knew how fly tankers. Robert didn’t write the laws, but he is always ready to enforce them. He just decided to stay in the Pacific for another four years. We couldn’t be happier.

SSgt Tony "Snapshot" Aparicio (Stan/Eval) We trust EM-Tony busts EM. He has our new boom running in fear. It’s rumored that he brings his camera along on checkrides just to gather evidence. He keeps busy with many hobbies he hardly has time to give a Q-1. We always check the schedule to see who’s next.

SSgt Jay "Mr Clean" Stiles (A-Flight Boom) New in the neighborhood having come from Fairchild. He’s playing it cool by laying low. We haven’t gotten any dirt on him yet, but it won’t be long before he trips-up and makes a reputation for himself. Maybe we will send him to Thailand.

SSgt William "Duck" Kaczor (Training Flight Supervisor) Duck is Our most recent addition to the NCO Corps. He loves the Mafia way of doing business. If your bored and want some entertainment just question any decisions he made. He will explain why he made it, and why you love it. "Its for the FAMILY". Also soon to be taking orders from his new 2LT wife. He’ll catch up soon when he does OTS.

SRA Joe "Whip Him!" Gellis (Training Flight) Joe is our designated ICQ monitor if your online with ICQ Joe knows it, and will give your computer something to think about for the next millennium. He is also nightlife tour guide for all new booms going to Guam. One of his requirements to becoming mission ready is to go there with him. It’s a painful butt embarrassing step into this assignment.

SRA Fred "The Instigator" Ramey (Ground Scheduling) Fred really would rather be doing someone else’s job, just ask him. If there’s an argument in the Squadron Fred will be the devils advocate just to be sure all angles are checked. Anytime you need a straight man just call him.

SRA Wayne "Flats" Keiser (Ground Scheduling) Wayne loves his job. We wonder if he ever leaves the squadron cause his truck is always in the squadron parking lot with at least two flat tires. Nobody has actually seen him driving it. He is willing to give up flying to do ground scheduling full time.

SRA Damian "Buff" Ash (A-Flight Boom) Damian has been a very busy man. He recently wooed and married one of our Support Personnel and graduated from CFIC with an EQ from Gordo!. Chief Durand is so impressed he put him in training flight to buff up the rest of us slackers. Trying to get to Mildenhall but will probably get GF. If he’s not lifting weights in the gym he’s massaging butts in the Boom Pod (Technique only).

A1C Shane "Brady Surfer" Cassily (C-Flight Boom) Our first of four New Baby Booms that came to us from Altus. Originally from Daytona Beach Fla. he seems to be having a good time here. His latest hobby is surfing. Nobody’s actually seen him stand-up on his board.

A1C Blaise "JR. Surfer" Rohan (C-Flight Boom) Our second New Baby Boom. Originally from New Jersey (Is that all right with you!). I think we created a monster. Already working on becoming a legend... received an E.Q. on his first no-notice check and another during the ASEV…outstanding performer kudos too. Hydraulic failure expert…recovered two aircraft with total right-side hydraulics failure while refueling, all within one month. Also our front-page hero in the local newspaper, right Blain Roahn?

AIC Yale "Opie" Perkins the III (A-Flight Boom) Our third New Baby Boom. Originally from West Virginia (can you hear the banjos?). He looks so young everyone in the Squadron has checked his I.D. card at least twice. We all think it’s a fake! He is our Scuba Boom, When he’s not flying he can be found under water…saved local man from drowning. Should be ready for CFIC in about 6 months…already has 400 hours!

A1C Tony "Weatherman" Trotter (B-Flight Boom) Our fourth New Baby Boom. Rescued from a GF assignment. Originally from Iowa (You know, that State next to Nebraska). Has several years of college under his belt and is studying meteorology. He is fairly quiet until a typhoon is in the area, then we can’t shut him up. Doesn’t miss driving his beer truck at all!

A1C Lawrence Nahalea Our 5th new Baby Boom in less than 8 months…looking forward to refueling his Dad (A-10 driver in Osan). Calls Hawaii home. Recently married.

A1C Nordick Due to arrive in June direct from Altus…how many is that? Also rescued from a GF assignment!



CMSgt Roy Schufft (Retired Boom) He’s now living the high life in Louisiana castrating cows. We had a big party for him last July. It brought tears to the eyes of many a boom. He was a wonderful chief and will truly be missed.

MSgt Jerry Head (?) Moved on to bigger and better things.

MSgt Bill Shippy (Retired Boom) Left without saying a word. Probably the CEO of some corporation or playing professional rugby in Australia. (If you know him you’ll understand)

MSgt (sel) Nathan "Peachman" Peachy (Grand Forks Boom) Yes, he did score 100% on the PFE and over a 90 on his SKT. He would have stayed here but we ran out of chicken, so he was forced to move on. One of our two self named "Dorks to the Forks". Nate is a Great guy, we all can’t wait till he thaws out and comes back to the island.

TSgt Rod "The Big Stick" Targos aka "Gigantor" (Grand Forks Boom) If you haven’t heard they stopped using the U.S. penny in Japan. Before he left you could find him pumping gas in his car 2 cents at a time. The second of our two "Dorks to the Forks" Good thing he saved on gas, he had to buy lots of warm clothes.

SSgt Tom Roetzler (Altus Boom) Ready to put the fear of God into the new Recruits. Hey Altus don’t try to prove him wrong, because he will never be. Give them hell Tom and send all your students our way!

SrA Bryan Sellman (Mr. Mom) Had the grand plan of getting out of the Air Force and surfing. He is now a family member with his wife at the pentagon, or living secretly in Florida or in a correctional facility panting plates. So much for the surfing Mr. Mom.

SrA Zach Hughes (McDill Boom) Going to the beaches with American girls! He’s going to be the worlds greatest instructor boom operator, just ask him. We really miss your energy. P.S. Several wrestlers stopped by looking for you.


Kadena AB, JAP

633 AMCF


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Langley, VA



Greetings from Hampton Roads and home of Air Combat Command Headquarters. Yes there are tankers outside of AMC. It has been another very busy year in ACC. Reorganization and headquarters downsizing has changed my job a bit. I am now THE tanker guy in ACC. Took over the Program Element Manager job in addition to Stan/Eval, Realistic Training, and IFR Functional Manager. It has been challenging but the job satisfaction is very high.

Some may have heard that formalized procedures for Quick Flow A/R is coming out in the air refueling manuals. This is true and should be out in May depending on money for publication. I thought this would be a simple issue since we have been doing it for years but when you have to coordinate with every fighter MAJCOM, it is amazing on the varied opinions. The key is to be safe and not allow situations to progress to a point where you cant recover.

This year saw the end of an era. The EC-135C Looking Glass flew its last mission and the 7th ACCS closed its doors in October at Offutt AFB. The mission has gone to the Navy E-6B TACAMO which continues to operate out of Omaha. I want to express my deep appreciation to all the men that flew that extremely important mission and supported ACC so well. You have done an outstanding job in an extremely demanding environment and should be very proud of your accomplishments.

A special thanks to SMSgt Gary Warner for all the help in finding homes for these deserving individuals. I would be remiss if I didn't thank SMSgt Doug Hershey for all his efforts in taking care of the unit and the closure. Doug went to Mildenhall to take over for SMSgt Troy Sinclair. Speaking of SMSgt Sinclair. He is now an ACC asset and works at 12 AF Stan/Eval. We're very glad to have Troy on board .

The old CINCSAC aircraft "Casey 01" was suppose to stay at Offutt to support USCINCSTRAT but the PACOM CINC won out and now the aircraft is sporting a new paint job and is a PACAF asset flying with an FE instead of a Boomer.

After the 7th ACCS closure, ACC retained two EC-135C aircraft to support local training so I kept two booms, TSgt Sal Iannucci and SSgt Jeff Magee on to support that effort. They are also working on the new cargo load training program ACC will teach in its FTU to Inflight Maintenance Technicians (IMT) this summer to support the 55th Wing JCS missions.

The 22 ARS at Mountain Home has been extremely busy with AEF taskings and unit deployments. They also have been breaking new ground in conjunction with the Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab in the development of the Expeditionary Operations Center (EOC). This is an computer/communications equipment package built on a 463L pallet that can transform a KC-135 into an airborne command and control center for deployment operations. MSgt Dennis O'Grady took the reigns as the Program Manager and is doing a super job. Thanks Dennis.

Lastly, I want to thank the 171ARW, 186 ARW and 157ARW for providing such outstanding individuals for my boom operator augmentation requirements. Couldn't have done it without you all. If anyone comes through Langley or the Hampton area, give me a call and I'll show ya around. My number is DSN 574-8170/7713, Email john.buckland@langley.af.mil Fly Safe! ,



John K. Buckland, SMSgt, USAF

Command In-flight Refueling Program Manager

Headquarters, Air Combat Command

DSN 574-8170, FAX 574-8648



173 ARS

Nebraska ANG


Hello again from the central Great Plains where the autumns are beautiful (usually) and the winters aren’t worth talking about. The New Year finds the Lincoln boom cadre happy, healthy, and looking forward to another (maybe our first) of those "one time good deal" deployments. Over the past twelve months we’ve sent booms to just about every conference under the sun (Boom Symposium, Program Manager’s Conference, Airlift/Tanker Association National Conference, etc.) and have gotten some timely and useful information from each event. If there is money in your budget to attend conferences, we think it’s a good idea. From our perspective, it’s gratifying to see cargo hauling becoming less of a factor in our assigned missions—go C-17s. Here’s a little something about each of the NEANG boom operators:


Gordon Anderson: Traditional instructor boom. As unbelievable as it sounds, the confirmed bachelor of all confirmed bachelors got married—to a wonderful young lady. She actually packs him a lunch every day! Oh, where did the rest of us go wrong? On the flip side, he hasn’t shown up for poker night in quite some time and he’s given up smoking those "foreign" cigars. Getting serious for a moment, Gordon has been DNIF for about a year now and is steadily making progress toward flying with us again. My lord, how we miss his galley brewed cappuccinos (yes, it’s possible) during those long hours over the pond.

Lang Anderson: Full time instructor boom in Current Ops who recently returned from Walt Disney World with his wife and nephews and can’t stop talking about it, much to the consternation of his co-workers. Of particular distress is his irritating habit of wearing mouse ears in the boom pod and making radio calls in a squeaky voice. If he shows us one more picture of Shades of Green or ever again compares the Tower of Terror to parasailing, we’re going to lock him out of the building.

Kevin Block: One of our newer booms who is now affectionately known as "Blockhead". He’s a real outdoor type who loves killing and skinning various wild and domesticated animals sometimes with just his bare hands. It may be just a coincidence, but since he returned from Altus, we can’t find the squadron cat.

Gary Bornemeier: Chief boom and amateur house restorer who just bought a huge old "fixer upper" in a "gold coast" neighborhood here in Lincoln. He’s so deeply into this thing that he now wears a tool vest to work over his flight suit and talks incessantly about the genius of Bob Vila and Tim Allen. The boom union is chipping in to buy him a video copy of "The Money Pit". Says he’s going to retire but with his current financial obligations he’d better be attending the funeral of a rich uncle soon or those lottery tickets better pay off.

Mary Bundy: Traditional boom who recently graduated from the NCO Academy and won every award on the program—we’re very proud of her. On a lighter note, she recently reenergized her flagging operatic career by singing in a police line-up. Don’t worry she beat the rap. Still teaching Airman Leadership School at several locations around the country helping to educate the next generation.

Randy Douglas: New traditional instructor boom and one of the originators of the "National Nude Weekend" each summer in the Loup River close to Boelus, Nebraska (call or write him for details). He can frequently be seen on a Lincoln boulevard wearing a sandwich board sign emblazoned with the inscription "Will Boom For 151 Proof Rum".

Mat Ellison: Traditional boom who’s another hard luck guy. Was recently married and held the reception during one of the worst Great Plains blizzards in the past 50 years. Of course, everyone had to "sleep over" but that’s another story. Before he was wed, Matt spent hours restoring a ’70 Chevelle; we’re betting it will soon be in the want ads.

Mark Forster: Full time instructor boom in Stand/Eval and karate fanatic who breaks boards with his big toe and catches bullets in his mouth—or with his hand, on occasion. Moreover, just such an occasion recently occurred when he "took" a bullet in his left hand during a shooting competition, to hear him tell it. Rumor has it that he made it out of the poker game just as the brawl ensued. The bandages will come off in a few weeks.

Mark Heithoff: Traditional boom who works as a firefighter in civilian life. Proud of his German heritage. "Went native" during a recent deployment to Geilenkirchen, comes to drill driving a Volkswagen, wearing hobnailed boots, and speaking in an affected German accent. In addition, he refuses to eat in the dining hall unless sauerkraut is being served and refers to everyone as "Mein Herr". We’ve reported him to the INS and deportation proceedings are pending.

Mel Kauk: Traditional boom, still single and employed by ATT. May retire soon to join the ranks of the "totally available" boom cadre. For his friends who thought the "party animal" in him would subside with age—think again.

Leighton Michaelson: Full time instructor boom in Current Ops and our newest evaluator. He lives his life in the dash one and is now known as "Mr. No Notice". A cheap bottle of Puerto Rican rum and a Caribbean cigar, however, change his attitude immediately. A former soccer player and coach he is currently pursuing a second career in sumo wrestling. He prides himself on his knowledge of space-a rules and regulations—any questions, give him a call.

Randy Millwood: Full time instructor boom in Scheduling and our resident rock music expert whose CD collection rivals that of the Library of Congress. He comes to work wearing a black armband in memory of Jerry Garcia and goes trick or treating during Halloween dressed as a member of Kiss. His car stereo bass amplifier has twice cracked his car windows and his low-rider hydraulic lifters have ruined his power steering and caused his neighbors to ask him to move to a more "appropriate" neighborhood. His hearing aid is on order.

Mike Minnick: Traditional boom and another hard luck guy. His rental property house burned down on the 4th of July when his tenants tried to eliminate themselves from the gene pool by shooting bottle rockets up the chimney and then demanded their deposit back! Darwin was right.

Steve Minnick: Full time Scheduling evaluator boom who has recently won a slew of awards for his boom operating skills and busy schedule of community activities. An aspiring Sushi chef, anti-fur activist, and member of the Sierra Club he recently was released on his own recognizance after chaining himself to an oak tree.

Dwight Morehead: Full time instructor boom in Training who keeps planning that earthen house at his acreage on the Kansas border and continues to sponsor the "Booms in the Woods" get together every summer. His career in Kick Boxing was tragically cut short when a flying back kick he was delivering missed and his momentum carried him over the ropes into a row of folding chairs occupied by outlaw bikers. He’s healing nicely and should be home soon.

Sandy Reynolds: Full time instructor in Cargo Loading, is as always, into "New Age" concepts, mineral water, and herb tea. Paradoxically, she’s also into pop tarts, Twinkies, and French fries, which calls into question her philosophical principles and sanity. An outdoors fanatic, she recently developed an interest in parasailing and bungee jumping.

Russ Sladky: Full time instructor boom in Combat Crew Comm and master electrician whose "shocking behavior" on cross-country trips has occasionally "crossed wires" with the powers that be. He has a tendency to "light up" if the conversation turns to cheap wine. Don’t bring up the subject of competitive square dancing or he’ll "blow a fuse".

Mark Stocking: Traditional boom who recently returned from instructor school. He’s a fantasy football fanatic who spends hours sitting in front of a computer screen and cursing. Still single, he takes his dates to ice hockey games, WWF events, and cockfights. We’re predicting that he’ll be single for quite some time.

Jeff VanNortwick: Traditional boom who is a Lincoln police officer and "nightstick" artist in civilian life. For a nominal fee he will "tattoo" the top of your head (or any other part of your body) creating designs of your choosing. According to him, nightstick tattoos are safer than the needle and ink variety because "bleeding is minimal" and he gets so much joy out of doing it. If you’re a masochist, give him a call for details.

Chris Hatley: Retired a couple of years ago and is working for the Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe Railroad in Spokane, Washington. His wife, Jody, is now a member of the Washington ANG at Fairchild AFB.

Kerry Gulzow: Retired about three years ago and is currently a travel agent in Omaha, the last we heard. Rumor has it that he might be relocating to Sacramento, California.

See you all "out on the road". Stop in for coffee or a cold one if you’re in the Lincoln area.


Little Rock AFB, AR

463rd ALCS


Greetings from the land of Paula, Susan and who knows who else! Things are busy, busy, busy in the land of AMC’s finest TALCE. With current events being the way that they are we spend very little time at home. But, hey the year of the family is upon us; I wish somebody would tell Milosevic and Hussein! On the news front, one of us is retiring (watch out high-time-on-station MSgt’s), one just got promoted and upgraded to MST, and the other is close behind. On the manning front, we are hurting. So, if you’re looking for a new experience, come join us in the C2 world. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure. Since, there are only three of us boomers here, our write-ups are short and to the point.

MSgt Mike (Garlic, the other white meat) Crews- Squadron Training Superintendent- Mike is hanging it up after 22 hard years. He’s currently figuring out if he has enough veteran’s preference points to guarantee double-dip retirement with civil service. Ya’ll (that’s southern talk for all of you yankees) may have seen him listed on Forbes magazine’s top 100 richest Americans. He has more assets than Donald Trump. TALCE life turned out to be all of the USAF that he could take. If you would like to say goodbye, he can be reached by e-mail (michael.crews@littlerock.af.mil).

TSgt Barry (squadron TDY leader) Mayhew- Affiliation Manager/MST chief- Barry has been gone so long that the Air Force is considering a new medal (the CONUS short tour ribbon). If the ALCS gets a tasking it’s a safe bet Barry’s a part of it. He’s also proud of his student fail rate in Affiliation training (150 million served, 15 million failed). It figures his superintendent would put him in charge of the program. To reach Barry by e-mail(barry.mayhew@littlerock.af.mil).

SSgt Tom (I need another fly break) Morrison- Affiliation instructor candidate/soon to be MST candidate- Tom has been in the ALCS for over a year and scarcely seen. The only indication he’s stationed at Little Rock is his address in housing and various completed travel vouchers listing the "Rock" as his termination point. He’s currently deep into teaching the Army how to load plan AMC aircraft. To reach Tommy by e-mail (thomas.morrison@littlerock.af.mil).

Well, that’s about it from the town Clinton built. If in town, stop by and see us! We can be reached at the following address and phone numbers:


1389 First Street

Little Rock AFB, AR 72099

DSN: 731-7512/3976 Comm: (501) 987-XXXX


MacDill AFB, FL

91 ARS


Carmelo Alamo, SSgt - Carmelo was lucky enough to be selected for "bootstrap". Congratulations!

Merv "Overlord"Arthurton, MSgt – Merv is our expert in Readiness Flight. He does a lot of work to get our baby booms trained. For all of his hard work, he was "STEP" promoted to Master Sergeant this year.

Pat Brown-Davis, SSgt – Pat just recently joined us from the OSS. She is now one of the squadron flight superintendents.

Matt "Stinky Thumbs" Dellalucca, SrA - Don’t ask! Matt is currently assigned to B Flight.

Bernard "Steamer" Echiverri, SrA – Ech finally got a job and tries to be one of the computer geeks in the squadron. He’s never around when anybody needs him though.

Mike"The Tickler" Fatone, A1C - "Fat One" had one good trip to Alaska, just ask him about it. He’ll be getting married this summer. Mike is another TDY hound.

Clayton "Jellybean" Fox, MSgt - Sergeant Fox is still crafty in his sliver years. He is our big toe in life. Without him, we would only have four toes on our squadron foot. On the serious side, MSgt Fox is our esteem program manager and does a super job at it, just ask anybody.

Mylo "Fluffy"Gibson, SSgt – Mylo just pinned on this month, after years of trying. He now works in scheduling, were he pulls his hair out on a daily basis.

Rick "ROADY" Hackett, SMSgt - The name says it all. He’ll be retiring soon to a city near you. Just to let you know, his first form 8 was in 1970. Ask him about ‘nam. SMSgt Hackett works in XP, planning the demise of human kind.

Mark "Who’s yo daddy" Harper, TSgt - Mark was recently drafted to the OSS in tactics. We never see him anymore, unless we need seat meat for pattern only sorties.

Zach "Ginger Spice" Hughes, SrA – This guy is a real Spice Girl freak. He just recently upgraded to instructor. Watch out you baby booms. See you at the next Spice Girl concert.

Shawn "Beef Cake" Lane, SSgt – This guy loves beef. Shawn’s been trying to PCS to Mildenhall since I’ve known him. Someday maybe. Naw…..

Phil "Queen" Money, SSgt – Our buddy Phil is still fighting for his life. He’s still excepting donations for fat free hot dogs and Mountain Dew. Phil just recently got back up on flying status after having major surgery on his liver. Good luck Phil!

David "Mayonnaise" Nixon, A1C – It’s better not to ask. This guy really likes mayonnaise. No really, Dave is still wet behind the ears, but is progressing nicely. He’ll have his full lobotomy by summer.

Chris "Och" Ochoa, SSgt - Och will be PCSing to Altus, OK this year after 7 happy years with the 91st. How the heck did he get so lucky?

Tim "Slappy" Sawyers, MSgt – Tim is the big man on campus in Group Stan/Eval. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and quilting.

Robert "Bloody Nose" Schofield, SSgt – Just ask him his technique on closing the crew entry chute. Tee hee. Rob is our assistant cargo loading manager and does a super job at it.

Christopher "Little Buddy" Sprague, SrA – Chris will be departing the Air Force for greener pastures in April. He keeps himself busy flying with Centcom. We sure will miss this little punk.

Scott "Big Sexy" Teague, SrA- Hellooo laadies! The big val-bowsky just recently got back from CFIC. It’s about time. This guy has played the system for all its worth. He is currently the head man in cargo loading doing one of the best jobs we’ve seen. Good job Scott!

Sara Tomlinson, A1C - Sara is one of our very young baby booms. She wasn’t even alive when Star Wars came out! WOW! She is now starting to grow wings and going TDY.

Bernardo Uribe, A1C – Ben is another baby boom who is doing well for himself. Goes TDY, takes orders well, and polishes boots too.

Dan Wells, MSgt - Dan is another one of the squadron’s big toes. This guy does it all. From Flight Superintendent, to 6 ARW air show coordinator to name a few. Dan will be leaving the 91st this summer.

Steve "Fuzzy" Zoller – This guy is the pulse of the 91st. Things do not get done around here without Fuzzy getting his big ole paws on it. All the baby booms fear him. He’s also are esteem MacDill Boom Association President. All hail the chief.


March, CA

336 ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


March AFB, CA

196 ARS



Well, another year has gone by, and we have some more new faces, but mostly the same group of Troops. The PACER CRAG program is going into effect throughout the year and we’re still planning on getting three planes modded with the MPRS (Multi Point Refueling System, aka Drogue Pods). Anyway, Nuff said, here now are your 1999/2000 196th ARS GRIZZLY Boom Operators!!!

CMSgt Norm "The Silver Fox" Perry: Yes folks, the Silver Fox is still alive and kicking! (Well, at least he’s kicking the slackers!) Now, he has his own little office with a window. He even got a Boom Flight!

SMSgt Bruce "The Riddler" Garcia: Well, Bruce continues to live up to his nickname: here is one guy who seems to enjoy making a request for a simple lunch order into an enigmatic query from the depths of his Gray Matter!

SMSgt John "Waldo" Walund: He’s been hiding out in Stan/Eval. People say that he’ll be the next PACER CRAG Guru!!!

MSgt James "Jimbo" Blucher: He’s a new daddy, PACER CRAG instructor, and a private pilot. He’s still trying to sell his boat, after 10 years!

MSgt Mike "Uncle Mikey" Dunn: He just retired last September after putting in 20+ years. Word has it that he’s growing a beard and enjoying life in Birmingham, AL. Future plans are to get married in June to a longtime high school sweetheart. Congratulations Mikey!!!

MSgt Dave "CHiP" Navarro: Well, good ol’ Dave went and got promoted to Lieutenant in the CHP, looking to be a Captain. I guess you could say that he turned coat and became an officer (that is if you wanted to rile hem up)! We’re not sure, but we think he might be opening up a car dealership- he seems to show up to each Drill Weekend in a new ride.

MSgt Jim "Psycho" West: What can we say? A Sgt in the L.A.P.D., and loves being an "advocate". Just give him a large stick, and he will start stirring that pot!

MSgt Keith "Lineman" Lequire: Well, he stopped being a lineman for GTE and came on full-time with the Grizzlies, but he kept the nickname. Right now he is rebuilding everyone’s computers and managing the Ops Group side of the LAN. He’s trying to protect us from Y2K.

TSgt Dave "Kim" Basinger: Dave’s temporarily guard bumming, while he’s not being a full-time Crane Operator building bridges. Must be doing well, he just bought a BMW Roadster.

TSgt John "Cool Runnings" Bradbury: Still working for the all mighty Boeing Company and fulfilling his duties part-time with the Grizzlies. We all wonder when he plans on finishing Course 6!

TSgt John "Little" Haus: aka Joe Friday- because he wants "Just the Facts sir/ma’am." Works near Jim West, in the LAPD, that is. Not too much you can say about John, other than the fact that he’s just "Damn glad to be here."

TSgt Gary "Duck" or "The Chef" Howard: Gary is still pounding out the schedule, and delighting all who fly with him by preparing Gastronomical Delights with his extraordinary culinary skills.

TSgt Jamie "McFly" McMath: Anticipating roll out of new Jr. McFly (aka Bambino), still spinning tunes; call 1-877-McMusic to book your party. Expected IBO graduation date, 15 Mar 99. Still living on borrowed "Jungle Charma."

TSgt Aaron "Bear" Scott: Still working for the Immigration & Naturalization Service full time, and looking to go over as a criminal investigator or move up in the world as a US Marshall. Got married last year- we’re not sure what callsign to call him, Bear, Poppin-Fresh, or Pillsberry Dough Boy! Talk to Psycho.

TSgt Julianne "Jewels" Farmer (Tregillis): She recently got married a little over a year ago to Don Farmer. She’s still living in Florida doing really well with her business. She currently raises horses.

TSgt Derrick Jackson: A former RC-135 Rivet Joint crewmember, whom used to be a Boom with the Reserves. Now, he’s full-time boom and a part-time Intel Analyst for the Grizzlies.

SSgt Steve "Barstool" Barcza: He’s still working for Union Pacific as a Railroad Conductor. Eventually, he will become an Engineer in a few months or was it a Caboose Driver. I guess we have to call him "ChooChoo" instead o f "Barstool" now. It just fits better.

SSgt Justin "$ammy" Ciasullo: He won’t be going to $ammy’s anymore. He’s getting hitched in February of ’99.

SSgt Lisa "Brian" Piccolo: She’s working as a math teacher for a high school during the Fall and Spring. She hopes to be their future Principle. Being a guard bum during the summer, is a good way to get away from all of those kids..

SSgt Mark Evers: Is completing BIQ at Altus, will be our newest baby boom. He’s a private pilot instructor and a cab driver in Palm Springs. Need a lift, you know who to call!

SrA Angel "Boot" Gomez: Angel is currently working as an officer with the L.A.P.D., a Boom Operator, and a Casanova. We wonder how he juggles three different lifestyles all at once!

A1C Chad Jones: Just back from Boom school. When he’s not guard bumming, he’s out fighting fires with the Fire Dept.


McConnell AFB, KS

22 OGV


It has been said that the only true constant in life is change itself. That has truly been the state of affairs in our career field over the past year and will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. And while change brings anxiety, stress, and a certain degree of uncertainty, it must be stated in fairness that change also brings the good. The 22 ARW has been at the forefront of nearly every new endeavor being fielded for the KC-135 and has risen to the task magnificently. We continue to be lead unit in the testing and development of programs and hardware that impact the functional life of every Boom Operator. All this with very little command level guidance, influence, or mandate. And as with any change, there must be those that are the true "change agents". One need only look at the 22d ARW to find those that are making the next generation of KC-135 operations a reality.

The 344th ARS, under the tutelage of SMSgt Terry Barber has taken the flailing MPARS program and developed a structured, standardized, evolving training and implementation plan where none existed. His cadre of young, energetic airmen and NCOs has worked non-stop evaluating, testing, and revisiting this monster, and I don’t just mean the 28-page checklist. They are the command’s experts and as such will undoubtedly be the CCTS for the initial cadre of instructors. The squadron’s instructors, in conjunction with the wing’s other squadrons, have developed a platform based hazardous cargo and cargo operations lesson plan to supplant the CBT (Crap But Timely). The plan has become the wing’s standard tool for teaching cargo operations above the rudimentary level.

CMSgt Swilling continues to provide realistic views to unrealistic taskings both internally and externally initiated. His thundering velvet guidance imparted on a major wing chartered AWO (Action Work Out) was responsible for what will become the standard plan for mobilizing a KC-135 wing. Gone are the days of trying to put the proverbial round peg in the square hole by attempting to apply T-tail methodology in a tanker environment. This wing’s senior leadership, both officer and enlisted saw through the façade and identified the culture push as the culprit. Too bad it took eight years to see it! His troops comprise 50% of the RT qualified Boom Operators in the AF today. This unique qualification has thrust the 349th into more than its share of taskings over and beyond the "normal" tanker unit.

The 350 ARS, with MSgt Jim Morman at the helm, has transformed a normal KC-135 flying club into a true CCTS responsible for bringing PACER CRAG initial cadre instructors into another generation of KC-135 operations. Jim and his staff of instructors have trained and certified nearly 280 instructors in PC systems and operational execution. They have done this in conjunction with testing new and improved versions of equipment from interphone panels to TCAS. His cadre of instructors have done more, with less, than any MDS CCTS now fielded…including the Boom Operator schoolhouse! Much to my chagrin, Jimmy and his folks continue to bring new acronyms into operations with each new piece of equipment. We have no idea where the "improvements" will stop.

The fighting 384th ARS provides the Air Force with the remaining 50% of qualified RT Boom Operators. As with the 349th, the unique qualification simply begs taskings with little or no notice and this is always the case. MSgt Steve Yavornitzki has taken a rather lackluster group of young technicians and transformed them into outstanding professionals. This unit’s enlisted force, while junior in both grade and experience, has blossomed into an organization that is superbly capable regardless of mission specifics. The importance of developing our young troops quickly cannot be overstated as it is this group that will provide the schoolhouse with it’s next generation of instructors. It is this legacy that the 384th is establishing.

And there you have it…the impact of the greatest air refueling wing in the Air Force. No other wing can equal the 22d ARW in taskings. How we came to have this level of tasking thrust upon us is unimportant. The fact that we accepted the challenge and continue to push forward is confirmation that only professionals reside here. Having that said, armchair quarterbacks need not apply for we never look back…only forward. Our unofficial motto of "Non Illigitimus Carborundum" (Never let the bastards wear you down) truly applies.

The boom operators of the 22 ARW look forward to extending their hospitality to all who pass through our fair base. If you ever have the opportunity to drop in for a visit, don’t hesitate to call. Till then…remember, it’s all for the mission…God, Country, Clinton…



                22 ARW In-Flight Refueling Program Manager


McConnell AFB, KS

344 ARS


Chief Boom: SMSgt Terry " LOC is the form for me" Barbar – Killed a small part of the Brazilian rainforest requesting paperwork on his most outstanding troops. Must be one of the hardest working Chief Booms in the Air Force because of the amount of time he spends in his office. That couch in his office must be really comfortable.


A-Flight: SSgt Cliff "why me" Bermodes – One of our newest and most beat on supervisors in the squadron. Assisted in the aforementioned slaughtering of innocent trees in the name of discipline. We know it was forced and there was nothing you could do about it Cliff, but we could have done without the back flips down the hallway. All kidding aside we all love our spunky little Asian guy.

SSgt Christy "can you do me a favor" Milligan – Our squadron cargo loading energizer bunny who keeps going and going and going and going and going and going. She is currently working on an in-depth hazardous cargo loading program that one day may save your life… Even if it kills you. No…really.

SrA Mark "who did…. what…where did… how… I don’t………help" Johnson - Currently trying to soup up his Mustang so he can achieve faster than light travel so he’s not late for work anymore. Just ask the police. Just a little tip Mark, if you have to show up for traffic court, wearing a flight suit is a bad idea.

A1C Jeremy "the bowel movement" Warzybok – Rarely seen in the squadron, often found in the bathroom. Killed the remaining part of the Brazilian rainforest for his overly abundant use of toilet paper. Currently working with scientists who wish to cultivate a new form of laxative from his blood. Here’s a 21 flush salute to you buddy.

A1C Alex "frankenboom" Scilletta - Eager to see the inside of the correctional custody building, he’ll voice his opinion to anyone from an E-1 to an O-10. Spends more time with his computer then with his woman. Also spends more money on alcohol than his woman. Will probably end up getting drunk and hooking up with his computer.

B-Flight: SSgt Clint "deal with it" Slick One of our newest SSgts, a cold-blooded murderer at night. I’ll probably be dead by the time you read this. When he says he’ll cut paperwork on you, he’s not speaking metaphorically. Comes to work in his wife's flight suit. You’d think the pretty flower smell would be a good tip off.

SSgt Kellie "the only thing bigger than my DNIF record is my hair" Blakley - The mother hen of the squadron who likes to peck, peck, peck around and about. Keep’s the cosmetic industry alive with the amount of hair spray she uses in the pursuit of making her head aerodynamic. At least life support doesn’t have to issue her a helmet.

A1C Jett "I’m hornier than Ron Jeremy" Byrom - Wrestled in college, now wants to join the pro circuit. Has the squadron record for takedowns, pins and LOC’s. Talks so low, you have to learn to read lips to understand him. Claiming to be a ladies man, he has a nice selection of "home movies" for your viewing pleasure.

A1C Matt "they used me as the demonstration skeleton in science class" Galloway- The Air Force sure sent him to the wrong base. One stiff breeze and Matt won’t land for days. Never seen around, either he’s always in mobility working or he’s just standing sideways against the wall when people are looking for him.

C-Flight: TSgt Bob "screw you guys, I’m going to California" Yelverton- Soon we’ll be saying good-bye to Bob who will be on his way to Travis to fill a TALCE slot. He’ll also be retiring from the Air Force in a couple of years. Not to worry though, he has a Bachelor’s degree that took him approximately 15 years to finish. Let’s hope it was worth it.

SSgt Warren "papa bear" Bearup – A cross-trainee from Transportation, he got tired of driving aircrews around so he decided to become one. Living up to his nickname, he has the ability to eat whole live chickens. One day we’ll figure out how him and his instructor fit in the same boom pod during CCTS.

SrA Brian "I’m never getting married and having kids………..Oops" Buss – One of our newest instructors, he finally took the ultimate step and strapped on the old ball and chain. Brian tells us that married life hasn’t compromised his freedom one little bit. He can still do anything he wants to do...as long as it’s ok with his wife.

SrA Allen "eeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssyyyy" Gittins – Crossed trained in the Boom field from being a crew chief. We guess he was tired of fixing them and rather be flying them. After being stationed in England and then California, Kansas is a nice change of pace for him (snicker). Currently hoping for the biggest flash flood in American history so he can try to ride his surfboard back to Florida.

Scheduling: SrA Brett "the international man of mystery" Prothe - Hailing from parts unknown, little is known about this man from scheduling. When he arrived in the squadron, said he was married but still lived in the dorms. Now that he’s out of the dorms, nobody is quite sure where he lives. Has recently been reported that he lives inside a giant satellite dish stationed in a trailer park. This would be funnier, but we don’t know anything about him.

SrA Dave "what the @#$% are you looking at you sorry little @#$*, I’ll kick your #$%! #@$* @#$% %$#@ *&$#@@#$*& Chandonnet – Normally he’s our disgruntled little brown guy. Now that he works in scheduling you might want to steer clear of him. If for any reason you do have to come in contact with him, bring a small offering. A sacrificed cat or the head of a yak will do nicely. Be careful, he bites.

Training Flight: SrA Clint "but I don’t wanna go to work" Deeder - The hardest working man in the squadron (snicker), is currently working around the country as a Pugsly Adams look-a-like. A fine addition to training flt and a great opportunity for Clint. Now he can systematically avoid any "unfair" training requirements dictated to him by the Air Force.

Stan\Evil: SrA John "my fingers are the size of sausages and my toes are the size of artichoke hearts" Pickett - I’m not kidding. This guys extremities alone will feed the worm population for three years when he dies. Unfortunately for him, I’ve heard the rest of his appendages didn’t follow suite. Hailing from Oregon, our Stan\Eval Boom misses the thick forests, the sky scraping mountains, the vast pacific, trail mix, flannels and granola bars. Hey John, have you hugged a tree today.


Attached, PCSed, MIA, or dead

SSgt James "Jaws" Bautista – Moved to Dyess to fill a TALCE slot, Jaws is another one of our Boom’s that truly lives up to his name. Will eat anything that is not tied down which includes but is not limited to inanimate objects. Claims he comes up to McConnell to fly for currency, but we personally think he’s just looking for a free lunch.

SSgt Tommy "my wife gave birth to an eight grader" Morrison – I’m not kidding, his kid came out of the womb bigger than he is. The only thing we can say is poor Mrs. Morrison. Another attached TALCE Boom, he’s a great addition to team Little Rock. At the very least they can turn him upside down and use his head as a level.

TSgt Jerry "Spanky" Linscott – He got his helmet, his claps, and his chew and off to Germany he went. Probably the easiest man to find in the squadron, the only thing you had to do was follow the spit cup drippings. You can look for him at Ramstein AB, but you better hurry before jaw cancer claims the lower part of his head.

Sra Jeff "mexicali blues" Villareal - Disappeared from the squadron one evening and woke up on the floor of the 350th with a red chicken staring at him. Don’t worry Jeff, we were as surprised as you were. Can’t express in word how much he misses Spanky, but being in another squadron helps to eases the pain. Asta la Pacer Craig Jeff.


McConnell AFB, KS

349 ARS

Greetings from the 349th Air Refueling Squadron, the premier air refueling squadron of the 22nd Imperial Air Refueling Wing at McConnell. Once again, it’s been a very busy year for us but we managed to weather the storm. During the past year, we responded to just about everything to include; short notice deployments to real tough places like Singapore, Panama, Japan and Hawaii, BUSINESS EFFORTS, and ITUD’s to garden spots like Turkey and the sand box, just to name a few. Our boom shop continues get back on its feet since losing most of our experience to the TALCEs thanks to a great bunch of retreads. They haven’t seen any alert duty but they sure know how to fix all sorts of things. Through it all though, we’ve managed to add three home grown instructors and seven very talented boom operators to the team. Once again, the booms of the 349th have distinguished themselves as true professionals and a credit to the career field. THE LINE UP:


CMSgt Billy (Bonzai) Karasko (Wing Boom) Although the Chief is not attached to the premier squadron, tough luck Chief, we would be remiss if we did not take the opportunity to roast him a little. The Chief is 100% thrust and all vector. Either lead, follow or get the hell out of his way. Look up the definition of "bonzai" in a Japanese dictionary and you’ll get the idea. All kidding aside, our chief has done some great things for us in the year and a half since his arrival. We actually have a voice now. Thanks Chief!

CMSgt Scott (Swil) Swilling (Chief Boom) Still chief boom of the finest air refueling squadron at McConnell. Many of you may be glad to hear that he finally changed that stupid voice mail greeting. Swil changed his look this year by adding new glasses.(Teddy Roosevelt starter kit) If you had to describe him you could say he’s a cross between cowboy philosopher Bix Bender, and Curt LeMay. Ask Swil about the boys.

TSgt Marvin (Mr "T") Taylor (B Flight Supervisor) Began the year fresh out of CFIC and has just returned from Turkey, or was it Saudi, or was it Green Flag. If it has sand, poor "T" has been there this year. In the short time he’s been home, he managed to win first prize for home redecorating. Sorry about the fish tank "T", take the rest of the year off. Has our vote for NCO of the Year.

TSgt Milton (GREEDY) Griggs (C Flight Supervisor) Greedy has just returned from CFIC and is already asking to go TDY; as usual. His wish has been granted. He’s going on an all expense paid trip to the sand box as the chief boom. Prior to that though, he picked door #3 and won a free trip to Volk Field sucking charcoal filtered air as half cop, half shoe clerk. Greedy just thought he left the cop career field behind He can be found walking the halls of the building stating "happy to be here boss". Merry Christmas Greedy!

SSgt Jeffrey (LIZARD) Drazil (C Flight) Jeff is one of our new cross trainees just arrived fresh out of Altus. He’s filled with a lot of questions and looking for someone to stand still long enough to answer them. He was baptized by fire with a Green flag, Turkey and Saudi in rapid succession. Jeff’s famous last words; "Just thought I’d ask the question boss".

SSgt Rodney (Ravishing) Ward (B Flight) Cross trainee from the world of supply fresh out of Altus. We call him a box kicker. He’s the new Tom Cruise of the squadron - looks better than Beautiful Bill and Dazzling Dave combined. Big sports fan and still waiting to see those LSU Tiger’s beat a top 50 team

SSgt Daron (Carrot Top) Talsma (C Flight) Cross trainee from the world of painting, odd jobs, and landscaping (POL). Taz has become a fine boom operator, but his boom control has been compared to AT&T. He likes to reach out and touch someone every now an then. He’ll be baptized by fire over Christmas in Saudi.

SSgt Stephen (Very Perplexing) Estell ( B Flight) Steve returned from Altus this year and is becoming a solid professional in the boom career field. Steve is another one who will do a Green Flag, Turkey, and Saudi in rapid succession. This is beginning to look like a trend. He is the belt buckle king. Bow wow Steve.

SrA Jason (Croc Dundee) Resler (A Flight Supervisor, Stan Eval) Started the year in Panama as the chief boom and returned claiming his rights under Article 31. What goes TDY doesn’t necessarily always stay TDY!. Don’t worry though Jase, the Commander in Chief would be proud.

SrA Bill (BEAUTIFUL BILL) McQueen. (B flight) Say it ain’t so Bill; but it is; he became a newlywed. A responsible married man, Bill stepped up and became a flight scheduler. In his spare time, he managed to knock out a tour in Saudi and a couple of JRX’s. Look for Bill at CFIC early next year.

SrA Cecil (Damn I Look Good) Little (C Flight) Solid Boom operator! Cecil participated on our rodeo team this year and still found time to go to Saudi and Turkey. Still the only boom who causes Threatcon Charlie among woman wherever he lands and knows how to close a bar. Get your tetanus shot Cecil?

SrA Denim (FERRIS) Beeler (C Flight) Denim has added a new member to his family this year, a little boy. He is an excellent addition to our career field and is also very handy to have around for special projects. Some call him the fisherman because he’s always angling for good deal TDYs. He has a better chance at becoming the Pope. Maybe we’ll let him go to Saudi over Christmas though.

SrA Neal (HOPSING) Husong (A Flight) We flat ran out of instructors this year so we put Neal in charge of training flight where he has done an excellent job. The only problem is, now we can’t find anything because everything is where it’s supposed to be. Word on the street is that Neal has his eye on a gal from Oklahoma and is going to get hitched. He’s presently at CFIC feeling the pain.

SrA Greg (BIG GUNS) Wells (C Flight) Greg is steadily become a legend, even if only in his own mind. He’s taken over mobility, proving that he’s the "best of the best". Found time to visit the Big Sand Box, and Turkey.

SrA Carroll (STEALTH) Lewis. (A Flight) Carroll found his nitch in life and it’s not putting the pole in the hole. He is quite good at designing, manufacturing and marketing board games of all things. He has started his own company and plans to separate so he has more time to pursue this endeavor. Look for him in the Fortune 500. Best of luck Carroll.

SrA Dan (HANDS) McNitt (A Flight) Dan has seen the light. But don’t walk into it Dan, it’s just a light. He is the computer manager in the squadron and has spent more money than most SrA will ever make. His only problem though, is he can’t find anyone in the squadron who can carry on an intelligent conversation in binary.

SrA Rafael (CRUZ) Cruz-O-Yola, PHD (A Flight) Cruz had an exceptional year. He started it off in Panama and will end it up in the sand box. He’s spent most of his time in between at the education center. In fact, I think he uses it as his mailing address.

SrA Michael (Honest, Kelly really doesn’t care if I go TDY again) Soper (C Flight) Mike is our resident plumber. Got a new dolly lama coffee pot for the squadron and Mike had that baby percolating primo joe in no time. He’s currently pouring over the plans to install our new ice maker. Aren’t retreads great?

A1C David (Dazzling Dave) Clark (B Flight) Dave may have left his heart in San Francisco but he left his wallet Las Vegas. Dave just finished a stint in squadron scheduling and is now just flying and trying to get his head screwed back on straight. He spends his free time flying bug smashers. You’d think he gets enough pattern work in the tanker.

A1C Patrick (RADAR) Haney (B Flight) Pat finally had his "radar aligner of the year" picture removed from the wall of fame. He got a great deal this year when he walked off of his plane from Panama and we escorted him across the ramp to his jet to Saudi. We don’t need no stinking C2. Pat will volunteer to fly just about anytime unless wrestling is on.

A1C Darryl (How do you like my cuts?) Hebert ( B Flight) Darryl arrived this year from Altus. The future Mr. Universe can found usually be found at the gym working on his cuts. Look out Bird Chest, we think you may have some competition. He was baptized by fire in Saudi and Turkey.

A1C Jeffery (CG) Cumming (C Flight) Hello CCCumming. Jeff arrived from the 350th ARS early this year and quickly earned his wings in Saudi, Green Flag, and Turkey. He can usually be found policing up cigarette butts around the squadron. Keep your seat belt fastened Jeff.


Program Manager, 349 ARS


McConnell AFB, KS

350 ARS


Hello again from the 350th fighting RED FALCONS. As most of you know we are the PACER CRAG training squadron. Life around here has changed for us as we knew it since we started training. In addition we are also the host of the Republic of Singapore Air Force detachment.

We are currently running 6 PACER CRAG training lines every month, (more than Altus). We currently train two crews from each tanker unit. It has been a learning process for all of us but I think we have a handle on it now. If you are coming here for training here are some things that will make your training easier for everyone involved. Make sure and have your CBT’s completed prior to getting here, it’s also not a bad idea to take the NAV’s PACER CRAG CBT too. Make sure that your physical and chamber are up to date also. But the most important thing is to come here with an open mind. The PACER CRAG aircraft is an outstanding aircraft, but like anything new there are growing pains, but we are working the bugs out and I think we will all become better crewmembers because of this aircraft.

The RSAF booms got here in June of last year and hit the ground running. The first RSAF IBO will be back from Altus this June. They are all former C-130 and Fokker 50 loadmasters. By contract these guys have to fly 32 hours a month. We presently have 4 RSAF booms and 4 more will be here by this July. They are a great group of guys and a real asset to the 350th. MSgt Hopkins and SSgt Frownfetler are assigned as the USAF Instructors, but we are all one big happy family.

Well that’s about all for now, we look forward to seeing a lot of you all here for training and for those that don’t get to make down if you find yourself at McConnell stop by and say hi. Here’s the current line up of RED FALCONS.

  1. MormanKinder, gentler, it must be old age
  2. HopkinsRSAF, Grumpier and getting Grumpier everyday
  3. LankesA Flight Super/NCO Academy / Re-enlisted
  4. Frownfelter RSAF/ PACER CRAG guru/ Oklahoma history expert
  5. PittmanB Flight Super/Wafer / CHAPPY / Fire Marshal Jim
  6. BakosBeer Bowling Babes’ (sometimes 4)
  7. HanksTax expert also not bad at pinning the nose gear
  8. Rodriguez Stan Eval / Pcs to PEMCO in May
  9. HaneyTraining Flt/"DAMN" loves catfish
  10. TrombleyTraining Flt/384th reject and glad to have him
  11. Brantley Still trying to get one over on me./Hickie
  12. BussBrand new dad / Back home after TDY to the 344th
  13. MorrisNew IBO/best golfer in the wing/a good IBO to boot!
  14. Villerreal Drafted from the 344th, I think we got the better end
  15. of the stick on this deal

    15. Esposito Flt Scheduling/Frankie will be leaving us in NOV

  16. KriessMy son-in-law/OP out of Altus/sharp keeps me inline
  17. CofieldBrand New Model from Altus/Fresh out of FTAC.
  18. SalzmanHQAMC TACC Attached / SMSgt Select
  19. BhonesLead RSAF Boom, Sharp keeps the rest of the RSAF and
  20. some of the USAF guys in line.

  21. LogaGreat guy and good boom/computer nerd
  22. ShivaSam nice mustache/ loves Altus
  23. TanBK is looking to have an ABC (American born Chinese)

22. Jega The Detachment Chief Boom/Also a warrant officer

23. Tan Jack/Former C-130 Load

24. Chin Bandit/Former Fokker 50 load

25. Khor Dan/Former Fokker 50 load

That’s it for now, Take care and keep an eye on those chauffeurs up front.

Jim Morman Pete Rodriguez

Chief Boom Author


McConnell AFB, KS

384 ARS


52968 Piper St. Suite 13

McConnell AFB, KS 67221

DSN 743-3366


Greetings from the 384 ARS PRIMARY squadron of the 22d Imperial Wing. Once again it has been a busy and safe year for 22d Imperial Wing. This year McConnell flew 13,000 hours, 2,900 sorties, offloaded over 290,000,000 pounds of fuel. However do more with less seems to be the buzz word around the commands. How’s 2 instructors per squadron and 44 out of the 77 boom operators being A1C or SrA sound? However everything is not doom and gloom, we are obtaining some outstanding cross-trainee’s into the career field as well as growing our own instructor force. The YOTEF is well behind us however the 22d Wing did capitalize on some significant initiatives, enlisted aircrew structure, BAS, 1+1 dorms and flight pay to name a few. I still think as a whole our career field is undermanned, overworked, and underpaid. However Congress is starting to listen to the Joint Chief of Staff concerning pay, retention, Op’s tempo and benefits. I would encourage one to contemplate a career in the Air Force to reap the rewards. When in the land of OZ come on by 384th if you’re an instructor we may put you to work. Or come by, have a cup of Joe, and talk about some lies. Like motel 6 well keep the light on. Remember; "If Your Patch Isn’t Square, Then You Are" an ASSOCIATE MEMBER.

CMSgt Billy (Bonzai) Karasko – Like a tweet engine, always going 110%, however, unlike a T37 he covers a great deal of ground. Known to produce Chief Master Sergeants or civilians…entirely up to the individual. Also molds Majors into Lt. Colonels or Captains...strictly their choice. Make’s ya proud to have him as a Square Patcher.



MSgt Steve (That other Program Manager) Yavornitzki – "The Yav"…Our registered chef…can make dog taste like brisket…the hardest working SNCO on the planet…turns great Boom Operators into outstanding leaders…or civilians…looking at becoming our "ACE"...four down, one to go…last thing they see out the gate is Ski’s smiling face and a wave off…makes you proud to be an American…working on his wordsmithing…uses words the wing staff has to look up…some don’t yet exist…leadership does take all forms…the complete package…superb SNCO, leader, mentor, Boom Operator…although he can’t seem to properly dress himself…has been known to arrive at AF level formal functions (mess dress no less) with mismatched socks…"Do you think anyone noticed?" Nah…the green one was hardly noticeable…honest…it will be our secret…promise! Ski…what about that "three putting?" "I never said that" Known to "double tap" into the hole…"hey, my name ends in a vowel…"I’m authorized"


SSgt Randy.(Turn down the volume) Kay - Recent draft choice from the 344th ARS…going to be A-flight superintendent. Has a thousand stories to tell ya, however when he’s finished you may need a hearing aid.

SrA Stuart (Bowling Pin) Kirk - Stu is busy as a flight scheduler, keeping the Zero’s honest with their M-10’s. Also staying current on the demanding TDY circuit. Still can’t figure out what to do with his 400+ hp small block.

SrA Robert (Bill Gates) McMorrow - Rob is our resident HP-200 specialist and computer genius. Traded in his Jeep and leather attire for a ready made family. Still engaged to be married, but hasn’t taken the big plunge yet.

SrA Reggie (Natural born killer) Rittenhouse – Recent Below-the-Zone promotee. Playing the TDY circuit every chance he gets. Has his own traveling road show with tambourines and it’s coming to a town near you. Trust me… this is one show you do not want to miss!

SrA Ralph (Hoffbräu) Hoffmann - Becoming a seasoned veteran in the TDY circuit. Keeps the all the younger booms in line when TDY. Another private pilot who has no problems in the mile high club.


SSgt Pat (Ted Bunson) Denson - With all the experiences he had with his flight criminals, Pat received an honorary law degree from the Law Center. Still moonlighting in S/E & Training Flight.

SrA Drew(Shoe clerk)Sottoivia-Another 350th transplant…drafted to the "A" team. Landed a job in scheduling keeping the Zero’s honest on their P-200’s.

SrA Travis (Stop the Insanity) Queen - From Suzan Powers to Fin Fen, to deal-a-meal Travis is trying to improve his physique. His latest endeavor is to star with Richard Simmions in a work out video named "Sweating off the cheese with Cartman". All proceeds go to his favorite charity (?) AMEX/DPPP. Also moonlighting in training flight, with Trombely.

A1C Aaron (Pelé) Tolson - Aaron has settled down, got married and is currently working in mobility office. Also busy on the road TDY.

A1C Chris (Crusher) Murphy - A new arrival from Altus and made a name for himself. Chris was mission ready in record time and is adapting well as a boom operator. Has experience as a combat controller and can hurt you in places you didn’t know could hurt. Watches my back, with The "Enforcer"Daniels.


SSgt Todd (The Enforcer) Daniels – Todd, a recent graduate from CFIC, is kept busy training little enforcers. Getting lots of practice writing EPR’s…some good, some not so good. Todd is my walking reference for the U.C.M.J., drives fear into criminal booms.

SrA Don (Golden Boom) Breitkreutz-Recent cross-trainee, Distinguished Graduate/Exceptional Performer at the school house. A bartered resource provided by the Red Falcons. Don has watered everybody’s eyes from EAUC to the squadron Commander. Jimmy…don’t have a clue what you were thinking but the 384th thanks ya?

SrA Jason (Sweetheart how high, far, do you want me to jump and when can I come down?) Whiting - Recently engaged to be re engaged and taking the vows next year. Thinking about tying the knot at Fast Fongs, Fast Nuptials to get the extra cash. Jason is our newest CFIC instructor candidate.

SrA Justin (Toy’s are Us) Johansen - From jet ski’s to 4X4’s Justin has them all, the 384ths own MWR. Another new arrival from Altus...life support cross-trainee and all…a real hard charger looking forward to the TDY circuit.

A1C Matt (Dead Eye White Cane) Calasi - A recent addition from the 350th Screaming Chickens. Matt’s

our squadron celebrity having been mistaken for Cosmo Kramer


SrA Jason (Chuck Norris) Ryan - Jason is another graduate of CFIC with honors. Moved into Stan Eval and is bringing new meaning to the Pelican Flight. Full of Sh--, protected by the government, and have to throw rocks at him to get him to fly.



SSgt Jack (JG, not Bill) Gates -New arrival from Mildenhall tackling the tough jobs in training flight.

A1C Kerry (Cool Breeze) Ashby-New arrival from Altus…has broken so many women’s hearts that when he goes TDY there are NOTAMS posted. Ashby is now giving Travis Queen advice.



TSgt Steve (Klink) Klinkhammer - After 20 years of service Klink stowed the boom for the last time. Good luck to ya in the civilian world.

SSgt Rick (Have I got a story for you) McKenna - Rick traded in his wings in to be a recruiter in his home town. According to "Slick Rick" its all done with smoke and mirrors. Yeah, see, it’s like this see, the Air Force see "It’s a Great Way of Life."

SrA Hannah (Married with Children) Kahahawai - Civilian

SrA John (The "GOVERNOR") Carter - Another CFIC grad with honors…took his knowledge and his bag of tricks to the promised land (Milldenhall), our loss is their gain…good luck Governor.

SrA Jim (Still looking for Miss./Mrs. right) Trombley – Traded to the350th. Jim is currently running training flight and doing an outstanding job. Wanted to be a member of the mile high club so he got his private pilot license. One would think he got the hardest objective done first. However for Jim he hasn’t found someone to consummate the flight with.

SrA Kelly (Speed Jeans) Morris–Another 350th trade, Kelly is still looking for a sponsor on the Nike Tour. Still moonlighting as bar tender to get tips from the pros.





McConnell AFB, KS

18 ARS


"Associate" Has it’s Limits

"No Scab is too Small"


Greetings from the only KC-135 associate unit. We are currently at 32 booms and still growing. The coffee is always on so stop in and say hay when you get a chance. Thanks to our new "Training Flight Secretary" for the following inputs.


CMSgt Don "Farmer" Askren- Has anyone seen the Chief and what kind of mood is he in today? "I've got 5 years left and 10,000 hours of sick leave."

TSgt John "Tex" Austin- "Mr. Hot Sauce". Can usually be found in his cubby hole down in Plans. Don's hangar-queen.

MSgt Bill "Do I have a story for you!!" Baker- Bill had such a good time in Saudi he gave himself a hernia. We're still not sure if he works here or Altus. Ask about his trip to Hawaii where he had a brush with the shore patrol.

MSgt Brad "Beyer Box" Beyer- New Art and instructor. If you need a sprinkler system, call Brad.

TSgt Rick "Slick-Rick" Clark- College boy. We see Rick every now and again, but he's usually mumbling something about homework. Hey Rick, how's PACER CRAG coming? When is the new change to the inflight guide coming out?

MSgt Gary "Where we going for lunch" Cook- About to be a new father and his wife just took the bonus. How's that new camper Gary?

SMSgt Monsa "VFR" Dugger- Monsa lives up in Stan/Eval and very rarely come out from the ivory tower. Must see and avoid. Jealous that his daughter has a better GPA than he does.

SSgt Eddie "Sperm" Estagin- Who?

TSgt Ken "Tigger" Girty- Lady's man and owns at least 10 guitars. He has yet to cut his first album or appear on star search

MSgt Joe "The man who lives under-the-stairs" Halenka- Tonya's significantly less important other half.

TSgt Tonya "Going to structor school" Halenka- Mrs. Hardcore North Cackalacky.

MSgt Tatia "Goodwill Ambassador" Krueger- She's not as bad as everyone thinks…..she's worse! Rumored to be the number 1 reason we never go to Dover anymore.

SrA Sean LaFave- Another new boom.

MSgt Troy "Hopsing" Lawson- Ya, Ya, Ya…whatever Troy. This man will be a politician someday. Educated to the extent that we can't stand him anymore. He paid his fee and got his B.

TSgt Deb "Sherman Williams" Lee- Sniffs paint all day and flys all night. What a life. "I need you to come up in the horizontal plane."

SSgt Christine "New Training Flight Secretary" Lewis- Won't answer the phone, take shorthand or retrieve coffee, but is a damn good secretary and mighty quick to tell the "boss" when he is wrong. Chris had a good year….no fighters crashed after she plugged them.

TSgt Ray "Baldy" Lewis- Is in Training Flight (with his own secretary) and a new ART. Played against the Anti-christ and won!!! Finally off active duty and out of Altus but has to be reminded of that by his secretary daily.

MSgt Mark "Goo" McGougan- Part time used car salesman. makes a good living off the other booms. Should take stock in Band-Aid. Ask Mark to see some of his cool scars. Hey Mark….watch out for that O2 bottle. Mr. Pneumonia.

TSgt Mark "MACDADDY" McIntosh- The only boom we know who trys to get a date over Comm 1. Has to wear 3 shirts and long underwear to meet minimum weight standards.

TSgt Paul "Doug Big Sky" Morgan- Wishes the check list came in bigger print. He's got more than 20 years in and we can't figure out why he keeps coming around.

MSgt Jack "I'm not an ART" Norris- "Man, this troughing thing is cooool. You guys should quit your ART jobs and trough."

SSgt Susan "Mommy" Slick- Drank the same water Mindy did, and due to the added gross weight, exceeded the maximum PSI of the standard flight boot.

MSgt Bill "Whatever" Stacey- New instructor. Don's in the process of rethinking that decision. They keep a warm bed for him in Leavenworth.

TSgt Kathy "Lady Katherine" Steiner- Escaped the clutches of active duty and is a full time college student. We hear she is hungry enough sometimes to eat her dog. Says her granddad has a good recipe for dog soup if she’s in a pinch.

TSgt Dennis "Baby Huey" Struve- Welcome to Dennis' world where everyone is a "Friggin' Moron". Dennis just bought a new house and has become best friends with Brad.

TSgt John "Johnny Wad" Wallman- Finally sobered up and realized he was an ART. He was last heard mumbling, "What was I thinking."

MSgt Lisa Wasierski- "My biological clock is ticking!! I want a honeymoon baby."

TSgt Jim "I don't understand why they don't give me any responsibility" Yokom- He promises to start college this year….again. Refuses to wear his hat, refuses to salute and Jim, GET THAT CAR OUT OF THE PARKING LOT!!!"


SrA John "You can't fire me" Croon- New boom. Still in Altus.

SSgt Odie "Lawdawg" Gamboa- Odie's with the Wichita PD. Don recruited her to keep the rest of us in line. Down in Altus. Also moonlights as a rodeo clown.

SrA Darrin Horton- New boom. We never see him, so your guess is as good as ours.

TSgt Bryan "Gung-Ho" King- A new boom who cross-trained from a helicopter gunner. Still hasn't figured out why there isn't a rotor on the plane and can't find the gun. Can be found playing in the boom pod going "ratta tat, tat".

SSgt Tracey Plummer- Another new boom. His T-tail mafia days are over.


SSgt Rich "insert nickname here" Costaflis- Went to Hawaii, met girl, fell in love, went to KC-10 in Travis to be close to girl.

SrA Mindy "Megan" Mulich- Just downloaded a joyous piece of cargo. Unfortunately, Mindy became very attached to the cargo during flight and has decided to not to fly until the cargo can.


McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN

151 ARS


102 Briscoe Drive

McGhee Tyson ANGB, TN 37777-6203


Greetings from east Tennessee, the land of the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood, and most importantly the 1998 college football national champion University of Tennessee Volunteers. The ops tempo continues to be high and our boomers keep stepping up to the plate as always. If you are ever in the area please come by and see us. We enjoy meeting and greeting with visitors whatever the occasion may be.

Here is a line-up of our current boom operators assigned to the 134th Air Refueling Wing.

CMSgt Joel Lewis - the new Chief Boom

SMSgt Jeff Dyer - our Stan/Eval "Sheriff"

SMSgt Jim Quagliana - the Training Flight boom

MSgt Denny Buchanan - our resident full time fireman

MSgt Mike Buckner - the current operations guru

MSgt Todd Derrick - is there anything this guy can't do?

MSgt Ed Hatton - he's still working for the railroad

MSgt Nancy Martinek - resides in training and takes care of the pilots' simulator schedules

MSgt Bo Sunderland - Bo knows publications

TSgt Karen Bryson - our resident post master

TSgt Ronnie Dixon - "Crash" is our scheduling dude

TSgt Randy Keener - the other current ops guru and cockatoo aficionado

TSgt Brian Thomas - "Trigger" is our latest new full time boomer

TSgt Greg Waters - world traveler and airline employee

SSgt Wayne Atkins - our home security expert

SSgt Chad Cheatwood - Chad is our newest baby boom, used to be a scope-dope

SSgt Steve Sampson - no longer the baby boom

SSgt Hiram Williamson - biochemist extraordinaire, nobody knows what he really does

We give our best wishes to our recent retirees for their years of service and dedication as fellow boom

operators and guardsmen. May their skies be blue forever. Here is the line-up of our retirees for 1999.

CMSgt Bob Brown

MSgt Bill Witt

Our doors are always open so please stop by and see us. If you can't make it by for a visit then call us at DSN 266-4387 or commercial 423-985-4387.

James M. Quagliana, SMSgt


Training Flight Boom Operator


Volunteers - Making a difference for America!


McGuire AFB, NJ

21 AF


Howdy from the land of Jug Handles, where it takes a right 270 to make a left 90. It doesn’t make sense to me but then they didn’t ask before they did it. Some things have changed since I arrived here last August and not all of them for the better. The bad news first is that Dave Hetric left, Lee Winter left and Al Miller left. Did they leave because of me or just not tell me everything I needed to know? I am the only Boom here. It does get lonely looking for someone to talk to who knows the language. The good news is that ASEVs are getting more gentle in keeping with the kinder gentler Air Force of the 90s. They are 5 days long and only two checkrides are flown. Not bad huh?

As I sit here many of the folks in the units are either gone or waiting to be told to go off to another troubled spot in the world and take care of business. Seems that things never change. When something needs to be done right ask a busy person. As I have traveled around in the short time I have been here I have gained a keener appreciation for what we ask of everyone. We are definitely doing more with less and are being asked to do a lot of different things. I am confident that every one of us will do our very best to accomplish whatever is asked of us. The ones who have gone before us left us that legacy and we owe it to them to keep giving our all.

I should take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have supported me in the past nine months. It has been encouraging to get out and realize that we all have a common goal and that is to improve our career field. Not all of us have the same approach but that is what keeps things interesting. Anytime I need a sounding board for an idea or have a question about how a specific unit does something I don’t hesitate to call and I am sure that whom ever I speak with will be honest and tell me what they think. All the booms here in the 108th have been very gracious and allowed me to steal some of their flying time. If I didn’t get to do that I would go nuts. To all the folks who call just to shoot the breeze, thanks. I enjoy hearing from old friends and get a laugh about some old times.

Next time you see Chief Glast tell him thanks for all he does for us. He is working hard in some pretty tough times to keep things moving in our favor. He doesn’t do it alone and we should also thank the rest of the AMC booms who support him daily.

If you are ever in this part of the world stop and say Hi. My phone number is 440-6632 and email is Stephen.Bacon@McGuire.af.mil . Please call or drop me a line. Fly safe and don’t let them wear you down.

Steve Bacon


McGuire AFB, NJ

305th OGV


Greetings to all past, present, and future boom operators from the Black Hole Booms, and especially, Bubba and I.

That’s right - Black Hole Booms. McGuire has been described as the black hole of the boom world, ladies and gents come here and seem to disappear, nothing and no one ever escapes. Well, that image is fading and RAPIDLY! I’ll explain later.

This is a great document, in an informal way it chronicles the boom career field, the faces and places, and maintains continuity from year to year. Thanks to all the booms who have compiled and produced the BOOM SIGNAL throughout the years.

What a difference a year makes! I took a look at last year’s input from the OG, authored by John Page. John retired last year after a long, illustrious career that spanned the career field. His last duties were here in the Ops Group and he had a great influence on boom operators and their programs at McGuire. John’s retirement speech was a thing of beauty; praise for those who deserved it, and an ass-kicking for all others. I am going to address some of the changes iterated by John in last year’s SIGNAL and give you an idea of life in New Jersey.

I talked about the black hole. Our numbers here have been abysmal since I arrived, less than 95% manning and Mission Ready rates that approached 70% at times. Folks couldn’t get assignments, because we couldn’t afford to let them go. Few replacements were coming, and the ones we did get took a long time to get trained. We were supplying TALCE booms too, drawing our numbers down even further. John mentioned about how the pool of replacements had dried up. Our facilities were poor, no, that’s giving them too much credit. The infrastructure sucked.

Well, the floodgates have opened! We are getting volunteers now from all walks of life, from TSgt cops and MSgt supply guys, to airmen in Florida and Georgia, and 135 booms from across the nation. We are working hard to reduce the training timeline, and get our booms out into the system faster. Replacements are arriving and attitudes are changing. While many folks maintain that "McGuire sucks" attitude on the surface, when you speak to them individually, most think this is a good place and that there are plenty of opportunities to get ahead. Soon, we’ll rid ourselves of that surface attitude. The operational squadrons now have beautiful facilities to work in, making it a pleasure to come to work and fly. The old head guys, who have been here since McGuire opened to KC-10s, are amazed at the changes in just the last year.

We still have a ways to go though, to change that black hole image. Our MR rates will slowly rise over the next year. We will get folks trained faster and better. We’re awaiting promotion results and hope we have as great a year as last year in the MSgt and TSgt ranks. Bubba and I are optimistic that things will improve even more over time. Look for next year’s SIGNAL and the McGuire changes.

Gotta go, Bubba says I have to get out of the cubicle and fly more. I say Bubba needs to fly less, and help me with the paperwork. Keep the pole in the hole! Give us a call at DSN 440-3245/5301.



305 OG/OGV Boom Operator 305 OG Inflight Refueling Manager


McGuire AFB, NJ

305th OSS CCTS



MSgt Ric "The Cave Man" Kempfer-

TSgt Will "Stitch" Rappaport-

TSgt Derek "Who’s Bill Gates" Cantre-

TSgt "Banana" Joe Duarte-

TSgt Jeff "Would You Clarify That For Me" Whited-

SSgt Tim "Walrus" Fowler-

Current Students and (Q ) soon to come under our wrath;


We would also like to say our farewells to two very valued crewdogs:

A very special "THANK YOU" to all of the selfless contributions made by all for the retirement of these two extraordinary individuals. As was spoken at the ceremony, "We will never say goodbye, as it sounds too final, we will simply say farewell. The day that we meet again will be a fond one." Good luck in all your future endeavors and the long road you both have traveled to reach this most honorable distinction.

Boom Stowed, Leaving Position.


McGuire AFB, NJ 2nd ARS


Greetings from the Jersey Turnpike

Its hard to imagine that a year has passed, it seems that the demand for our services as comrades in the profession of arms increases from year to year. As leaders, we ask our people to give more and more of themselves......and they do. I consider myself fortunate, to serve with the FINEST group of enlisted aviators on the earth. They serve their squadron and nation proudly, they continue to make the impossible.......possible. We as Boom Operators, owe to those who came before us, a great deal of thanks for the battles that they fought--for us. They expect (demand) that we leave our house better than we found it......for those who will follow us.


I would like to extend greetings and salutations to all past and present BOOM OPERATORS. The 2nd ARS moved into the 32nd ARS facility on an interim basis . And yes, we into move into our new facility around December 1998.


As last reported, fellow enlisted crewmembers are leaving in an ever increasing number. Many of our finest are still opting to leave rather than stick it out. The force continues to get younger and younger, this trend shows no sign of slowing. Continue to mentor to your young troops.......for they are our future. Continue to listen to them.........they have good ideas.



Now, more on McGuire saga...............................................................................(CONTINUED)


Let me run down the list of Boom personnel in the 2nd Air Refueling Squadron. I’d like to tell you about each individual in detail, but, space is limited and there isn’t enough time.....................


MSgt Mike Barnes - Chief Boom, Still mourning the many Alabama losses, proud owner of a Jeff Gordon car phone. "It’s air Jack, just air!".

MSgt John Brannen - Chief of Training - Doing a great job teaching cargo to the new students

MSgt Ken Holman - Flight Supervisor - Received his extended kitchen pass from the TALCE.

MSgt(s) Phil Deal - OSS - Working hard in current operations, working to keep us working.

TSgt J.C. Coleman - Chief Stan/Eval - The big hammer, pride of Wolf Pack country. Working on his scratch handicap.

TSgt Doug Garrett - Stan/Eval - Resident computer guru, looking for any assignment to Scott AFB.

TSgt Shawn Lamb - Stan/Eval - Recently traded his training flight patch for a black hat.

TSgt Phil Blaisse - A Flight Supervisor- Doing a great job as a flight super. Last seen under a stack of due EPR’s.

TSgt C.D. Franklin - Chief of Scheduling - Mr. laid back just approved to extend his sentence at the scheduling desk.

TSgt Al Kaczor - B Flight Supervisor- Spotted dealing in computer software from the back of his car on route 537. Al, the commodore 64 market is dried up.

TSgt Jim Protzmann - Training Flight Instructor- Fresh return from the recruiter world. If it walks, he can teach it.

TSgt Danny Mendonsa -Scheduling- Released from the TALCE. Enjoying the flying world again.

TSgt(s) Tom Ecker - OSS- On-loan to current operations, styling in the BMW.

TSgt(s) Chris Edmonds - Assistant Flight Supervisor - King of the tinted glass world. Upgrading to instructor.

TSgt(s) Keith Vancamp - Training Flight instructor- Loves to instruct, big Ohio State Fan.

TSgt Jim Van - Just completed mission ready training. Last heard saying "you joking about that desert deploy......right?"

SSgt Mike Cahill - Flight Safety - he’s returning back to the land of the KC-135, going to be stationed at Grand Forks. Dress warmly.

SSgt Stacy Tansits - Awards and Decs- Stacy is no longer allowed to keep track of her frequent flyer TDY miles. Upgrading to instructor next year.

SSgt Loren Will - Working hard and going TDY. Has gotten the DV missions down to a science.

SSgt Bart Jordan - Mr. Computer, works hard to keep the squadron connected to the outside world.

SSgt Reggie Hammond - Scheduler - If you back away slowly from the desk, you won’t get hurt!

SSgt Rich Anderson - Stan/Eval - Rich, just how fast can a person travel through downtown Chicago during rush hour?

SSgt Jim Dudgeon - OSS-Current Operations- Often heard saying, "This is not a sales pitch, this mission really is a great deal.........trust me"

SSgt Bob Burdick - Safety Office- Loves flying.....not too crazy about the office work.

SSgt Dan Phillips - Working the SOC, just release from Dover’s control.

SSgt Todd "AIM HIGH" Cleveland -Training Flight Instructor- Returned from recruiter duty, never met a student he didn’t like.....much.

SSgt Rob Vossen - Completed mission ready training. Still working a way to hang 5000 pound

bombs from a KC-10.

SrA Chuck Fernandez - Master of the BBQ grill, loves the Middle East so much, we suspect he owns property in Oman.

SrA Bonnie Campbell - Getting out in November, going to the Reserves.

SrA Mark Barnette - C-141 life support cross-trainee, attending CCTS. More to follow.

SrA Chad Eccles - Recently married, soon to be a new daddy.

AlC Weston Kissel - Completed mission ready training in record time. Can’t wait to be deployed

to the Tennessee.

AlC Don Butler - Police are still finding parts of his car in South Philly, can’t believe he gets paid to do this.

A1C Chris Ottenwess - Resident hockey expert. From the land of the 1997 Stanley Cup champs.

A1C Jason Duncan - Just arrived from Altus, attending CCTS. Can’t wait to be mission ready.

A1C Tim Land - Tired of the jokes about how young he is. He would like everyone to know that

yes, his mother does know where he is and that he does shave!

A1C Ryan Aspen - Another arrival from the Altus school house. Attending contractor training, wanting to fly.......NOW!


Just Arrived

TSgt Randy Crittendon - Transplanted from Fairchild AFB, welcome to the team.

SrA Dan Cykewick - Just arrived from Offutt AFB, starting school soon.


Gone......but not forgotten


MSgt Rich Lusk - 305 OPG - Retired & moved to Connecticut. Getting married to a doctor.

MSgt Derek Suficiencia - Retired- Last spotted in California buying antiques of the rich and famous. guru, now known on the west coast for his bargaining skills

MSgt Terry Dover Retired -Looking for a good deal on some land in North Carolina to built his dream trailer park. Plans on having Wilburs BBQ moved to his backyard.

MSgt Jackie "Five-O" Hale - Replaced Bubba Cox in Hickem- Observed last putting down roots.

TSgt Paul "Big Dawg" Adkins - Retired, last seen riding that big harley towards the North Carolina boarder.

SSgt Doug Bloom - Separated and moved to Tennessee. Recently married, attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (the fighting mocking birds) - Still pleading to God for an Ohio State win over Michigan "what’s sweet tea and grits?"


Now some kind words for our attached personnel........

SMSgt Al Miller - 21st AF - Looking to leave Mount Olympus and walk among the mere mortals. We wish him well.

SMSgt(s) Don " Bubba" Cox - OGV - Recently returned from Hawaii. Took over for J.R. Page, still wonders why he can’t get pineapple in his happy meals.

MSgt G.W. Loftin – Wing Training Superintendent.

MSgt Ric Kempfer - Chief of CCTS- Loves animals in the woods adventures. Tell us a story daddy.

MSgt Glenn Barclay - 305 OSS- Silver bullet jedi master- Keeps it parked in his backyard.

MSgt Tim McDermott - 305 OPG - Slowing taking over OSS current operations office - always working to find work for us.

TSgt Tim Fowler - CCTS - Private investigator for Jack Roush racing. Can be found lurking in the shadows of Jeff Gordan’s garage, looking for tire evidence. ITS AIR TIM...Just AIR!

MSgt(s) Phil Deal - OSS Current Ops - Still working on a conspiracy that the squadron is out to get him/now we all know that is not true, or-is it

TSgt Danny Mendonsa - Scheduling- welcome back to the squadron, had enough of the outside world. Glad to be home again.

TSgt Tony Ceraolo - 21st AF - Loving Germany, says he never wants to come back - likes fly when he can.

TSgt Joe Duarte - CCTS - Loves a good cigar.

TSgt Derek Cantre - CCTS - Still loving life a CCTS

SSgt Brian New - TALCE cross-over- Loves the road, seen in parts unknown, WARNING! the grinch is on the loose.

SSgt Tony Taylor - TALCE- Recently crossed over into the TALCE world. Hey, HUMVVs really can do wheelies.

SSgt David "Stu" Decou - TALCE- Another TALCE cross-over. Returned home to Louisiana for an exercise.....currently MIA.

TSgt Ken Strother - HQ/AMC - Ken is still working at TACC, he’s probably the one that approved your crew enhancement delay of a week at Hickem. Thanks dude.

TSgt Pete Abraldes - Wing Plans - Saw a good deal at wing staff and never looked back.

TSgt Jeff Sidles - 21st AF - Jeff packed up and moved to a TALCE slot in Germany, currently gaining a new respect for German beer and bratwurst. Has vowed that he will never be taken alive!

TSgt(s) Tom Ecker - OSS Current Operations- Still making things happen at the big plans office.

Drives the cleanest BMW in town.


Well fellow Boomers, time to log-off for this year. Please call us at DSN 440-5896 or 5885. Drop by an stay awhile...........the cheesesteaks are great!


Best Wishes


Chief Boom, 2d Air Refueling Squadron


McGuire AFB, NJ

32nd ARS


Chief, these are the people who make the 32d ARS a world class organization! Who said that airman couldn’t fly the three holer? With all the brand new airmen we’ve gotten, I can tell you that they are exceptional! I hope the trend continues because these guys are fabulous! They will be a tremendous asset to the Boom Operator career field and bring us into the 21st century in style. I am proud to serve with them and all the Boom Operators of the 32d Air Refueling Squadron.

A1C Eric "Woody" Cox Just finished training, super guy, already a legend

A1C Darius Hunter- Woodley Started Raytheon in Oct, has TDY stories already

A1C Jeremiah Love "The Love Doctor" In cargo training, helps out all over the base

A1C Timothy McHugh Another Super troop, shows the old guys how to do it

A1C Andrew Robinson "Opie" In training at Raytheon, really looks like Opie Taylor

A1C Kirsky Williams In training at Raytheon, also has TDY stories already

SRA Kevin Locascio Great flyer, wants to be a computer geek, lover boy

SRA Scott O’Neil Gone flyin, TDY hound, nice truck always in parking lot

SRA Chad Pass "Sparky" Super flyer, loves to camp and eat pork, makes TDY stories

SRA Derek Tarr 1st KC-10 baby boom, does SOC duty at Animals in the Woods

SSgt Leo Brown Drogue specialist, knows someone is on his trail

SSgt Devan Debarr SOC dude, claims to be a boom operator/pilot

SSgt Dave Foster Stan/Eval guy, going to school, loves the A.F. again

SSgt Steve Jackson Wing scheduler, part time DJ, got the job he loves, TSgt select

SSgt Eric Moyer Stan/Eval, once "Porky Chop" now "Chop Stick" dumped 30 lbs

SSgt Marvin Pearson Squadron scheduler, upgrades in Nov, high and tight

SSgt Dennis Pratt "Oh Man" Squadron scheduler, makes everyone pay when he’s on the desk

SSgt Todd McPeak Computer hacker and fixer, promised the chief boom a Pentium ??

SSgt Jimmy Rush Squadron scheduler, heading to Tampa one way or another!

SSgt Joel Salley Squadron safety, drives a car with a HUD, bow hunter/no trophy

SSgt Marc Weddelton Safety guy, just back from the Quality office and getting up to snuf

TSgt Mike Casey SOC god, still talks of the old days at Grand Forks, has Snake hat

TSgt Steve Custis Stan/Eval, hopes to go to Scott soon, always on the road

TSgt Stew Horton Training Flight, loves to be called "Stew Paul", retires in Aug 99’

TSgt Della Griffin Training Flight, committed to getting Stew wound up, Altus bound

TSgt Steve Johnson "Sloth" Squadron scheduler, still racing those mini carts, slow and steady

TSgt Mark Schumann Squadron scheduler, Boss scheduler, squadron beer coordinator

TSgt John Reigelsberger Supervisor, does farming part time, drives broken down farm truck

TSgt Carl Slusher Just returned from Talce duty, planning retirement in Sep 99’

TSgt Eric Thomas Supervisor, can eat his weight and yours in food—120 lbs

MSgt Van Gibbs "Doc" Supervisor, Drives a Lexus, proprietor Home Boy Investments

MSgt Jay Davis Stan/Eval daddy, part time shirt, chief boom fill in, 1 man 3 hats

MSgt Rick Taylor Chief Boom, father of 4 boys, drives unrestored classic 84 chevy

We’ve said good-bye to a few people this year also. SSgt Dan Jorgensen went to the Talce at Kadena, TSgt Dana Hutchinson also to Kadena Talce, MSgt Roger Dumaine retired last Dec, and SSgt Carl Davenport is in the process of cross training to a CE career field. That’s it from the 32d. Thanks for the support this year Chief!





McGuire AFB, NJ



Once again it is that time of the year for the Signal. We have added some new faces this year, but have also sustained a loss, our mascot parakeet, "Brute Force". Our new ops facility that was mentioned last year as under construction is still under construction. The other half of the ramp is also still under construction. Here we go with the 1998/1999 lineup.


Lisa Ameigh: Formerly of the TALCE here at McGoo and Fairchild before that. Started here in June as a Traditional Guardperson and now has landed a temporary full time spot. Works in current ops and seems to be enjoying her stay. In a few months Lisa will probably have the complicated Guard pay system all figured out. Headed to Iceland for a visit in November for a little R & R from here.

Gemini Bey: New to us from the Engine Shop. At school right now. More next year.

Bob Buccino: Still very busy at his real job. Time to put the Vette in the garage for the winter season. Going hunting with several other booms next month. A very scary thing. Kevlar helmets and flak vests are required for the trip. Something about beer, guns, booms, and a week in the woods scares me. I won’t say what state they are going to keep your eyes on the news.

John Connors: Has moved from current ops to be our computer "Alpha Geek". Spends a lot of time mumbling about the rest of us that destroy his computers. Looking for a job in one of the local school systems as an administrator. Good luck to John in his quest. God help the school system that gets him.

Steve Desanto: The postman that always rings two or three times. Comes in and bails us out when we need a boom for a local short notice sortie. A certified train nut who now dabbles in the radio controlled airplane thing. Not going on the hunting trip since he is a postman and hunting involves the use of weapons.

David Falkowski: New guy, at Altus in training. Enjoyed survival school said it was a blast. We will have to keep a close eye on this one. Used to be an Avionics person. Would be going hunting but he is at school. He’s going hunting out there. Next year should be interesting around here.

Steve Gonzalez: If you were tuned in last year you know that Steve attempted to cut his hand off. Lucky for him he didn’t quite do it. Steve is back to normal now after some rehab. Running the first annual boom hunting trip to parts unknown and unpublished. The gang is gonna rent a U-Haul to put the guns and ammo in. Did I mention that Steve was a Weapons guy in our F-4 days? Like I said before keep your eyes on the news next month.

Carl Heinert: Bought a new house last year so he could drive further to work. Heating and Air conditioning on the side to pay the gas bill. Not going hunting which is a good thing. Spends too much time with Matlack.

John Holland: Not going hunting because he is the deputy police honcho for Nutley NJ. Has no desire to know what the hunting crew is up to for obvious reasons.

Brian Kilpatrick: Was Stan eval moved to current ops, now in training. You just can’t give a good guy enough work. Still a south Jersey land baron but is trying to sell all of his hovels. Bought a new boat and trailer. Likes the fishing thing.

Joe LaMantia: Left the full time force to work on computer geekdom empire at a civilian company. Good luck to Joe who will remain as a guardperson. It is a lot quieter here since he left however drill weekends are a treat. Last drill he repositioned some of CE’s heavy equipment. Took them a while to find it.

Ed Leary: Still doing a fine job bailing us out on short notices trips and sorties. Easily cranked up. Not going hunting this year. Works for the Army full time.

Jason Lee: New guy at school for now. More to follow next year.

Paul Matlack: Loves trips and Johns Pizza. North End Deli number two. Another land baron with a couple of hovels rented out. Found a very large snake skin in his cellar. Now he knows where that little dog of his went to.

Tom Miller: Still a phone guy with a new truck. Still only flys at night. Another kid has arrived. Did the tiger meet again this year. Going hunting with the gang. More to follow.

Jim Monaco: Not going hunting because I don’t want to be a target.

Ed Montalvo: New guy just back from school. Getting married soon we can’t talk him out of it. Guard bummin for now.

Ken Schultz: Knows the value of the Banjo Minnow. Fishing freak. Not going hunting.



Rich Emley: A man with many nicknames some of which were published in the Signal in prior years. I won’t repeat them since the censor may do a better job. If you have the 96 issue handy you’ll know what I mean. Ops Support Flight HMFICC. Still looks real pretty on drills. Likes the blue biness.



Brute Force: The parakeet, our squadron mascot, was assassinated during the Sept. drill. We have only circumstantial evidence but the general feeling is a member of our sister squadron, the 150th, is responsible for this reprehensible act. Brute Force had a habit of hiding in their coffee mugs and leaving presents in there. He or She, we never did figure that out, would never go into 141st coffee mugs. The last straw was Brute decided that their squadron sign, the letters and numbers of which were made of Styrofoam, tasted reaaaaalllll gooooood. All letters and numbers were reduced to very tiny pieces. If they check their mugs they may find some reconstituted Styrofoam in there a parting gift from Brute. A moment of silence please.


McGuire AFB, NJ

150 ARS


Greetings from the gang from

off the Turnpike, that is!


Construction continues on our new facilities—new ramp, fuel shop, hangers, & a Consolidated Ops building. If anybody needs KC-10 receivers, boy do we have a deal for you! Day or night

TSgt Kauriee "Kramden" Headrick came to us from the Alaska Guard (thanks Mike). Really enjoyed driving our 29 Pax bus. A little confused as to rules concerning Flightline driving—we’ve hidden the keys. Sorry Kauriee.

MSgt Robert "Stem" Edelschein owns his own landscaping business and is a full time postal worker—don’t mess with his plants. If you’d like a lovely, decorative, wreath for the holidays, contact him @  HYPERLINK http://www.bcity.com/rjfarms www.bcity.com/rjfarms

Amn Anthony J. Niwore III – New guy, sort of. He’s his family 3rd generation representative in the unit. If you’re ever in New Jersey and need a girl for a date, Tony will set it up, which’s what he says.

SSgt Lawrence "The Crusher" Hoffman came over from our own Engine Shop. Doing the College student thing on the outside studying Criminology. Plenty of case study material around here. Seems to have attached himself to our resident lounge lizard. MTV used his body to model celebrity death match figures.

TSgt Frank McCarthy—Just back from CFIC. Works for the State so he gets more than 90 days of Mil Leave to take trips. Likes Iceland, "quiet, calm, perfect for alien abductions."

MSgt Jim "Teflon" Amrich—Smooth & slick doesn’t begin to describe our scheduler extra ordinaire. When his "Taj Mahal" is finished, Norm Abraham’s will do a show for him.

MSgt Raymond "Otto" Petersen—Blew out a knee in a sledding accident New Year’s day and was DNIF for about eight months. He’s back with us after completing NCO Academy. Otto, next time, try a sled that has steering. If you want to have a Pig Roast this summer, Otto’s the MAN.

SSgt Marlon "Brando or Jackson or Perkins" Chantre—New guy, doing his time @ Altus. Sells cars out in the real world. Really new- doesn’t even know he’s got all these nicknames. We’ll be keeping n eye on him when he gets back.

TSgt David "Coqui" Vasquez—Came to us from Arizona—too hot out there. Just back from Instructor school. Now try arguing with him.

Jose "Hose B" Rodriquez—Works with Frank McCarthy for the state. Same good deal 90 days of Mil Leave. Jose & Frank hit the state for half a year’s worth of leave every year! Tell me again why our taxes are sooo high?

Sra Stephen "Freebird" Falker—Former skycop turned swinger (swing dancing, that is) n avid student of this nearly lost art form Steve recently learned how to flip his dance partner. She’s recovering nicely, thank you. Flowers should be sent to St. Francis Hospital.

MSgt George B. Grand—Of the well known "Jersey Grands." George is our resident expert audiophile (that means he knows bout stereos). George is also the last remaining original boomer in the unit

MSgt Glenn Houthuysen—Works hard in the real world for ADT. He’s a night flyer for us, but all that real world work makes it tough for him to get here on time for his briefs. Now we just tell him the brief is 15 minutes earlier than it really is.

SSgt Tony "Knuckles" Procopio—Former full time scheduler & coffee fund enforcer, Tony went part time with us to chase the money in the commercial aviation world for UPS. The coffee fund has been in the red every since.

SMSgt Scott "Downtown Scottie" Brown—Scott’s our full time Stan Evil boom. Scott lent his considerable talent to our softball team, leading them to their fifth straight base championship. NSA is still tracking some of his homers. Wants to be a Marine when he grows up. "Q-2 only, nest please"

TSgt Darrell "D Man" Delle Site—Secret squirrel who has recently left Wing Training to hide in the vault tactics shop for the wing. A former "Jarhead" former Intel puke decided to go back to his roots. Chris, that’s two L’s.

TSgt Mike "Sly" Sylvester—Sly’s a full timer working in Current Ops. He’s getting pretty good at cutting and pasting charts. In fact, he can now even make hats and pterodactyls. Moonlights as a ransom letter designer. And he is fair at stair climbing as well.

CMSgt Marvin Nichols—To Marv has fallen the sometimes-overwhelming task of keeping this group of characters out of trouble. With the thermometer dipped below 70 degrees F, Marv has now taken to donning his long johns, and black turtle neck shirts. Planning to have his new office in the boiler room of our new building.






"Freedom’s Spirit"


Greetings to all once again from the Garden State. As with everyone else this has been a very busy year for us. The 76th ARS was the first Reserve KC-10 unit tasked to deploy in to SouthWest Asia in support of Southern Watch as a unit. For many of our younger troops this was a real world eye-opener. We have experienced a few losses this past year but they have been offset by our acquisition of some very talented recruits. The "Year of the Enlisted " brought about some big changes in the rank structure for the KC-10 program. With the increase in the rank structure we were able to promote several very deserving individuals who previously could not be promoted due to a lack of available slots. Many thanks to all who fought so hard to make this a reality.

The following is a list of the guys and gals of the 76th ARS:



SSgt Karyn Shardo – Karyn came to us from Wright Patterson where she was a loadmaster on something with a T-tail. Karyn starts to school in January.

AIC Pete Herrm – Pete is a pipeline jet setter. He started basic training in November and after tech school we hope to have him well on the way to being qualified by summertime.

SSgt Robert Tice – We don’t know much about Bob, just that he’s here. Starts training in January.

SSgt Pete King – MB – Pete is coming to us from out active duty TALCE brethren. Another welcome addition to the boom shop. We are looking forward to having another highly qualified boom among our ranks.



CMSgt Ron Jackson – EB - Ron is the program manager and has done an outstanding job recruiting new booms, holding the section together through all of the turmoil of the SW Asia deployment, and the trials and tribulations of the everyday routine here at Disneyland East. Everyone always looks forward to one of Ron’s cookouts where the beer is always cold and the food is hot; or is it the other way around?

TSgt David "Red" Paullet –IB - Red is the boom scheduling wizard extrodinare. He seems to accomplish the impossible working with the impossible or something like that. Red upgraded to Instructor this year and finally found his significant other a job that will support him in a manner in which he wants to become accustomed.

TSgt Jim "Grumpy" Polhemus – IB - This has been a good year for Jim. Jim is our new ART hire, upgraded to instructor, and got promoted to TSgt. Now if we could only find Jim a new wife to help him spend all of that money.


TSgt John Aselton – MB - John is one of our ALCE booms. We don’t get to see very much of John because he is on the road most of the time with the ALCE. He drops by now and then to keep up on his currency and then he’s gone again. We think he’s practicing to become a magician the way he appears and disappears all the time. He’s also a cop.

SMSgt Dave Brock – EB – Dave still lives in Atlanta and is one of our deserving booms who benefited from the new rank structure. He’s our senior squadron Stan Eval boom, flight safety NCO, and is currently working on the KC-10 Air Evac test program. Somewhere in between all of his additional duties, he still finds time to fly.

TSgt James Carden – IB – Jim was one of our deserving booms who were promoted to TSgt. He has been on the road more than he’s been home this past year.

TSgt Paul "P.W." Carter – IB – P.W. still lives in the Atlanta area and keeps Dave company when he’s not defending democracy and promoting American sovereignty through out the world. P.W. will be leaving us in January to return to C-130’s at Dobbins. WHAT?!?!???!

SSgt Anthony "TACO" Cleaver – MB - TACO is still TACO. Some things never change.

SSgt Robert "Bob" Culbertson – EB – Bob got promoted to SSgt and upgraded to EB. He’s Dave’s assistant in Stan Eval. He’s seriously thinking about moving back to New Jersey from Louisiana. We’ll have the shrinks standing by if he does.

SMSgt Donna "Hey Bud" Dobbins – IB – Donna is still the CCTS boom for the 514th. Never know when she’s going to have a new MCI or AFI to quote. Can be found most any time after work at the VFW.

SSgt Mark Harrison – MB – Mark is one of our talented new booms who has been a fast burner getting qualified. We are glad to have Mark as a member of our team and everyone is looking forward to flying with him.

SRA Aaron Hendrick – FB – Aaron is another of our new recruits. He is an international flight attendant with Continental Airlines and has also been on the fast track to getting qualified. Should be fully qualified in minimum time.

MSgt Bruce Hewlett – MB – Bruce moved to the wing XP slot and got his MSgt stripe out of the deal. Even though he is now a field grade NCO he still has to salute his wife.

MSgt Greg Jones – EB – Greg is now attached to the Andrews ALCE. He also got promoted to MSgt. We don’t see as much of Greg as we used to. He is also our resident income tax expert.

SSgt Joe Jones – FB – Joe is another of our new recruits who is moving along at a rapid pace and well on the way to being qualified.

MSgt Gene Lorandeau – MB – Gene is another of our new promote’s. He completed instructor school and is now in IBO upgrade training. He should make a good instructor since he is already a schoolteacher.

TSgt John Mercer – IB – John lives in Dayton where he is currently a full time student playing the part of campus Romeo. Still hasn’t found Juliet but you never know, it could happen at any time. Stranger things have happened.

MSgt Luis Perez – MB – Luis finally got his MSgt stripe back after a voluntary demotion many years ago to come into the KC-10 program. Luis is going to retire from his Civil Service job at Kelly in March. He is scheduled to start instructor school in January, so it looks like we’ll be seeing lots more of Luis in the future.

TSgt Glen Perry – UB – Glen is another of our new recruits who is currently in upgrade training. Glen has a wide variety of aviation experience which should prove to be a valuable asset to our organization.

TSgt Tony Pierce – MB – Tony has been on extended DNIF this year but is expected to be back up to full steam very shortly. Since he works at the steam plant at Ft. Dix, getting up a full head of steam will be no problem for him.

MSgt John "Jack" Reffner – MB – Jack is another beneficiary of our new rank structure. He still resides in Little rock and pays us a visit as often as his job will allow. He’s still trying to recover from his stint at survival school last year.

TSgt Blenda "Chris" Ruggiero – MB – Chris is now a full time medical student. She doesn’t get to fly as much as she would like, but she’s hoping to make up for lost time during her quarterly breaks. Still enjoys passing gas better than passing bedpans.

TSgt Stewart "Craig" Shackelford – IB – Craig also moved up a notch in the rank totem pole. He completed instructor school just in time to take a job as a manager in Florida with a major name brand citrus company. We haven’t seen much of Craig since then, but he says he’s planning on coming back and finish his upgrade training soon. He’ll probably need C-5 to deliver all the orders for oranges everyone has placed.

SSgt Jim Shulack – MB – Jim finally got the SSgt stripe he’s been bugging the Chief about for an eternity. Now he’s going to have to find something else to bug the boss about. Jim’s still trying to figure out why HUMMWV’s will roll in a straight line until he gets one inside of the aircraft.

SRA John Soltysik – MB – John got qualified, married, and promoted this year. He set the standard for the rest of our new "baby booms" during his upgrade training. He should find out this spring if he has been accepted to UPT. Everyone is pulling for John so stay tuned.

TSgt Sean "Pop Eye" Swieringa – MB – Sean has been busy this year trying to decide on what type of career he would like to embark upon. Can usually be found around the scheduling desk looking for a good deal. Late update on Sean; He has been hired by the Middlesex County Sherriff’s Department.

TSgt Martin Vinson – MB – Martin was promoted to TSgt and got a job in Law enforcement with the Philadelphia police department. Now Martin is always considered to be a man in blue.

TSgt Steve Weigert – MB – Steve comes in to fly when needed, but his real job keeps him busy most of the time. Always looks for a weekend trip to Hickam. Sorry Steve, maybe next week.


TSgt Mari Haynes – Mari is no longer flying. She is now working in the wing operations center.

TSgt Leslie Jones – Leslie moved on to a new career as a chaplain’s assistant.

SSgt Jeff Heiby – Jeff left the 10 to fly R models at Tinker. See Tinker for an update on Jeff. Cancel that; Jeff has returned to the 76th and is now in the process of getting requalified on the 10.

TSgt Dwayne Ruffin – Dwayne went to Andrews ALCE and has subsequently transferred to NARS.

That about wraps up our input to the Boom Signal for another year. The booms of the 76th ARS wish the best to all of our fellow boomers and above all: Fly safe, after all your life depends on it.




McGuire AFB, NJ

78th Air Refueling Squadron


Greetings and Salutations, from the men and women of the 78th. As of March we are in the middle of our deployment to the warm and wonderful "Middle East". This is our second year at this and things are moving along smoothly. We are still seeking interested individuals for our Boom program. Give us a call at DSN 440-8260 or 1-800-325-OPEC, ext. #6. And now a little news on whats going on:


CMSgt. Steve Reef: The chief’s new song is "On The Road Again". He keeps himself busy these days flying and traveling.

SMSgt. Joel Montgomery: After about a year as our flight scheduler, we sent Joel down into the caverns of Stan Eval. He takes Bob Wolfe’s place, who moved to Robins AFB as the Stan Eval Boom.

MSgt. Dan "the man" Ciambrone: Now "head honcho" in the office with Joel’s move. Doing a great job and handling the stress factor until we get our replacement. Hey Dan! We hear that Gemini is hiring again!

MSgt. Ken Maneely: After "slaving" away in Mission Development, Ken is on his way back to the squadron to take an open slot in the office. Ken and Dan should make a great combination to help us all.

"The Reservists"

TSgt. Al Alonso: Aka, "Mr. Gemini" is flying all over the world and having a great time. We look forward to when Al’s in town, we always seem to find a party somewhere!

TSgt. Anthony Bartolomeo: Tony is still our resident DJ and crooner. When he’s not flying with us he’s climbing telephone polls for Bell Atlantic somewhere out there. Watch out for those power lines!

SrA Rick Boettinger: Still out there patrolling the streets of East Philly and patiently waiting for SSgt. Finally got him to complete his course 1 CDC’s. Hang in there Rick and keep those streets safe out there.

TSgt. Ramon Cruz III: Congratulations to Ray on his new rank and completion of his IB upgrade. We think Ray’s wife is expecting #4 on the way here. In his spare time, Ray flies with Emery as a Loadmaster also seeing all the great sites around the world.

TSgt. Steve Dolan: Congratulations also to Steve on his new rank and on his completion of EMT training down there in Raleigh, NC. Another one of folks to wind up in the fire department. Good luck Steve!

MSgt. Bobby Duckworth: AKA, Piroduck, can be found surfing the net or chatting on AOL in his spare time. Still having a lot of fun down in Little Rock, Arkansas with the fire department, Bobby is one of our new flight leaders with his new promotion to MSgt. Congratulations Bobby and keep up the good work.

TSgt. John Frankel: one of our "reserve bums" and new addition to the 78th family, came to us from Sheet Metal and is now a Mission Boom. John is also our Mobility NCO and was also our first Boom out to the Desert this year. John is the man to talk to if you have any computer problems or need some great Sci-Fi games on CD-Rom or books. He’s still trying to find a way to transplant the hair from his hands to his head. Good luck on the hair John!!

MSgt. Dwain "Pirouge" Gerace: Our resident Cajun, Pirouge (sounds like Pee-row) has been adapting well since his return to the 78th. He’s already scoped out all the great eating establishments and the one’s that have the best buffet’s for the fewest bucks! Keep working on that darn course 8 man. Good luck !

TSgt. Henry Grill: Still out there driving those trains in Philly. Henry looks forward to any time he can get to fly or go TDY. A good man to have on those big cargo runs, he keeps it all together. Keep those Choo Choo’s running!

TSgt. Victor Guzman: Now a FB, is on his way to getting his cargo check and becoming a full fledged Boom. Victor, who came to us from the Hospital Sq. also, has the new task of keeping us inline on our shot records too. It helps when you have the right contacts!

TSgt. Marty " Mr. Freightways" Johnson: Marty’s out there having fun driving a big old 18 wheeler and hauling stuff all over the Mid-West. We always look forward to Marty’s arrival so we can all go to the local truck stop for some "Sweet Tea, Chicken fried Steak and mashed with white gravy"! Oooo Weeee! Keep’em Truckin Partner!

MSgt. Glen Kotch: has settled in fine since his move from the 76th. When Glen is not working for the Postal Service, he’s driving around in that nice new Dodge Ram pulling tree stumps. Says it’s a great way to keep from getting Postal on someone. Congratulations to Glen on his promotion to MSgt. and new flight leader. Keep up the great work Glen.

TSgt. Lonnie B. Lisser: is our new OJT Monitor and resident trouffer. Lonnie came to us full time last March after getting fed-up with the local job scene. He’s getting ready to tie the knot again in August and is looking forward to his IB upgrade in October. Congrats on TSgt. and the upcoming wedding.

SSgt. Sigrid "Re" Roche: also one of our trouffer's , has become the great one in the Awards & Decs department. When she’s not busy with that, or on TDY, she tries to spend as much time with her Hubby (also a Boom Operator) Steve. Take her with you to Germany if you need a good translator!

SMSgt. Lynn Stoddard: Congratulations to Lynn on his promotion to SMSgt. We usually see more of Lynn down at Raytheon, or Link?, or Boeing?, whichever one it is now. They’re waiting for the new contract in April to start-up. So we’ll know after that. Every now and then he gets to fly with us or go TDY, which he looks forward too! See you in the BOT.

TSgt. Andy Sylvain: Now working with Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut as a technician. We see Andy most UTA’s and he might go to the Desert this year. We’ll see. Oh! By the way Andy, you need a contact!

SSgt. Eric Trottman: still DNIF? Not too sure? When Eric is not working in NYC as a Court Officer, we see him on occasion. Don’t think he will be medically qualified for the Boom slot. He might be on his way to a slot in the Command Post or back to us. Good luck Eric.

MSgt. Charles Watson: Congrats to Charlie on his promotion to MSgt. Unfortunately, due to vision and not being able to get a waiver, Charlie is leaving us and will be unable to fly. We wish Charlie the best of luck in the future and look forward to seeing him at our picnic’s and parties. Your always invited Charlie!



TSgt. Joe Fenick : Joe is an ex-crewchief on the 10’s and finally saw the light to come over to us to become a Boom. He started school here in February and is the first Boom we have to not go through Altus first. We wish him good luck and we know he’ll make a great Boom Operator.

SSgt. Ted Morales: comes to us from Sheet Metal and will be starting school in April. But for now we’re corrupting him the best we can. Get those books together.

SrA Bonnie Campbell : Bonnie has joined us from the Active Duty side here at McGuire. We’ve looked forward to her arrival and also in getting a fully qualified boom too. Welcome, and good luck.


McGuire AFB NJ

621 AMOE

Tanker section


Greetings Fellow Booms Operators!

Who are we

Lets get this out of the way first. We are not the AMOG however we are part of it. We are not a TALCE, we don’t even know what they do. We do not live in tents or go TDY nearly as much as you think. And one big thing, we still wear our real functional uniform, a flight suit. We consist of two KC-10 guys and two guys from that other type of tanker.

What do we do.

We basically work in a place called the Air Operations Center (AOC). We produce and execute the Air Tasking Order (ATO) during contingency and exercise operations using the latest in computer automated planning systems. While all that’s going on we try to keep up with currencies and proficiencies. So to all those who have spread the rumor that "those AMOS guys don’t do sh-t", SO WHAT!!

MSgt Steve Roche: OK so I’m bald, Get over it. And quit starin’. I’m lucky to be the superintendent of this crew. They all know what to do and do it. Plus I haven’t had to bail any one of them out yet.

Msgt George Muman: We wish we could find the volume control on him. He runs the health assessment program for the squadron. This gives him more reasons to go to the hospital then Marcus Welby. At least that’s where he say’s he’s going.

Msgt Bob "Battlestar" Battaglia: He’s just a pickin’ and a grinnin’. We understand the pickin’ part, but it’s the amount of grinnin’ that has us concerned. NCOIC of Safety and doing a mean job at it.

TSgt Tim Pates: One hell of a golfer, but does he have to dress like that all the time? Tim is the new guy but carries a lot of potential. And even if he doesn’t work out he’ll be an asset to the intramural team.



McGuire AFB, NJ

621st AMS


TSgt Mike Barnes, SSgt Chris Sidoli, SSgt Joe Taylor, SrA Mike Webster




McGuire AFB, NJ

721st AMS


MSgt Bill Williams, SSgt Charles Hunter, SSgt Gaylord King, SSgt Robert King




McGuire AFB, NJ

821st AMS


Greetings to all REAL Boom Operators….

One Year has passed in the TALCE World (the big house). It has been one HELL (you figure it out) of a year. We are keeping our chins up, serving out the sentence, and taking one for the team so others may FLY and FIGHT.

The East Coast TALCE (desert dwellers) has been busy. We have supported Operations Phoenix Scorpion I & II, various Phoenix Banner missions throughout the world, and most recently Hurricane Relief Operations to Puerto Rico. All actions have been East of the Mississippi River. We are still hoping (not likely) to Go West, Young Man!

We have a staff of very experienced and motivated Boom Operators that are keeping their own Boom Union strong in a Loadmaster world. Our accomplishments keep the impression of Boom Operators in good standing.

This years Prison roster as of 16 Oct 98:

SSgt Bob Boettcher (KC-135)- Uncle Bob is the honorary Trailer Trash rep. Cost of living forces him to reside in a Trailer park. Eligible for Parole Christmas 2000.

SSgt David "STU" Decou (KC-10)- The only biker we have ever known willing to sell his ride. Makes us look bad at all meetings with Senior Booms because he will not turn down the polish on the tip of the spear (WHHOOORRAAAAHHHH)! Eligible for Parole the first day of 2001.

SSgt "J. D." Harston (KC-10)- The only "TRUE VOLUNTEER" to the TALCE. After arriving, he questioned his MENTAL STATE! (Appointment to the pshyc wing pending)

Eligible for Parole June 2001.

SSgt Brian "Butt Can" New (KC-10)- Wondering how he got here. Less than two months and already this NON-SMOKER is dodging the DO. Joking about a BUTT CAN with a former B-52 Nav is not a good idea. Must have been the years of having bucket head and having to ask for permission to use the bathroom.

Eligible for Parole June 2001.

SSgt Geoffrey Potter (KC-135)- Knows how to assume the TALCE position. A BABY BOOM is on the way! Is leading the pack with counting the days.

Eligible for Parole first month of 2001.

SSgt Scott "Scooter" Smith (KC-135)- Cut him in half, fed him a lot, and made him a Loadmaster (3ft 240). Looking forward to wife’s 3 year on station report.

Paroled with her Spring 1999.

SSgt Dan "Overqualified" Whetzel (KC-135)- The only NON-Deployable College Boy in the TALCE. Majoring in Marketing will give him another skill to be an expert on. The person who helped us realize there is an Air Force Rugby team.


This completes the Parole list. Feel free to stop by anytime and see what it is like in the big house. Warmest regards to all REAL Boom Operators. See you beyond the WALL!!!!!




McGuire AFB, NJ



To: All Boom Operators

Greetings from the KC-10 Training world on the East Coast. Today we work for Raytheon. The contract is currently going through re-bid so by the time this is published it could be someone else. Time will tell. This is just to let you all know who is here at Mcguire holding up this end of the world.

Frank Junge, Still the Flight Check Airman, I think I’ll make this a career E-mail: fhjunge@bellatlantic.net

Leroy Sweeney, Ex-RamRod & Maineiac on cruise control

Andy Miller, Wishing I was back in NC, Fish’n Heaven

Chuck Gurkin, Waiting for the 10’s to move South! E-mail: kc10instr@uscom.com

John Synove, Still alive and kicking

Lynn Stoddard, Holdin my own

Greg Heffron, Alls well! E-mail: star1701d@yahoo.com

Steve Fromm, Part owner Delaware Mem Bridge, Baltimore Tunnels and I-95 toll roads E-mail: jfromm@esn.net

Joel Montgomery, Still part timing it and keeping the Reserves flying.

Any of us can be reached by E-mail: mrbotrng@yahoo.com



153 ARS

6225 M ST 39307

Greetings from Magnolia country and the best tanker Unit in Mississippi. This has been another incredibly busy year and I have recently taken some time off in an attempt to kill a trophy deer. No luck yet. Mississippi is one of the most beautiful states in the nation and for those individuals who have never visited…remember the casino is 40 miles away and we are famous for our Southern hospitality. We have recently hired our first new traditional boomers since the conversion and our instructors are knocking off the rust. Call if you are in the area and would like to sip a glass of ice tea or something.




CMSgt Lee Martin

SMSgt Rick Robinson

MSgt Gerald Harper

MSgt Ned McCormick

MSgt Tom Stamper

MSgt Glen Hancock

TSgt Chuck Smith

TSgt Robbie Knight

TSgt Ronnie Blackwell

TSgt J.R. Benson

TSgt Lane Meadows

TSgt Sonny McCarra

TSgt Blake Stanley

TSgt Steve Lewis

TSgt Tony Boykin

SSgt Mike Powell

SSgt Al Rigdon

SSgt Jay Ziller

SSgt Ross Goodin



DSN 778-9473



351st ARS



Greetings once again from RAF Mildenhall, the "Best" tanker unit in USAFE. Allot has changed in just a year now. Our much awaited plus up finally happened. The squadron has gone from 9 aircraft to 15, and we have 8 new boom operators here now, and it seems like more keep coming in each month. The ETTF finally closed its doors in November of this year. Aside from all the changes going on over here, we have managed to stay busy with exercises, Bosnia and just about anything else that flares up in this part of the world. Our much-awaited channel run was shot down before it got off the ground. Southern Air Transport underbid us on the Ramstein - Aviano - Mildenhall channel. We have been able to haul some cargo for the Special Operations Group, down to Brindisi, Italy and on our occasional roller run to Souda Bay. Our TDY tempo has increased since the drawing down and passing of the ETTF. With some booms approaching 14 days TDY for the year. We recently participated in the NATO Air Meet 98 in Spain, flying out of Zaragoza. Some of the other hot spots we find ourselves going to include, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Lajes, Crete and Italy to name a few. Well that just about wraps it up for the 351 ARS. For all of you that pass through Mildenhall on you way to or on your way out of Saudi or just passing through on a channel run, stop in and say hello. We do have a beer fridge! We are located in Bld 621. Here’s our current lineup of people along with our E-mail addresses. Look forward to hearing from everyone.



351 ARS

Boom Lineup


Chief Boom - SMSgt Doug "The Hammer" Hershey (kevin.hershey@mildenhall.af.mil) New Chief Boom here at Mildenhall arriving from Offutt. He is always hammering down on his junior NCO’s. Thought he was refueling the B-2 on his first solo sortie here, seems he kept looking at the mission priority line of the schedule and thought Bravo 2 meant a B-2 bomber.

MSgt Bobby "Papa" Skaggs - (bobby.skaggs@mildenhall.af.mil) Got himself a new pup (golden retriever) to help keep him company when he gets sent to the doghouse. Squadron BAR-B-Q grill master, makes the best BAR-B-Q in all of Europe. Currently still the Boom Superintendent and the squadron resource manager. Soon to take over at OGV.

MSgt Terry Casey - (terry.casey@mildenhall.af.mil) - The only real biker in the squadron, when the weather isn’t to bad here he can be seen cruising around on his Harley. MSgt Casey is getting ready to stow the boom for the last time here, he will be retiring in April and heading VFR direct to Northern Virginia. Sure hate to see him go. We wish him and his family all the best. Still OGV until April.

MSgt Red Skelton - (robert.skelton@mildenhall.af.mil) - Just recently completed his Bachelors Degree in Professional Aeronautics through Embry-Riddle. Was told by the SEA here that a toothpick was not a good thing to have in one’s mouth while in uniform. (We guess Red looked to cool in a flight suit, chewing on a toothpick for the new SEA). Red too will stow the boom for the last time here, sometime in December of 1999. He plans on making England his home. We sure hate to see him go, and wish him and his family all the best. Still working in XP.

TSgt Gary "Cosmo" Frederick - (Gary.Frederick@mildenhall.af.mil) - Cosmo finally got his car back from the repair shop. He has managed to keep it on the paved surface since getting it back. Most of the farmers around here felt they were lucky not to get their crops plowed under by Cosmo before harvest season this year. Cosmo is looking to get a HYT waiver and stay here one last year then retire. Moved from Stan/Eval to training flight.

TSgt Mike "Suba" Steinkraus - (Michael.Steinkraus@mildenhall.af.mil) - "Suba is alive and well". Found himself a roommate to move in with him (a local gal), then found out a month later from the flight doc’s that he was allergic to cats. "Guess he will have to get rid of his roommate now" New hammer in Stan/Eval.

TSgt Jim Sugden - (James.Sugden@mildenhall.af.mil) - Jim closed up the ETTF recently. Moved on to Wing Protocol Office to learn the finer points of serving coffee and crackers to the O’s. "Hey save some of that canned cheese whiz for us booms"

TSgt Tim "S101" Ballentine - (timothy.ballentine@mildenhall.af.mil) - S101 "That’s right", and Suba you can bitch about it all you want, but you cant have it till I leave. Two years here is enough, moving to Altus in May, so there is a slot open for a TSgt here. Any takers! Stan/Eval.

TSgt Mark "Big Daddy" Miller - (Mark.Miller@mildenhall.af.mil) - Still the "Big Daddy" over at wing scheduling, at least for now. Looks like he will be moving into Long-Range planning soon. Continuing to work magic with those chicken bones, and doing a great job as always.

SSgt Frank "Stealth" Antonsen - (Francis.Antonsen@mildenhall.af.mil) - Frank has moved on to wing scheduling. We still don’t see much of him around the squadron. Doing a great job over at scheduling for us.

SSgt Greg "Smitty" Smith - (Greg.Smith@mildenhall.af.mil) - Smitty is back in the squadron and flying his tail off.

Looks like he will be headed for Fairchild in June. We wish you and your family the best. Fly Safe!

SSgt Melton "Melt" Brewer - (Melton.Brewer@mildenhall.af.mil) - Melton is keeping busy working in the Tactics shop and doing a great job.

SSgt Mike Conner - (michael.conner@mildenhall.af.mil) - Mike has finally been taken off his medication, he no longer is having a daily TALCE flashback. Doing a great job in Stan/Eval.

SSgt Chris Rieger - (Christopher.Rieger@mildenhall.af.mil) - Flight Supervisor/Squadron vehicle NCO and CPR instructor. Seems to be enjoying the mouth to mouth instruction with the CPR doll a little too much. Moving to wing scheduling soon.

SSgt Dave Stadnicki - (David.Stadnicki@mildenhall.af.mil) - Dave is dual hatted, kinda like the Air Guard or Reserve. Some days he will be wearing his 351st Air Guard cap, and other days he can be found wearing his Services Squadron cap and sitting behind the Rec Centers counter handing out pool table balls. Going to Robbins AFB in July to work in scheduling office and the Rec center. A-Flight Supervisor. "Just a job title on paper"

SSgt Jeff "Hy Bo" Hy - (Jeffrey.Hy@mildenhall.af.mil) - Jeff is calling it quits in April. Joining the real Air Guard in New Hampshire, not as a boom, but as an air traffic controller. Best of luck to you, and what ever you do, "do not connect the dots"! Wing scheduling for another month, then back to the squadron until April.

SSgt Randy Bishop - (randall.bishop@mildenhall.af.mil) - Received a ticket for a busted muffler on his car. On the way to get it repaired, one of the locals deiced to put his car out of its misery for good. Enjoying life as a single successful boom here. Flight Supervisor

SSgt Matt Shaffer - (matthew.shaffer@mildenhall.af.mil) - New boom in from Fairchild. Matt is one of our new training flight guru’s. Looking to go into the bootstrap program over here for a year so he can finish up his degree.

SSgt Shawn Hewitt- (shawn.hewitt@mildenhall.af.mil) - One of the new booms here from McConnell. Nobody really knows much about this guy. Only shows up in the squadron when he has to fly. We think he is in a Flight, but not sure which one?

SSgt Clifton "James" Bond - (clifton.bond@mildenhall.af.mil) - Brand new boom to the squadron. Came in from Offutt. Seems to be a sharp Boom Operator, which is a blessing. Still getting settled in over here.

SSgt Garry "Lurch" Isbell - (Garry.Isbell@mildenhall.af.mil) - Made Staff this last cycle. Gary bought himself a British taxicab to haul the family around in. Getting ready to be a daddy again real soon, another boy on the way! Wing Scheduling for a little while longer then back to the squadron. Doing a great job over at scheduling office.

Sra John Carter - (john.carter@mildenhall.af.mil) - New Boom. Real quite and easy going. Doing a great job for us here as an instructor.

Sra Joel Jones - (joel.jones@mildenhall.af.mil) - New Boom. Joel is our local television and page 3 pinup boy celebrity here. On a recent flight with the local media he was asked if we carried leaded or unleaded fuel, his answer was politically correct and in keeping with air force policy he said, "I’m not sure what kind of fuel we carry" He is in a flight, we just don’t know which one.

Sra Michael "Useless" Usevich - (michael.usevich@mildenhall.af.mil) - Don’t know where in the hell he came from! "But whoever sent him to us can have him and his little motor scooters back".

A1C Andrew "Mr. Excitement" Diaz - (andrew.diaz@mildenhall.af.mil) - One of our new baby booms. Scared "Papa" Skaggs during his Kilo Qual. He has settled down a bit, now he just forgets to show up for flights. He is in a flight, but we don’t know which one.

A1C Michael "Hey Man" Garman - (michael.garman@mildenhall.af.mil) - Another baby boom. He is in a flight, but once again we are not sure which one it is.

AMN Ivan Eggel - (ivan.eggle@mildenhall.af.mil) - New baby boom. One of the sharper new booms here. I guess one out of four isn’t as bad as it seems. Doing a great job for us as a line boom.

AMN Doug "I’m not gay" Boren - (doug.boren@mildenhall.af.mil) - Unqualified baby boom.



SMSgt Troy Sinclair - HQ 12th AF Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

TSgt Bruce Zahn - School House, Altus AFB, Oklahoma

SSgt Cliff Bermodes - McConnell AFB, Kansas

SSgt Jack Gates - McConnell AFB, Kansas

Sra Patrick Elliott - OTS, soon to be a new 2nd Lt. in charge of a missile silo somewhere.

A1C William "Young Will" Perdew - He is supposed to be at Fairchild AFB, Washington. If he is not there, please do not call us to help you look for him, as far as we know he did get on the freedom bird back to the states.


Timothy D. Ballentine, TSgt, USAF

351st ARS/DOV

Michael Steinkraus, TSgt, USAF

351st ARS/DOV


A Final Farewell From The European Tanker Task Force


22 years. That was the life span of one of the best deals known to tanker crews in the Air Force. With the arrival of Thanksgiving, 1998, the ETTF will be no more. The 351st Air Refueling Squadron will assume responsibility for tanker operations in the European theater as our chapter of history comes to a close. A few may remember the days when the ETTF was spread all over Europe operating in Germany, Spain, Greece, and the United Kingdom eventually to be consolidated at RAF Fairford in 1978. Twelve years later, the decision was made to move the ETTF to RAF Mildenhall and by October 1, 1990, RAF Fairford had fallen silent.

In it’s hey day, the ETTF consisted of 80 to 100 permanently assigned people to manage the 15 to 20 crews that rotated through on a regular basis from the various Strategic Air Command bases. These were also the days when Saudi was viewed as a good deal. The staff was assigned to the 306th Strategic Wing. The list of former staff booms would read like a "who’s who?" of the boom field. I just wish I had it to give you. When the 306th deactivated on March 31, 1992, the 100th Air Refueling Wing took responsibility for the ETTF ( KC-135R’s and KC-10’s ) integrating the TDY crews with the Mildenhall crews. The ETTF and 351st, operated out of locations such as Lajes, Moron, Zaragoza, Sigonella, Souda Bay and supported air shows all over Europe.

It can be said that the ETTF isn’t what it used to be. We currently have three people managing 2 to 5 crews. The crews are from a single unit at any given time versus a mix of bases. No longer are we the focal point for tanker operations on this side of the world, but rather the crossroads as AMC crews pass by on their way to and from Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Times change as they always have, and always will. The original ETTF symbol flies proudly on the tail of all assigned 100th tankers and will serve as a constant reminder of what was.

I want to thank all of the Boom Operators that have passed through during my two years as the NCOIC for all the hard work and flexibility. I hope that we’ve given you some pleasant memories to keep and some war stories to pass on to new generations of booms when you reflect on "the good ol’ days." I’ll still be around here for a while, either in the OSS or somewhere in the Wing. We’ll still have the newer ETTF patches in supply, just in case you missed your chance to pick one up during your last visit.


                    TSgt Jim Sugden, NCOIC

                    European Tanker Task Force


Milwaukee ANGB, WI

126th Air Refueling Sq.

Gen. Mitchell IAP


Frozen Tundra Booms

Just last year, at this time, Wisconsinites were getting ready to celebrate the Green Bay Packers fourth Super Bowl win, tragically, the bottom dropped out of that party, but alas, we survived, and continue to survive. Here we are in FY99, anxiously awaiting our turn in the Pacer Craig barrel, an ASEV out of the way for another couple of years, an Iceland alert coming in spring, life is good. We here at the 126th ARS have experienced a great year in flying, to include some great trips to Hawaii, Panama, Business Efforts, Coronets to Alaska, 3 for 1 Alert, France, it just doesn’t get any better than this. We also had an outstanding time down at Altus for the Boom Symposium, much beer was drank, much golf was played, and many stories with fellow booms exchanged, many thanks to Kevin and Scott. The enlisted promotion god also smiled upon us, 12 times to be exact, they broke down as follows: 1 Chief, 1 Senior, 4 Masters, 5 Techs, and 1 Staff, all without retiring anybody and only one DOR. I believe I have rambled on enough about the feats, so here is the current list of the Brewtown Booms:


CMSgt. Roger "Rasco" Steckhan: Hands down winner in the no holds barred thrashing of CBPO. Old Rog’ put the "promote my booms or else" submission hold on Personnel and they gave in, but not without a fight. Wants to quit in Dec. 99, What’s the retirement for an E-9 over 2,000 years

CMSgt. John "Felix" Famularo: Poised to take the reins of the boom section once Roger has severed all friendships and alliances at the base. Successfully attaining 10,000 hours or 10,000 miles on the stationary bike before retirement are current goals. Trying to help Roger find his way out the main gate.

SMSgt. Cliff "Inspector" Klingbeil: Patrolling the highways and skyways of the greater Waukesha area, rumored to soon be retiring from the Wisconsin State Patrol, and further rumored to be jumping on the Guard Bum bus. New Delta Tau Chi name is "TROUGHER"

SMSgt. Terry "Tanker Scheduling" Sands: One of the most recently promoted, to the one foot out the door club, Terry has attained the highly coveted job of NCOIC of Base Operations, as well as being professional Whiskey driver and commander of his own destiny, leading the charge for airshow 99 here at Milwaukee.

MSgt. Robert "Q-3 RD" Derrick: Once proud leader of the Stan/Eval section for full-timers, now holding a chair in the scheduling office. Since coming back from the land of the perfect Robert is no longer known as the "Hammer" who could do no wrong, and is now eligible to get the hook from the new sheriff in town.

MSgt. Dave "No Nickname Required" Eddy: Grave shifter at the not so local Frito-Lay plant, Dave is the epitome of the traditional guardsmen, gets his requirements done and see ya later. Anybody that works during the day can’t really confirm this because no one has seen Dave in a while.

MSgt. Dean " I Love Midwest Express" Dachenbach: Reportedly the next guardbum for the 126th due to the amazing support he is getting from his current employer, details soon to come pending legal outcome. Back on flying status after a medical lay-off (see last years signal) Will be good to have him on board to help with the trips and alert.

MSgt. Steve " Woody" Schweiss: Got the nickname not from the Cheers Character but for his amazing libido, Crowned the king of training flight for the booms, he has implemented many new and exciting programs, for example: How to piss of the soon to be chief boom, and severing your employment bridges via the OG.

MSgt. Jerry "Snitzel" Schiessl: The aforementioned new sheriff in Stan/Eval, just finished filing change 46 to the dash 1 and is frothing at the mouth to give his cherry check ride. All booms currently in hiding.

MSgt. George "One Damn Nice Guy" Snamiske: Papa Smurf is the other scheduling guru that will answer the phone and converse with you via boompod.com. Still an AGR and loving it. Gets pissed off if you do the crossword in ink.

MSgt. Mark "Marty" Lipinski: Milwaukee firefighter and centerfold in the firefighters of Milwaukee calendar, traditional guardsmen, and another damn nice guy. Still the voice of sanity in the sea of futility, and aficionado of fine Cuban cigars.

TSgt. Don "NMTT" Harvey: Don’t ask what it stands for that will remain noforn/wnintel, actually, if you call us up we’ll tell you, that way there’s no evidence. Journeyman electrician and traditional guardsmen, another one of the vampires that takes the night flights.

TSgt. Dan "Boomer" Schmidt: What’s with this boomer stuff? Newlywed and new flatlander (Illinoisian) Engineer, Vampire, ‘Nuff Said!

TSgt. John "Farkle" Magnus: Ex scheduler, new member on the Current Ops team, no wonder he gets all the good trips. Loves fire trucks, trains, planes, automobiles, ETC… Motivated go-getter

TSgt. Mike " Dean Wermer" Weimer: Guardbum, part-time Air Tech, Trng Flt Instructor, and world traveler. Hands down winner of the most days gone award for an unprecedented 5th year in a row. Mikes motto: Love to fly, Love to travel.

TSgt. Teckla "T" Thorn: Another of the recently released from DNIF status, Quoted as saying " I’m just happy to be flying again, now if I can get my damn boss off my butt I could do some more of it". Air Tech in the vault, a highly coveted job.

TSgt. Marlin "Too Many Nicknames To Mention" Mosley: AGR, Current Ops guy, curiously gone every time you look for him, All Star of the most recent Boom Operator Turkey Bowl until he got beat long in the 4th quarter, due to bad hammies, claims "she just put a good move on me".

SSgt. Lauri "RO" Hrovatin: Workout queen, professional student, and traditional guardsman currently working on her Masters degree at U.W. La Crosse (party school). Lauri will be a boom for a little while longer but has aspirations of being a pilot and will soon get her chance, UPT selectee for FY 2000.

TSgt. Pat "Slosinski" Sosinski: Ex Command Post guy we take under our wing, figured he had suffered enough, comes back from Boom school and what does he do? He takes a Part-time Air Tech tour back in his old digs. We think the boy ain’t right in the head. Pat is also a Guardbum giving Dean Wermer a run for the trough, er money.

SSgt. Donald "Twinkle Toes" Strickland: Smooth operator in the boom pod and out. Attained the moniker while playing softball for the base team. Assistant manager in the banking industry, guardbum, philosopher, teller of tales.

SSgt. Wiiliam "Itchy-Area" Echevarria: Newly crowned funnyman in the 128th boom pod, Sinbad beware! This boy came back from boom school with more stories about life in the dorms than I got TDY days, everything from being a few dollars short for the keg to I taught my Instructor everything he knows. Undergoing local seasoning training, "De-Active Duty Attitude adjusting," as we speak. Milwaukee Firefighter, Traditional Guardsman.

SSgt. (Ret.) Herman "Sore-Ass" Suarez: Stepped down as chief know-it-all and general pain in the ass, Wouldn’t take instruction, didn’t complete assigned CDT’s or ground and flying training, was shown the gate but didn’t get the hint. Administratively non-retained, Bu bye!

Lt. Col. Lon Hansen: First officer in 10 years to attain honorary Boom Operator status for the 128th. Lt. Col. Hansen has provided selfless support the boom section for the entire time, 20 years that he has been in the Guard. He joins Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gary Tenney, and Lt. Col. Rod Langford

On a more serious note the booms of the 128th send their hearts and condolences out to the families of the Washington Air Guard. Both the 128th ARW and the 141st ARW spent a considerable amount of time together during W.W. Persian Gulf; everybody here feels the loss of one of our brothers.

Well I’ve said my piece for this year, if you happen to be near Milwaukee, give us a call, or just stop by to say Hi, were always happy to see friendly faces and talk to our fellow booms. Glad we had this time together, and if you see a Wisconsin tail on your ramp look us up, we’ll do beers and lunch. Asta Lumbago, See you later, Goodbye.


Mountain Home AFB, ID

22 ARS

Greeting's from all the Boom Operators here at Mt. Home. The Wing's mission has kept us on our toes over the passed year. Like other squadrons around the Air Force we do what we can with a bunch of young Booms. The group here has done a good job rising to any occasion be it Red Flag, OST's, local training or deployments to Prince Sultan. Please drop in for a visit if you're ever up here. The beer in the Boom fridge is always cold. Here's our current line up.


Program Manager: MSgt Dennis O'Grady----The new Sheriff! Dubbed the Gray Ghost by Mudbug. He's managed to keep the law in this wild west squadron so far.

Stan Eval: TSgt Steve (Opie) Flax---A ducks worst night mare! We lose Opie to Kadena soon. We'll miss his experience, and of course his hunting tales!

Training Flt: Steve (Gunny) Myrick---A SAC Legend! Word is he used to drive for Curtis LeMay. Soon to be Mr. Myrick. The truth is nobody will ever be able to fill Gunny's shoe's.

A Flight Chief: TSgt Glenn (Killer) Harris---Our next IBO. Glenn is mighty quiet sometimes but he's also one to count on when there's work to be done.

TSgt Tim Tuttle---Look for Tim in the nearest fast water river when he's not flying. A new TSgt soon to be a new IBO!

SSgt Brad Wolfe---Another quiet guy. I know he like's the tanker better then flying onboard the FOUR FANS OF DEATH!

Sra Todd Lupo---JIMMY! It's long story. Todd's always got his best foot forward. He's currently working in the mobility shop, but is always ready to fly or go TDY.

A1C Brian Johnson---Works in the mobility shop and doing a great job! To bad his Vikings couldn't do the same.

A1C Jayon Leonard---A new Daddy! Jayon has taken to fatherhood rather well. He still thinks he's a ladies man though.

B Flight Chief: SSgt Mike Morris---THE HAMMER! Back from CCTS ready to light the world on fire. He's going to replace Gunny in trng flt. He's the right man for the job if he'd take a day off from hunting. Jeff's deer was bigger right Mike?

SSgt Troy Hales---It's my way or the highway Pilot! Only sometimes Troy. When you come to see us I'll get Troy to spin a few tales from Montana for you.

SSgt Jeff (Mudbug) LeDoux---This poor guy thinks Jesus went to LSU. Isn't that a girls school Jeff? Loving life and doing a great job as a Boom. By the way Jeff, Mike says his deer was bigger.

SSgt Mark Babel---Quiet, just plain quiet.

Sra Scott Hoke---Homeboy. Scott joined the Air Force to see the world. Or at least the part along I-84 between Boise and Mt. Home

Sra Jessie Talamantes---Lady Killer, or so he thinks. Just back from CCTS. Now maybe his contacts have improved.

Wing Stan Eval: TSgt Brian Thayer---Rainier in a bottle right Brian? Brian comes down when ever needed to fly. Go Vikings, NOT!!! Maybe next year.

Attached Flyers:

Our command functional manager at ACC Headquarters: SMSgt John Buckland---John looks forward to his trips to Mt. Home to fly with us. I don't know if it's the flying or the time to BS with fellow Booms that he likes best.

12th AF Stan Eval: SMSgt Troy Sinclair---Troy is just settling into the new job and should be up to fly with us soon.

Gone but not forgotten:

CMSgt John Randell---The Chief called it quits last April after 27 years. All the Booms at Mt. Home were sorry to see him go. He's kept us posted on his hunting and fishing stories. In fact John says the postal route he has keeps him current on the best fishing and hunting spots. If you're ever near Missoula Montana John would welcome a visit.

SSgt Shawn Hughes---Shawn left us for the mountains of Altus. Either that or he's got a Mt. bike to ride at Altus. His common sense is missed but we'll see him again at the Boom symposium.

Sra Doug Meyer---D. Money separated and headed back to work for his dad in Iowa. His time at Mt. Home was well spent and experience is missed. Of course so are his war stories from many TDY's!

Till next year


Dennis OGrady, MSgt, USAF

22 ARS Program Manager



136 ARS


GREETINGS FROM THE NIAGARA FALLS BOOMERS! This past year has been another busy one at Niagara. We have completed the Jenny (Pacer) CRAG conversion, but flying with the new systems is a different story. There are a few bugs (about an ant farm full) to work out. At this time we are currently deployed to Incirlik AB, Turkey in support of Operation Northern Watch.

The TDY’s are abundant here at Niagara, and the suitcases stay packed most of the time. Here in the Boom Shop the motto is "Carpe Diem for Per Diem". If you are ever in the area stop by and say Hi and maybe we can catch a matinee at the Canadian Ballet. Here’s our lineup:

CMSGT JACK TUCHOLS ("Mole Man") Program Manager -- Technician

Our fearless leader. Jack is currently experimenting with the Atkin’s diet, all the chicken wings and steak he can eat. I want to know how that is different from before the diet. I would also like to add that at this time I am pursuing a full-time position, so I would like to thank Jack for not only being a boss but my mentor, and I will name my first born after him.

SMSGT HAROLD CLARK ("Smoothee") Stan Eval -- Technician

The only booms that have been in Hawaii more than Harold are the HANG Booms that are stationed there. It has to be a coincidence that he breaks every time he is there……doesn’t it?

MSGT J.J. CICHOCKI ("Penguin") CLT Manager -- Technician

J.J. has more medical waivers than contacts, and more desk time than flight time. The inventor of the new BINFORDS, coming to a dash 9 near you.

MSGT JAY HOPPER ("Time Cop") Technician

Jay takes care of the orders and pay days in the Boom shop. When he is not doing that he is the "SOLITAIRE KING OF THE WORLD".

MSGT SAM DAVIES ("Torch") Current Operations -- Technician

Sam is the only Boom I know that packs a lunch everyday, that would last an entire flight crew on a Pacific Roller run, yet still weighs "A Buck 40, Canadian".

MSGT DAVE WOHLEBEN ("Chia") Scheduling -- AGR

Chia has hair like a brillo pad, and a sense of humor to match. Not a Boom to go TDY with and drink, unless your there only one day. His drinking tolerance is in direct proportion to his height.


"A real team player" Jim must have incriminating photos of the Chief, because we do not know how he swindles a lot of trips. After all as an AGR, TDY’s are how Jim makes his money. Be careful if he flys for you, you will owe him "BIG TIME", trust me he keeps track. Jim there is no "I" in TEAM, but there is an "M", and an "E", for "ME"!

TSGT BOB MAJOR ("Snake in the Grass") DOX Boom -- Technician

Bob is the "Double Dip", or better yet "Triple Dip" King. He has more "Comp" time then all the other Booms combined. Ask Bob how he builds all that "Comp" time, he will answer "Wax On, Wax Off".

TSGT GARY HENNING ("The Professor") Training Flight -- Technician

Gary has the most Foreign "Receiver" contacts, no problem with that currency. Also has escorted various Foreign Nationals to the "Big BX", our Ambassador to the World.

TSGT KENNY ISGRIGG ("Casper") Traditional Guardsman

Congratulations on his recent marriage, and is expecting. "Casper" is hardly seen because of his civilian job, seen even less is his hair. Let’s be politically correct "Follically Challenged".

TSGT JIM POHLE ("Pee Hole") Traditional Guardsman

Our congratulations on Jim’s recent marriage and School Teaching position. Jim teaches elementary education, he must be a good people tell me he sees eye to eye with his students. Jim also has more student loans than contacts.

TSGT TERRI SANTORO ("Oompa Loompa") Stan Eval -- Traditional Guardswoman

The squadron has renamed the Drill Excusal form, the Terri Santoro form. Terri has been on and off AGR tours more than any other Boom. For her AGR stands for Always Got Reasons why she is not at work.

TSGT TIM GEMSHEIM ("Gum Shoe") Traditional Guardsman

More congratulations are in order, to Tim on his recent marriage,and is also expecting in May. He also landed a job at Moog with his partner in crime Dale. Tim is best known for his talkative nature, boy is that an understatement. His mouth moves more than a duck’s a_ _.

SSGT DALE FRANKLIN ("Moog Man") Traditional Guardsman

Dale works 80+ hours a week at his civilian job, then comes to fly at the base. He has every dollar he has ever earned even his First Communion money, if you ask him he will show you.

When Dale flys we can’t schedule enough Instructors to go along. When asked to reference information in the dash one, Dale replied "Is that the big one".

SSGT BRIAN DILLON ("Link") Traditional Guardsman

Brian is God’s Gift to: Hey you name it!(Just ask him) He thinks the stowed position for the nose gear downlock handle is in the floor. Hey are there any units out there hiring?

SSGT RAY FITZPATRICK ("Ace") Traditional Guardsman

Has been in the Chief’s office more than the Chief. Currently resides in Jack’s doghouse, but wonders if he can collect BAQ being that it is a permanent residence. Once ate a 64 oz, steak a baked potato, salad, and bread to gain a free meal TDY. Also has been known to consume vast quantities of alcohol, chugged an entire bottle of wine in France to win a bet.

SSGT MIKE CHAN ("Jackie") Traditional Guardsman

An FNG, Mike is well traveled in the tanker community, he came to us via Fairchild and McGuire. Between Gemini Airlines and school we are lucky he is here for drills.

SSGT TOM OBROCHTA ("Iceman") Traditional Guardsman

Tom is returning to us after a short hiatus in the civilian world selling Alpo to old people to supplement their diet. The second time around is a charm, Tommy!

SRA DAMIEN MARTELLI ("Rent-A- Cop") Traditional Guardsman

An FNG, he is currently at Altus by the Sea in Boom School. His civilian job is a cop with the co-located reserve unit here. Trust me when I say they don’t let Barney Fife have a bullet for his top left pocket.


Pease ANGB, NH

133 ARS


Greetings from the Granite State! We made it through another year of Turkey deployment, Phoenix Scorpions and we are now in the midst of PACER CRAG training and aircraft conversions. We have had one retirement this past year. Chief Ray Richardson and wife Carole have moved down to Hilton Head SC. Ray is now the Starter at a local golf course, building a new home and enjoying Space A travel. Look him up if you get to the sunny south. As for the rest of us, here’s what we are all up to.

CMS Carl Sneirson: Chief Boom, too many meetings not enough time. Life’s different as a manager.

CMS Steve Morgan: Our Command Chief Morgan I should say, ‘Stevie-B’ is the Wing Senior Enlisted Advisor along with being the Stan/Eval Boom. He is a very busy man and we can’t figure out how he manages to do everything he does.

SMS Kelly Philbrick: Kelly is our Training Boom. He is building a new home for his wife and 2 daughters and I do mean building. Kelly has done most of the construction on his home, he’s one heck of a carpenter.

SMS Denis Boucher: "Buy, Sell or Trade" Boucher is in Current Ops trying not to hurt himself with the dividers he now has to work with. Denis helped with the construction of our Gazebo this summer. By the way, anyone out there interested in a Boston Whaler?

MSG Mike Blandina: Still the CBT guy and now the Cargo Loading Manager, poor guy can’t find a friend with those two positions, but what he knows about cargo loading could fill a Cadillac bin.

MSG Glen Senechal: Mail Carrier extrodinaire during the day, part time boom during the night. Crying some over the lack of TDY’s available while we go through the PACER CRAG changes.

MSG John Lennon: John holds a multitude of jobs in a year’s time. I’m not quite sure if he is driving a big rig for the Post Office or digging ditches for the Town of Pepperrill MA. One thing is for certain, he’ll have a new job by the time this is published! JL is one of our oldest part timers (not in age, number of years he has been around!).

MSG Marc St Cyr: A part timer who is a lineman for the utility company. He is also in the process of moving his family into a new home this year.

MSG Dave LaJoie: Jazzman LaJoie is still alive and well in the scheduling office. He continues to practice his guitar playing since he’s the Nav scheduler, he won’t have a job to do for very much longer.

MSG Elaina D’Orto: Good thing this edition of the Signal was published later than planned, or she would have still have been a TSG! She is a TTF Coronet Planner and is rarely seen outside of her office except on an occasional Wed. or Thurs. night.

TSG John Gibb: John finally dug his way out from under piles of flip changes in the Cave of Crew Comm only to find himself buried under piles of Pubs changes in the Boom office. At least he now has a window. Congratulations are due for John was recently married.

TSG Tony Casella: "PC" as in Personal Computer and/or PACER CRAG, he’s leading the booms in our training of each.

TSG Glen Starkweather: Glen was recently made our first part time instructor. Just shows you the caliber of his knowledge. Another new homebuilder and working full time at the Manchester Airport. Ask him about the Moose he took down on the runway.

TSG Jim Doyle: Who? Jim is a very busy building contractor who comes to fly with us on occasion. He was instrumental in helping us get a nice lounge going in our Ops building.

TSG Mike George: Driver, as he was affectionately known in Turkey, is also a mail carrier by day. He is the Unit Career Advisor and although not an instructor boom, the boy knows the books!

TSG John Craig: Our resident construction worker, John has built us a Gazebo, a brick barbecue pit, a lounge, need anything done John can do it, even when it comes to passing gas!

SSG Sam Blackwell: Sam is currently augmenting the Booms at Offutt AFB. Prior to leaving for the Midwest, he was helping out anywhere he could get a manday. He is building a new house and needs all the money he can gather up.

SSG Michelle (Moseley) Champagne: Married a year and graduated from college, she now has time to breathe. A part timer who has a full time job with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

SSG Alan Beaulieu: He’s newly married, expecting a child and just bought a new home. Alan works as an auto mechanic on the outside.

SSG Steve Munt: Been around a year now and still talks in a whisper. Nice guy and always willing to give a hand. Steve came to the Boom field from maintenance.

We are sending 2 folks off to Altus next month SSG Mark Brophy who comes to us from Job Control, he’s excited to have a window to look out of, and SSG Melanie Mathews is a dispatcher for Delta Connection.

We have one boom leaving the field, SSG Gerry Melanson has decided to give up flying for now, he will be missed as he was probably one of the nicest guys we ever recruited. Anyone out there looking to move east?


Phoenix ANGB, AZ

197 ARS



The Phoenix Copperheads


Ola from the Valley of the Sun, home of the ASU Sun Devils and the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. Before we run down the current line up for the 161st, we would like to express our appreciation to CMS Juan Mesquita, MSgt Joe Young, and TSgt Lorena Suladie for their contributions to the unit. Good luck and happy retirement!












Traditional Guardsman









SSG HILARIO SANCHEZ new boom just back from Altus

SRA ROB GRONER still working on PME

SRA VINCE JONES new boom just back from Altus

SSG RENE GONZALEZ new boom at Altus

SRA TONY GRAZIANNI new boom at Altus

SRA JASON SNODGRASS waiting to go to Altus

Adios, God bless, and fly safely.



Inflight Refueling Program Manager


Pittsburgh ANGB, PA

146 ARS




Pittsburgh International Airport

Coraopolis, Pennsylvania


Once again the 146 ARS boom line-up has many new faces. Our list of OUTSTANDING BOOM OPERATORS:



SSG NATHAN HROMIKA Awaiting CCTS date, Commited to Higher Learning

SSG JOHN LOMBARDO Graduated CCTS Apr 99, Food Chain Manager

SSG JASON REBHOLZ Graduted CCTS Mar 99, Future Guard Bum


SSG JOHN GAMBLE Graduated CCTS Dec 98, Future Guard Bum

SSG JOE MORRIS Guard Bum Extrodinair

SSG MIKE NAGY Our politically correct guardsman

TSG TERRY DAVIS Financial accountant

TSG AARON EDISON Counselor for the incarcerated

TSG JOHN FITZPATRICK Pittsburgh City Firefighter


MSG RANDY MILLER Fed Ex Management, recent promotion to MSG

SMS JOE GALLIK US Airways Coordinator, recent promotion to SMS


Active Guard Reserves (AGR):



Civil Servants:

TSG CRAIG SMITH Current Operations

TSG MIKE WORTHINGTON Squadron Scheduling

MSG JOHN CIMA Current Operations

SMS NICK LUCYK Training, recent promotion to SMS



Regretable losses since last edition:

CMS Ted Inwood Greener Pastures @ HQ AMC, attached to 146th for flying

TSG Jon Johnson Retired

SSG Ryan Sherbondy Front Seater




146 ARS/Chief Boom

DSN 277-7536

E-Mail Plonskip@paang-pitt.ang.af.mil (PAANG-PITT will soon change to PAPITT)


Pittsburgh ANGB, PA

147 ARS





Pittsburgh International Airport

Coraopolis, Pennsylvania


147 ARS has gone through some changes since the last Boom Signal.

Here is a current list of quality Boom Operators working here or somewhere around the world.


Traditional Guard Members

SSG Jason Costanzo "George" is an up and coming scholar

SSG Jim Perrott Pittsburgh Firefighter

SSG Steve Grindle Police Officer

TSG Casey O’Connor Guard Bum

TSG Samantha "Sam" Bromley Working on her Nurse Degree. . .and expecting

TSG Sandy Zenk Raising her second. . .

MSG Mike Sabatasse Prison Guard

CMS Sylvester "Skip" Kubacki Computer Guru molding the minds of our youth


Active Guard Reserves (AGR):

TSG Keith Stephens Current Operations Planner

TSG Ron Gutowski Squadron Scheduling

MSG Marc Barna Plans/Current Operations

MSG Don Hendrix Training

MSG Ken Teyssier Chief Boom


Civil Servants (Technicians):

TSG John "Buck" Buckwalter Squadron Scheduling

TSG Scott "Scooter" Trowbridge Current Operations

MSG Mike Strauch Training





147 ARS/Chief Boom

DSN 277-7431

E-Mail Teyssierk@paang-pitt.ang.af.mil (PAANG-PITT will soon change to PAPITT)



HQ USAFE Stan Eval


Greetings from Germany. It has once again been a busy year for boom operators around the world. I would like to thank CMSgt Glast for the outstanding Program Manager’s Conference this past fall. I think that progress in the right direction concerning all issues covered is being made. Yes, it is painfully slow and requires constant battling to convince the higher echelons. Boom operators, for the first time in a long time, were unified in the direction we wanted to take. This will make proposals become reality much faster. Hopefully, this positive trend will carry over to all future conferences.

A word of caution when it comes to refueling NATO receivers. All units should have ATP 56 Air to Air Refueling by now . This is a document that all countries, including the United States, have signed up to for conducting air refueling with mixed NATO forces. When it was originally drafted, I am positive that a boom operator was not present. Attempts to update this document are under way but it is going to take a while before you see it on the street. My advice would be to use sound judgement when attempting any "non-standard" procedures in ATP 56. Bottom line for USAFE units is IF IT AIN"T IN THE -3 DON'T REFUEL IT unless you have guidance from higher authority.

Now, for some answers to questions I have been asked over the past year:

1. No, there are no strip joints located within walking distance of Ramstein.

2. Yes, I do have a window in my office and can see what is going on in the outside world.

3. Yes, if you come through here TDY and give me a call (DSN 480-9363), I will hook you up with some good German food and beer.

Last but not least, thanks to Jim Eden who surely has pulled the last of his hair out putting this Signal together.



HQ USAFE Stan Eval





Greetings from the tip of the sword in USAFE. We have had a busy year and a half since the AMOCC stood up here in Europe from Presidential mission support, Kosovo, ONW, OSW, and the multiple tasks and requests we are sent everyday. For those of you wondering, what an AMOCC is it is an Air Mobility Operations Control Center, another word for in-theater TACC. We are responsible for all Tanker, Airlift, OSA, and Medivac missions within the European AOR. We are not a TALCE or AMOG. Here in the tanker branch we have 3 officers and 2 KC-135 booms we are responsible for all of EUCOM’s tanker assets. We are the go to guys on tanker issues. We mainly just task and work with the 100th ARW at Mildenhall on a day to day basis. We work with the Foreign Military Sales such as the Germans, Belgians, Netherlands, Portuguese, Norwegians and the Danish to fulfill their training needs. We also work closely with the TACC on a range of issues. The learning curve here is steep and the hours are long but the job is rewarding and very educational. If you are looking for a job in a few years and you want to get out of the grind of the ITUD schedule and you don’t want to fly anymore you might consider a job here at the AMOCC. The area is great, lots to do, 45-minute drive from France and centrally located in Europe with ITT tours and C-130’s going all over the theater. So if you are ever at Ramstein airplane patch come on by for a cup of Joe and we will be more than happy to show you around the office and answer any questions you may have or if you just want to shoot the breeze.

Contact information:

Office Phone Numbers:

DSN: 480-7114/8151/2081

Commercial: 06371-47-7114/8151/2081




The Booms:

TSgt Shawn Miller: Came in from El Forko Grande (Grand Forks) to polish up his German. Shawn has got big plans on becoming a farmer you can tell by the stack of John Deere tractor manuals and the centerfold pin up of a combine on his wall. No pictures of his family on his desk just of farm equipment. Shawn is looking forward to retirement in a year and a half so start thinking of how you are going to break it your significant other you are volunteering for the AMOCC.

SSgt Glen Stallard (Stally): Well Stally came in from the land of OZ (McConnell) and there must be something in that German water because 9 months after his arrival his wife gave Stally a little girl. Glen’s little girl has cut into his UMPAHPAH time with Mike Sage but he makes due. Stally is always looking for a training class or seminar to go to. Claims he cannot wait to get back to the slow paced life of AMC.


Randolph AFB, TX



Greetings to all from beautiful San Antonio and the Lone Star state of Texas. First of all, we would like to thank our assignments team; SMSgt Gary Warner, AFPC and SSgt Kris Lucas, AETC/DP for all their help with the assignment process. Next we would like to extend a big Thanks to Chief Glast, and each active duty MAJCOM, the wings, and groups for their assistance with our schoolhouse manning. You have sent us some great instructors with each bringing fresh expertise to our training program. In the months ahead manning will continue to be an area of great concern. Away from the normal process of rotating instructors, we have had several individuals recently selected for OTS. So far, congratulations to: Ron Strobach, Joe Reed, and Dave Robinson on their OTS selection and several other individuals are building packages for the upcoming boards. We wish each of these outstanding individuals the very best of luck. As for our manning, I still believe it is better to have a volunteer instructor than a non-volunteer and would like to continue this selection method….…So PLEASE keep the instructor packages coming! Last, we especially thank each schoolhouse instructor for the tremendous job they are doing in training our students. All are doing a super job!

1999 is starting out as quite a year for those of us in AETC and looks to be extremely fast paced. Our staff in HQ AETC, as with most of the other MAJCOM, are taking a severe beating with most of the pilots returning back to active flying roles. In the last couple of months, we have lost three pilots and soon to lose another pilot with no replacements. Additionally since last year, Chief Tom Minton decided to pull up stakes (Debbie already had the tent packed) and move up to the ‘Other" Headquarters at Scott AFB. He departed AETC, leaving behind a lasting legacy with several critical training projects including the Full Scale Cargo Loading Trainer and the foundation for the requisition of new simulators commonly known as the BOWST (Boom Operator Weapon Systems Trainer), to replace our aging BOPTTs. Our original funding for the FY 00 budget fell below the funding line…Actually, it was not even really considered since the guidance going into the POM was for more "plastic jets", flying hours, and manpower. All of these are extremely important but it’s hard to believe that they did not even look at the 2.1-year flying hour payback potential. We are working to obtain funding from other initiatives and with the advances in technology, the original cost should drop substantially.

Another initiative worked by Chief Minton, AETC and Chief Hubbard, AMC and is still underway, (probably will be approved by the time the Signal is released) was/is the development of the Basic Boom Operator Course. This course will be the "feeder" course for the boom Operator career field and used to award the 3-skill level. Once an individual completes this course, depending on their aircraft assignment, they will then proceed to KC-10 training or remain at Altus for KC-135 training. This will greatly reduce the KC-10 training days. Right now active duty KC-10 Boom Operators complete the entire KC-135 Boom Operator Initial Qualification Course (including evaluation) before entering KC-10 training at either Travis or McGuire.

Chief Minton’s moved generated a trickle effect for moves at Randolph and within AETC. As most of you know, I moved over from the NAF (19th Air Force) and we brought John Harris down from Altus to fill that position. John basically signed in one day went on the road with AETC/IG the following day and has been TDY back to Altus ever since…….You don’t think that the fact he has not sold his house and his wife Dawny and the kids are still leaving there have anything to do with constant TDY do you?………

Last, I would like to thank the schoolhouse Operations Superintendents, Program Managers, Schedulers, Flight Supervisors, and Instructors for the outstanding job they are doing in training our boom students and future career field leaders. They do a super job and deserve special thanks.

It is always great to hear from folks passing through or to see a KC-10 or a KC-135 parked here at Randolph, so if you get down this way, please give us a call.


Ted Carrier, SMSgt USAF John Harris, SMSgt, USAF


DSN 487-7887 DSN 487-7336

Ted.carrier@randolph.af.mil harrisJ@19af.aetc.af.mil


Rickenbacker, OH

145 ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Rickenbacker, OH

166 ARS



This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Robins AFB, GA


Greeting Y’all from Robins.

Since AFRC is a major command, its only fitting that we have our own Stan Eval section of DOT. Stan Eval is still brand new, as of today we have two examiners.

When we are fully manned,the staff will consist of seven officers and two senior NCO’s., namely a loadmaster and a boom operator.  Our duties will be policy makers, supplement writers and MAJCOM coordinator for AFI’s.  (check back next year and I’m sure you will find a more expansive list) Since we are all ARTS, we hope to have a view of the Reservist world that only someone who has "troughed" can have. 

I believe the Boom Signal is THE binding factor that keeps the brotherhood of being a Boom Operator as strong as it is. Thanks to SMSgt Eden for continuing this tradition. Its important that all stan eval shops in AFRC as well as the active duty have a copy of the current Boom Signal in their unofficial FCIF folder. It will behoove many of us older guys to shove (point and click) a copy of the Signal in all new hires vocational education.

When down in Georgia, give me a holler.

Bob Wolfe



DSN 497-1155

COMM 912-327-1155


Robins AFB, GA

99 ARS


It has been another busy year as usual. We had a few booms gone over 180 days TDY this past year. The only reason our average is 103 days as a whole, a few booms had only 30 days or so. Some of our young booms are even complaining about too much flying and TDY’s. Flying only 300 hours is a slow year, 400 to 450 hours is the normal.

Now for bragging rights, all this flying has given us some great training and experience. We won Rodeo in 1994 and again in 1996. Uncle Sam gave us some money and we got our old building remodeled. It feels great to move back into a nice building (We were TDY from our own building for 3 ½ months). JSTARS gave us two rooms to move into; it was like 14 people inside a telephone booth. As for right now, we’re deployed to Panama for some R&R from all this fast pace we’re running. Our baby Booms are all grown up now. Well, some of them are. We also got some re-treads into Robins.

Here is a list of the booms that are stationed here, and what they have been up to:


Chief Chris Sadler ....As you can see , he put Chief on this year. The Chief still works in OGV, but like the rest of us, he to is looking for a job else where.

SMSgt Lee Winter….Yes, for all of those that fell under 21st Air Force you can now relax, Lee is running the Boom Shop here in 99th. Fear is no longer AMC wide, it’s just here at Robins.

MSgt John Beringer....John has left the squadron (FINALLY), and now works in the XP shop. The Commander started to rethink putting John in XP when he saw Beringer hanging his gun racks over the computer. If John has his way, he’ll stay in XP until he retires.

MSgt Scotty Bradshaw....Scotty’s finally back in the squadron, woking as the Chief Boom of STAN/EVAL. He gets more good trips then anyone else in the squadron, it’s good to be the King. Scotty also put on Master in Oct, and if anyone deserved it, it was Scotty.

TSgt Pat D’Augustino....Pat some how got kicked out of XP, and as his punishment they made him a Flight Super. Somehow Pat is getting more respect in the squadron, we’re not sure if it has anything to do with the gun racks that he has up over his desk or not. He still invites the Baby Booms to go hunting with him, especially those that give him a problem.

TSgt Mike (TAZ) Rollins....Mike is still a Flight Supervisor. Mike put Tech on in September, and he’s been the butt of practical jokes since. And if anyone has seen TAZ, please contact Mike or OSI.

SSgt Kevin (RaileR) Cantrell....Former head of STAN/EVIL and now is the Chief of Training for the Whole group. RaileR is starting to make plans to either become a professional racecar driver or a hockey player when he gets out. Kevin is probably the only person in the Air Force to have every ribbon on the back of the PFE.

SSgt Dave (Doogie) Keller….When Doogie showed up here in 99th, they made him a Flt Super. About two months later they moved him into STAN/EVAL. He was in shock the first few days he was here. We can only guess that he thought that the universe began and ended at Altus. He is absolutely loving life here.

SSgt Tony Knowlton....Tony just put on Staff in the beginning of October. Tony is one of our Flt Supervisors, and is doing a fine job. He is a honorary member of the "Lost Nozzle Club". He didn’t lose his nozzle, but his ice shield was crunched up pretty good. Tony is slated to go to CFIC is upcoming Spring. He’s given up on the Rogaine.

SrA John Reed....John was in Training Flight for a record 4 weeks before moving to work in the OGS "Secret Squirrel" shop. He’s hoping to stay in there until he gets out.

SrA Dan Brown....Dan married the PA lady, and there both happy. Dan has been bouncing from one job to another for the past year. From Mobility, to Flt Super, to NCOIC of cookout’s; you name it, Dan’s done it. Dan’s been slated for CFIC this Winter.

SrA Chris Huelsenbeck (H+10)....Chris is presently serving his third year of a life time sentence at Robins. He got married in June, to a maintenance troop (YES, a woman). It is believed that Chris is the only Boom Operator that really wants to go to McGuire. He is also the #1 TDY boom in the Squadron with 170 days over the past year. Just got word he is going to KWRI in Feb 99. Gucci Boy!!

SrA Dorian Williams (Mr. Clean) ....Dorian completed CFIC this past spring, and now works in Training Flight (honestly, we think it’s because of him that training flt received 7 Benchmarks during the ASEV). Dorian has received so many awards that their talking about making him Chief Boom of the Air Force.

SrA Steve Spalding.(A.K.A.Football Head)…Steve has also completed CFIC, we’re not sure what the guy’s at CFIC did to him, but from all the Boom here at Robins we THANK YOU. He is the only one that we know of that can break his big toe be "trying" to kick a soccerball.

SrA Eric Hicks....Eric is the #2 "Stealth Boom", but for a whole different reason. If Eric stay’s on pace, he’ll soon become the #1 TDY Boom. He’s still pursuing his life long dream of becoming the biggest "Slum Lord" in the South East.

SrA Eric Arcara...Who’s he???.

SrA John Phillips…John is the third of the "Young Boom’s" to go to CFIC. John is still volunteering for all the TDY’s, rumor has it that he’s trying not to reproduce, and THANK GOD for that.

A1C Ralph Huston…..Young, cocky, all knowing, and always in trouble; you know, a BABY BOOM. Ralph has a strong tanker history in his family. His grandfather was a boom operator on the KB-29, and his father was a pilot on the KC-135. Obviously Ralph chose the better career field.

A1C John Rickenbach AKA "RICKEN-BUNKER"….Again, young, cocky, all knowing, and always in trouble; again a BABY BOOM. Has anyone seen his comb? Ask him about the 82nd Airborne "bunker patrol".

A1C Bronson Lerma….Bronson spent two years at the AF Academy. He then realized that the Enlisted force had more attractive women, so he chose to become a Boom Operator instead; wise decision!

A1C Dustin Schules (Cliff)….Dustin must be one of the luckiest Boom’s around. Not even here a week, he’s off and flying at Red Flag.




SrA Hector Trinidad (Mr. I’m too Sexy for the 135)....Hector is the squadron’s stealth boom for two years running. Hector is looking to make civilian below the zone in November.

SSgt Derrick (D-Rock) Grant....Another one of our Stan/Eval instructors and probably one of the best instructors we have seen in a long time. Sadly enough were losing D-ROCK. Derrick left for the 55th at Altus in late October, to teach Ultimate Fighting to all of the instructors there. Still owes us his HP-200.

SrA Chris Meinken....Chris is presently out of the active duty world, and working for the Chicago Guard. You could bet that he’s still throwing his world famous parties up there.

If you’re ever in town stop by the squadron and say hello

Well till next year, yall take it easy and fly safe.



Wanna be Gucci Boy

SrA Chris Huelsenbeck














PJQ, 1997


Rihyad, Saudi Arabia


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Salt Lake ANGB, UT

191 ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Scott AFB, IL



CMS Erskin Glast, DOT, 1A0XX Functional Manager: Folks, it has been a very busy year with the participation in the war and all. However, we need to focus on training, mentoring and being the best example we can be. The forces is getting so young out there and the pace has picked up for us all. But we can handle it…we always have. We must continue thinking total force in all we do and remember, we all have a part to play. Most important…we most support and take care of one another. I wish I could be out there flying in formation with you, but I to must do my part and that is support you. I can only be as effective as the support I receive. I wish you all well you’re doing a great job. Fly Safe I mean that!!!

DSN 576-5553 Comm: (618) 256-5553 FAX: DSN 576-2773 erskin.glast@scott.af.mil

CMSgt Cary Hubbard, DOV: Greetings from HQ AMC/DOV. Jim Eden and I are plugging away at Boom Operator Stan/Eval and Training issues worldwide. Jim is getting an extension, so he has another shot at Chief. I’m hanging in there, trying to do my last two years and maintain my sanity at the same time. I don’t think Jim knows what he’s getting into. Many things are happening in the Boom field. I really don’t have time to list them all, but here are a few of the most important.

--The BBO is coming along at a rapid pace. If all goes well, it will be on line by July.

--Al Miller has left 21AF for the Squadron. He has not been replaced yet.

--A new Partial dash one for the CCM (Silver Bullet) is being written.

--Still trying to get folks moving between the KC-135 and KC-10. We want to get some experience back into the –135.

--Congrats to MSgt B.B. Wiggs at Travis. He made AMC Outstanding Enlisted Senior Aircrew Member of the Year.

--Supplements are coming out for refueling different or foreign receivers. Be ware, if it isn’t in your dash 3 or dash 33 A/R manual, you need a waiver from HQ AMC/DOV to refuel it.

--Same old story, trying to get funding for a new load planning program. I’m working 2 or 3 avenues at once. Maybe one will pan out.

CMSgt Tom Minton, XPR:

SMSgt Jim Eden, DOV: Another day in HQ HELL. Anyone thinking about coming to AMC I have a job for you….DOV. I should be moving on in a year or so, one way or another. CMSgt Glast will be looking for someone to fill these shoes. If you are interested, let your chief boom know or call CMSgt Glast. We’ve seen many changes this past year with Pacer CRAG, MPRS, TOs/Checklists, Regulations and all those smaller things that come and go. From experience it will smooth out in a year or so and we will see smooth sailing again. Until then, keep you head up and boom extended…. DSN 576-5305, 5080, james.eden@scott.af.mil

MSgt Ted Inwood, ANG Liaison to HQ AMC/DOV: "It’s disturbing sitting here in the DOV office of Hq AMC with a South window view knowing that at the same time folks in the tanker community are in a state of deployment. I wish everyone God’s speed and a safe return. If there is any way that I can serve you while here at HQ AMC/DOV, please give me a call." DSN: 576-5924 COMM: (618) 256-5924 ted.inwood@scott.af.mil>

MSgt Todd Salzman, TACC/XOOKS: Superintendent of New Air Refueling Requirements. I escaped from AETC and CCTS (no more transition!) to get cushy TACC job with a window seat! I'm working up here in the rat maze as the Superintendent of the Short Notice Air Refueling Requirements section. Basically, we task tankers to pick-up the A/Rs that don't make it into the horse blanket; which is a butt load! Also work Foreign Military Sales issues and contingency planning. If you ever want to see how the Air Force/military in general really works, come on up. Its an eye-opening experience. Just want to say to all you guys and girls flying the line "thanks, you make it all happen." Remember, troops don't make it to the fight, recon can't stay on station and bombs will not hit the target unless they get a tanker. Don't let anybody tell you any different! You can adjust as necessary….DSN576-7951 john.salzman@scott.af.mil

MSgt Bricker Martin, IGCO: What a great job. Jim Eden has been trying to switch with me for a year, but he's a little short on cash. If anyone has any questions about ORI's and how they effect Booms, give me a call DSN 576-1941, or if you need some extra booms for flying, I would be more than happy to help out. bricker.martin@scott.af.mil

MSgt Paul Pillar, AMC/IG: Life at the headquarters is great! I sure miss those flight test days. If you ever make it to Scott, and see me working in the yard or out and about---just shoot me and put me out of my misery! (This instruction rescinded upon valid PCS orders or retirement). Actually, life on the IG team is good (I get to travel and see old friends; my wife likes the constant traveling part). Flying in Florida isn't half bad, either! paul.pillar@scott.af.mil

MSgt Greg Conrad, DOOM: Works in the Mobile Command and Control Branch. He’s been on the AMC Staff for 3 1/2 years now. He’s the functional manager for tanker and airlift Wing Operations Center (WOC) UTCs for active duty, Guard, and Reserves. He also has the unpopular task of managing TALCE and AMOS boom slots so you probably still want to be nice to him. conradg@scott.af.mil

MSgt Scott Konieczka, XOOK: Still loving life here in the cornfields of Illinois. KB and the boys say hello. If you’re wondering what I do here, so am I. Currently working in Coronet Planning. Give me a call at 576-1963. GO PACKERS!! scott.konieczka@scott.af.mil

MSgt Randy Seip, DOOM: Randy retired on 6 Nov 98 and now works as a contractor for Tri-Cor. He’s involved with unit level planning and scheduling under the C2IPS program. Randy was replaced by TSgt Ken Strother who came out of TACC/XOPM.

MSgt Jim Wood, TACC/XOBK: Enjoying life here at Scott in the TACC long range tanker planning. Definitely a lot less hectic than back in the ops squadron days. The rest of the family is currently stationed in Guam, but due back sometime this summer. DSN 576-1940 james.wood@scott.af.mil

MSgt Wally Tennyson, TACC/XOPMA: First year here at Scott AFB and it has been a wild ride; Phoenix Scorpion III & IV, Hurricane Mitch and now Kosovo. The family and I are settled in and doing well. I’m finishing my 4 yr. degree and flying "bug smashers" again to keep busy. My DSN is 576-2087, or try Tennyboom1@aol.com and howard.tennyson@scott.af.mil. (Hunting stinks here L )

TSgt Scott Anderson, TACC/XOO: Here I am at the TACC, one of the latest and possibly one of the last escapees from McGuire. I work in the President sees the world tour section. It took a day here to realize the T-Tail world is full of wimpy aircrews and if it wasn’t for my fly breaks I would forget how to spell air refueling. I am very very slowly becoming a St. Louis Blues fan since the Flyers are so far away. Well, if any of you are passing on through stop and I am sure someone will get you a cold one. scott.anderson@scott.af.mil

TSgt Doug Garrett, Short Range Tanker Barrel: Glad to be back home in Illinois. Attached to 2ARS for flying, it's great to be TDY when I'm in Jersey. douglas.garrett@scott.af.mil

TSgt Kevin Schlegel, TACC/XOPMC: Hello from the land of TACC, all you TALCE boomers should know that now I am your tasking TALCE Functional Manager. Any where you go I sent you there. This is the land of 12 hour shifts that go on forever and ever. I've been here in the TACC for 2 years now, and am looking forward to a new challenge. Hope Chief Glast is listening. Once a TALCE Man forever a TALCE Man. See you out on fly break. Thanks to Merv Arthurton at the 91 ARS for your support. kevin.schlegel@scott.af.mil

TSgt Chris "Dr" Hoctor, XOOKS: Fresh meat in the Coronet Delivery Shop of TACC. Just in time for (another) contingency, so I'm busy as hell! Slowly recovering from a broken back, a torn shoulder, and slipped disk, tons of deadlines and additional duties. All I need is some guy on my case about getting an input to the Boom Signal! We really are busy, but our hat's off to all the Booms in the wings, AMC, ACC, and AETC that are out there executing and improving on our planning here. And the Test and Det guys, we know you're busy too, but you would be welcome back to the squadrons or here. If you're in the area, call us for a tour or lunch. DSN 576-4194. christopher.hoctor@scott.af.mil

TSgt Alton Lundin, XOPME: Recent arrival to the TACC, can answer the phone with the best of them. Working (ha) in XOP, Mission Support. Has come to the realization that all his friends here are "married with children" and their kitchen passes are few and far between (poor bastards). Becoming more cynical by the hour and is just two-packs-a-day away from being that crusty old boom that he’s always wanted to be. To quote one of his heroes, "Happy to be here, proud to serve". And yes D.K., he can still take a dump without getting his socks dirty. alton.lundin@scott.af.mil

TSgt Larry Hudnut, XOBK:--Superintendent, Long Range Tanker Scheduling--Greetings from the world of the Horseblanket. Quite a different pace from the barrel days. Instead of a crisis every day, now they are just four times a year during the conference. I get to spend the rest of the time at computer classes and baseball games. larry.hudnut@scott.af.mil

TSgt Ken Strother, Affiliation Manager: I escaped TACC and landed in DOOM where I took over the affiliation program from a loadmaster. If your thinking about coming to Scott and want some information, I can be reached at DSN 576-7979 or 618-256-7979. Kenneth.strother@scott.af.mil

TSgt Scott A. Stern, TACC: Still assigned as a Manager, Tanker Airlift Mission Support Operations (TALCE stuff), but not for long!!! Thank God! Too many damm contingencies, twelve hour shifts, and the loss of hair. I will be moving down to Tanker Scheduling and looking forward to it. Still looking for a command position within AMC, maybe SMSgt Eden's job if the old fart would just retire. Just kidding! scott.stern@scott.af.mil

TSgt Dan Goewey, TACC/XOO: Arrived here in TACC Feb '98 - went into Coronet Planning branch of the Current Operations Directorate. Quickly learned two things: 1) Flexibility is "not" the key to airpower...it is the philosophy...(How many times has that date changed?) and 2) Not all headquarters jobs are bad. (Get to spend lots of good quality time with the family.) Getting ready for retirement (depending on Stop-Loss) in less than a year - going into full-time ministry - probably Northwest Minnesota (We spent 4 years in Grand Forks prior to this assignment and loved it.) daniel.goewey@scott.af.mil

SSgt (Tsgt sel) Jose "Hozer" Martinez: Between Contingency's and 24hr shifts. I have managed to find a few minutes to play my Guitar (I'm not in a Band here yet), go to a few Nascar races and see the Cardinals, Blue's and Ram's play a couple of games. Quality of life is up for the Martinez family this year. My 2 girls are great. BreAnna (3yrs) turned on the family's Nascar Driver, Jeff Gordon and is now following Ricky Rudd. I'll give her till her forth B-day to change back to JG or she's sleeping in the garage. Be good all, call me here at the TACC DSN 576-4194 or E-mail martinez@apci.net


Selfridge ANGB, MI

63 ARS


Boom Shop

1998 was a relatively quite year. We were able to hire 5 more booms and that has really helped our pers temp. Enough about us.


SMsgt Reg Nolte: Chief Boom

CMsgt Bill Shaw: OGV

SMsgt Niki Zachary: Mission Development

Msgt Frank DeJauregui: Tactics

Msgt Greg Ringel: Cargo Loading

Msgt Larry Wyland: Current Ops

Tsgt Michael Weir: Training

Tsgt John English: Mission Development


CMsgt Jeff Rooding: First Shirt

Msgt Joe Bozzo: Went Postal

Msgt Fred Goettsche: Hanging on the telephone

Msgt Rick Morrow: Home Depot??

Tsgt Bennie Lance: "The Jets"

Tsgt Dale Ryan: FNG

Tsgt Andre Jones: Ex Aero Med

Ssgt Tom Polk: The Man

Ssgt Michelle Keller: Nurse Nightingale

Ssgt Brian McDonald: Mr Awards and Decs.

Ssgt Karl Kivela: "You’re Cleared To Land!!"

That’s All Folks!!!

SMsgt Reg Nolte


Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

77 ARS


The Totin’ Tigers

1040 Blakeslee Ave. 27531-2201

DSN 488-6683 1-800-SHAMU-10

Everything here at the "Shady J" is A okay. The men and women of the Totin’ Tigers Squadron have been working their butts off for the last year and deserve a well-earned rest pretty soon. We have successfully completed all of the training (at home, at Volk Field, at Gulfport) and evaluations (back to Volk Field) for the ORI and the SIOP generation. With all of that behind us, we are now gearing up for the ASEV in January. Oh, we haven’t been short on missions during all of this either, everyone gets their fair share of TDY whether they want it or not. I’m sure that’s nothing new to all of you other units. It’s pretty much the same everywhere, but we seem to enjoy it a little more here at the "Shady J". In alphabetical order, I’ll try to give a one-line synopsis of everybody’s last year here.


SMSgt Brad Baxter …Moved from Stan / Eval to the squadron and is now section NCOIC.

TSgt Barry Bradley…Received a RIF notice while attending the NCO Academy. Barry graduated and is still here.

TSgt Kenny Fallin…..Attended the Academy also and only works the days he wants to. Must be nice.

SSgt Tom Glossr…Came to us from active duty and plans to return to active duty soon. Was it our table manners Tom?

SSgt Mike Harston…Came to us from California and plans to return soon. Quickest gain/loss on record.

MSgt Sean Martin…Chief of Training keeps beating us up with CBTs.

MSgt Betty Matthews…Always here when we need her. Steady as a rock and becoming an institution around here.

Tsgt Mark McElmurry…Mr. G.Q. We keep him on the road to make ourselves look better here at home.

TSgt Bill Norris….We keep Bill at home to make us look better. Another reservist becoming an institution.

MSgt Randy Palumbo….Mr. Gadget…got more damn radios and LMRs than a body has a right to. Turn that down will ya!

TSgt Tony Parris…Tony is our aspiring computer geek and will end up richer than all of us put together.

TSgt Rick Powell…Rick’s still in Mission Development and knows how to buy us some good trips.

TSgt Rand Sanders…After 23 years, Rand has finally hung it up. He’s still flying corporate out of Wilmington.

TSgt Carl Sisco…Carl is one of our hardest working reservists. Always on the go. Carl, your family said to say hello.

SSgt Rowdy Smith…Flying a tanker isn’t enough for Rowdy so he drives one during the day as well.

CMSgt Jerry Snyder….Finally got his much coveted ’67 Corvette Convertible. Talk about a proud papa.

MSgt Don Templeton…Left his ART position for the high finance of the corporate world. Go figure.

SMSgt Kerry Vanausdall…Has lost so much weight, they asked him to model for the Anorexia Foundation.

SMSgt Ronnie Wade….Ron turns 60 in a couple of months, so look for invitations to one huge retirement party.

SMSgt James Ward…Jamie is now in Stan / Eval wearing the black hat, but when turned inside out, it’s a Santa hat.

That pretty well covers it for the boys and girls of the 77th Totin’ Tiger Squadron. I’m going to leave some space here for closing remarks from the Chief. Ya’ll take care, and come see us some time, Brad

Hello to all Booms – Active, Guard, Reserve, and Retired! Thanks Brad for doing the hard part and getting "The Signal" input started and sent. In his humble fashion, he didn’t brag enough on the fine job our "Totin’ Tigers" have been doing. We are about to wrap up a three-year conversion from being a KC-10 associate unit, to being a unit equipped, 10 PPA, KC-135R unit. Granted, we were declared mission ready some time ago, but we did not really earn our ATSO wings until going through the tests. Multiple practice Phase I, II exercises, actual Conventional ORI, recently the SIOP ORI, and finally our up coming ASEV. We have had lots of help from experts out in the field, and support from AMC, AETC, and AFRC in allowing us to do some things "outside the box". But, most importantly, I want to express my thanks and pride in those that really did all the work. To start with, a salute to all past boom operators of the 77th ARS. Literally, they now span the country from McGuire to Travis. Without the foundation and reputation they started long ago, we would not have been able to do what we did. And to our reservists who work their 40 plus hours a week, maintain currency, play the games, deploy in support of any tasking, and come back for more, my special thanks. Of course our professional reservists that work anytime, have no benefits, and fit some where in between the reserve side of the house and the Air Reserve Technician, have got to know this program would not work without them. Then the backbone of the program, the ARTs. We have the finest professionals around! Half of them took a grade reduction in the conversion, keep offices running when the officer (or Chief Boom) is not around, and maintain training standards and keep people coming and going as required. During the major exercises and inspections, every where something critical to the operation was getting done, a boom operator was involved. They carried us through! This probably describes most of the boom shops across the Air Force, but I wanted to let you all know how proud we are of ours here! We still have the best job around, prove daily we are not here just for the money, and maintain a brotherhood unlike any one else. NKAWTG – NOBODY!!

Proud to be their Chief,



Sheppard AFB, TX


SSgt (Finally) Eric J. Ball. Holding the fort down here in Sheppard for 5 more months then handing the controls over to a new guy. Will be back operational November 99 in Mt. Home. Looking forward to getting back to the plane.

E-mail is eaucboom@aol.com



Instructor, EAUC


Tinker AFB, OK



Greetings and salutations from the OKIES! Listed below you will the current 98/99 lineup of booms, we thought it would be interesting to place them in order of age (oldest to youngest), and some say I don’t know when to quit. Currently the unit is going through PACER CRAG training and getting a new Wing CC; will the beatings ever stop? We are a busy bunch here. So let me get started. On second thought you had better not. Enjoy.

SMSgt Dennis Smith: Reservist. (James): People if you haven’t met the living legend himself you don’t know what you are missing. Dennis is the oldest living, actively flying boom on this planet. To give you and example on one UTA he wore tan shorts with big black socks uniform…what the hell is that about? Great guy, with a long and proud history. Can you say walking Smithsonian. Hey Reeff take note of the Senior thing in front of D.D’s name.

SMSgt Rodney Sanders: Reservist. (Bartles) Rodney is the second half of the Bartles and James act here in the squadron. May not be as old as Dennis but he’s twice as big so we don’t tease him much. Some more of that KC-10 trash, we picked

Up out of McGuire. Seriously though, Rodney gives us more availability from Arkansas than some of the local booms (OOPS). I did mentioned he was from Arkansas didn’t I. Well that means another no shoes joke the next time someone see’s

him TDY. Gee, I think he’s embarrassed or something. Immediate goal is to have the cargo door welded shut.

MSgt Rick Erwin, ART (Reborne): What a burner finished CFIC, SNCO Academy, and his indentured servant duty in the OSF. Long time trougher, and now a ART working under Big John. That does sound odd doesn’t it? Workings under Big John don’t think into it we don’t. Rick’s currently learning the boom scheduling process and we’ve noticed a few flaws in his training. Rick you don’t put your name in every open alert block for the month. Newest word in his vocabulary is Taken. It is usually used in reference to alert scheduling.

CMSgt John "B.J." (That stands for BIG JOHN) Beasley, Program Manager: Big John was supposed to write this but alas he said he had real important management type stuff to do. His most recent claim to fame is a 67% winning average when playing Free Cell. Were not sure if you’d call it a mid life crisis or not, but seems B.J. was going to get a Harley, then a 57 Chevy, next thing we know he pulls up in the parking lot with a new Trans Am. Ram Air, LT-1 motor, WS-6 pkg. Doesn’t seem like a problem to me. Even money says death by this summer. The Boom Association is funding the money for gas. The pipe bomb scheme never worked.

MSgt Marty Lochman, (Hooter hound) / Boom Training Guy: Marty is still assigned to the training office, notice I did not say anything about working in it. Like Marty say’s if you wanted to see me work come to my house and help me rebuild my @#*&($_) ing plane. We started to worry about Marty he has a new house a plane, does not want to TDY or on any deployments, but then we figured it out, can you say AMWAY… Marty is the current Outstanding Enlisted Aircrew Member of the Year for the Command.

MSgt John Wilson, (Scooter) OSF Indentured Servant: Scoot recently got rid of the boom-scheduling book for a much easier job, working in OSF. Okay so we lied to him, but as of this writing he doing great. Scoot had a busy year as well he is also a graduate of the SRNCO academy. Of course we are wondering why he has started to take more sick leave and wants to requal with the M16 weekly. Be afraid be very afraid.

MSgt Dave Fruge’ Reservist: (Peacock): David has been real busy at Continental these days between moving up in the company and helping our pilots get hired but he still manages to have time to come see the booms. (Course it’s only if he can go to Hawaii or Germany or Australia) David has taken to the Willie Coleman school of booming: hardly seen or heard but always the main topic of discussion.

MSgt Max Staats, Reservist: (Mad Max): Makes too much money for a guy that’s never around. Just kidding, Maximum is strictly a night guy here in "OKIE" land. Is willing to show up during daylight hours on a UTA, so long as he is on at least one day of a two day Alert Tour. Best Saturday/Sunday guy in the business. Not much new on Max, he went to Saudi with the Active Duty and loved it. Okay he didn’t love but he’d do it again. Okay, he wouldn’t do it again for anything.

MSgt Larry Greenfield, A.D. (Bonehead): Larry works across base with the Depot folks and fly’s with us when we need help, which seems to be allot. Larry is our recent Bonehead of the year winner, seems he’s been flying with us for over a year DNIF, can you say never checked in at the hospital. Larry has been a God send to the "Okie Booms", always available for a short notice flight. Thanx Erskin.

TSgt John Williams, Reservist (John BOB): John is another one of our carrying the load reservist, he will go anywhere at any time as long as it doesn’t interfere with the restaurant hours, (summer). Still makes the best smoked ribs and brisket that we have ever tasted. Heck, he thinks we keep him around for his availability. HA, hope he doesn’t read this. You ever get to Grand Lake here in God’s country, stop by and mention you’re a Boom. John owns a couple of real nice cabins on the lake. On second thought, you might want to keep the Boom thing to yourself. If his wife finds out that we actually get vacations-we will all be in trouble.

MSgt Steve Switzer, (CHUNK): Chief of Scheduling: Another highly motivated IB. Steve had recently surpassed his own greatness, not only did he swing Abbotfords air show from one of the Dinosaur units but he’s got us into Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia- with get this, A LOT OF GROUNDTIME! He is the man. Savvy, I guess. Steve has been struggling with a career decision. He is toying with the real estate world. We sure hope he stays, at least until he gets us back to Geilenkirchin!

TSgt Kathy Lowman, (SHEBA): Social Chairperson Extreme, and CLT Manager: MSgt select, and by the time you read this a very well deserved Step promotion. Just got back from Prince Sultan. The McConnell guys will never be the same. First off, no one calls her Red and lives to talk about it. All they had to do was call, I would have told them that. Hate to see any Boom get hurt needlessly. Secondly, she was a "Staff" Boom. Everyone knows it is the job of a good staff Boom to fly as much as a staff Boom can. Now what part of Staff Boom do you not understand.

SSgt Kelley Witt, Reservist: ( ): Unfortunately we haven’t know Kelley that long to nickname her. Currently attending Water and Land survival training and progged to go to boom school, end of May. If you run into Kelly anytime soon ask her about the insurance rates here in God’s country. Never met anybody like her, always talking about insurance rates. Former Supply Clerk for the Civil Engineers. When Big John goes recruiting he hunts down the fast movers. CE never knew what hit them.

TSgt Philip Brand, (X-MAN): Short Range scheduler. New instructor this past year and is he ever sharp. Only Okie so far to come out of CFIC with an EQ. This guy is good. Currently learning the fine art of wheeling and dealing from the Chunk. We hope Switzer can get rid of that bad habit of Phil’s, he’s too honest with any luck Steve will cure that before summer. Still has some of that troughers blood in him, but strangely enough has no problem sleeping at the alert facility.

SSgt Darby Perrin, Reservist: ( ): Again, another new guy. Darby is a accomplished military art painter, commonly referred to as a starving artist. Darby had the good sense to let his contract expire with the 552 AWACS. We are trying not to hold the latter against him (it’s hard). Seems to be a good guy, he fit right in, he sat down the first day and told us how messed up AWAC is and how he hated it. Passed his interview with flying colors. As of this writing Darby is attending Boom School and had better graduate with an EQ. Possibly one of the first initial qual booms to have the course ware in advance. Said the pictures were neat, wanted to sell us a rendering of the Master Circuit Breaker Panel. You can see where this is going. Still struggling with the term "FREE".

SMSgt Steve "Bif" Robinson, Stan Eval Guy: I’m not sure what to say, I’m writing this year’s signal. (I know I’ll leave it too one of the Flight Booms that’s what I’ll do..) (Editor note: as of this point I have not seen a Flight Boom so off this goes to AMC) If you haven’t noticed these people are old. HAHA. NOTE: BIF is now the most Junior Senior Master Sergeant in the unit. One of the biggest contributors to the Chiefs gas fund.

Special Note to all the sorry S.O.B.’s that have left us.These guys took allot out of the unit when they left and they will be missed more than we can say (that was pretty wishy washy for me wasn’t it):

SMSgt Jim "Gunny" Hackworth, Active Duty Swine: We sure miss having Jim around and hearing his family stories, if you know gunny you know what we are talking about. Currently your 15th A.F. evaluator and all around good guy, (like that part Jim).

MSgt ‘Whispering’ Willie Coleman: Gone but not forgotten. Willie can we have the HP back?

TSgt Lee "Woody" Wood: Woody and family have moved back to San Antonio, TX.

If any Booms are interested we here at the OKIES have our animal in the woods/float trip every year and everyone is invited, just give us a call. 884-3269/3803/2135

So if your here for a Depot In/Out or any other reason stop in and see us!!


Tinker AFB, OK

Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC)



Greetings from the great state of Oklahoma. This will be my first input to the signal. I’ve been here a little over a year now and replaced SMSgt Terry Barber, who’s now at McConnell. Tinker is one of the best kept secrets in the Boom Career field, we have three active duty positions here at Tinker. Two functional check booms at the 10 tests squadron, and myself working operational issues such as Tech Data, Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) issues, and anything else that comes up. They have been trying to convert me into a Crewchief ever since I arrived on station, those of you who know me know that won’t happen in my lifetime. Honestly, this has been a real eye opener, you really get to know the internal workings of the aircraft, and just about everything else on the 135. If you’re tired of living out of a suitcase and can live with flying once or twice a month this is the job. If this sounds interesting you can give me a call or let Chief Glast know. I’ll be ready to move on in a year or 2 at the most. If your in the area feel free to give me a call, or stop by the office. If you have never seen the extent of the work being done here, your in for a big surprise. Really makes you wonder if the aircraft will ever get airborne again. Along with the normal PDM work were in the process of converting the fleet to Pacer CRAG. And Multi Point Refueling System. It looks like you can plan on your children flying the same aircraft your father flew, right now they are saying the 135 will be with us until 2040. More improvements are coming even as we speak. For example, the Air Force is getting serious about putting a Radar Warning Receiver System along with Chaff/Flares countermeasures for both the KC-135 and KC-10 for operational use in the AOR. Well guys that all for now keep the sunny side up and the dirty side down. Pilot Boom stowed off interphone


SMSgt Larry Greenfield

AMC Liaison for Operations

DSN#: 336-3055/56

Comm#: 736-3055/56

Fax: 336-3059

e-mail: lgreenfi@lk.tinker.af.mil


Tinker AFB, OK



This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Travis AFB, CA

15 AF


KC-10A KC-135E, R, T, and Pacer CRAG

CMSgt Mike Paynter SMSgt Gene Hagge

SMSgt Tim Holt (IMA) SMSgt Jim Hackworth (ARC)

Greetings from your friends at HQ 15 AF Stan/Eval! As always, we’re here to help.

Like all of your units, we have some new faces since last year. Mike Wetzel retired and has gone off to pursue young, sorry, train young minds as a JROTC instructor. So if your future Lts aren’t any good, go find Mike. Jim Hackworth, a reservist on an AGR tour until Oct 2002, replaced Mike. Jim says he’s here to help Gene look good so he can make Chief and go back to AMC. Mark Skavarna, former IMA and IG augmentee also retired to the teaching profession. Tim Holt replaced him and promises to help here at 15th instead of putting in his time with the IG guys. Tim has a few hundred years of experience in the KC-10, as a reserve boom operator and contract training instructor. He will be our special project guy and a big help on ASEVs.

As usual, we’ve stayed busy with ASEVs, line checks, pyramid evals, processing 847s, FMRCs, and a few other miscellaneous conferences. Keeping up with our own currencies takes some time and effort too. Gene and Jim appear to be having a per diem contest. Either that or they are trying to match the ops tempo in the units. Good luck!

Gene and Jim have stayed busy this year trying to figure out the cargo qualification versus certification issue, and getting checked out on Pacer GRAG. Should be a lot more interesting conversation regarding the cargo issue. As for Pacer CRAG, keep your eyes open. Three person ops will require lots of attention.

We’re all looking forward to seeing the first students from the new school at Altus showing up at the KC-10 schoolhouses. The Travis guys are conducting cargo training at CCTS on a trial basis. Looking good so far. We get to visit them soon, always a pleasure. For us anyway.

FLY SAFE!!! We want to see you on the road, and back home safely with your families.


NKAWTG . . . . . N!!!


Travis AFB, CA.

6th ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Travis AFB, CA.

9th ARS


Greetings from the Mighty 9th here in Northern California. We hope everyone out there is having a great year. It’s time to put away the golf clubs and the jet skis for the rainy season is upon us. Our time is occupied with numerous trips, deployments to SWA/BIOT, and Bravo Alert whenever the weather turns. Staying flexible is our motto; We would like it to be "gated flight pay!" Our crew force has changed considerably this year with a new group of qualified baby boomers—they can’t wait to get to the desert, and a new group on its way from Altus and elsewhere. If you’re in town, stop by or give us a call at DSN 837-7855. Here is our current line up. NKAW10G! Semper Per Diem!

Boom Superintendent


MSgt Stephen Slobodnjak (Slobo)- Just bought a nice retirement home on the other side of Sacramento somewhere. Did I say retirement? Back from the desert, hopefully for the last time!

Flight Superintendents

MSgt Robert (BB) Wiggs- Waiting for Slobo to retire. His wife is happy now--the boom bar has departed for a bachelor pad! Still diplays his picture of the B-52 proudly, and brags about having "A" model time.

MSgt Jon Hilyard- MR. Triathlon! Gave up the motor-cross for health and fitness—less broken/dislocated limbs. Completed the Escape from Alcatraz this year and placed high in his age group. Wants to compete in the Hawaii Ironman triathlon in 2000! He’s got the Ironman watch and the license plate tags to prove it!


TSgt John Felisky- Getting married on December 26th. Way to go John! Our local Detroit Red Wings and Lions fan club President. Also a charter member of the Johnny Benson fan club.

TSgt Alton Lundin- PCSing to Scott AFB here in the near future. Alton, a Kenny Schrader fan, runs the local "FART" and is a member of the Jet Ski club. The TACC is getting a winner in this guy—welcome to Belleville!

SSgt Jeff Russell- Heading to CCTS. Jeff is still married to his first wife! We’re thinking about giving him an award or something. Just finished his BS degree in Professional Aeronautics. Also a member of the jet ski club, the Susuin tide control monitor association, and the Texas Misfits.

SSgt Mark Redden- Mr. 36-2903 and Party director. Getting married as well, but not until next year. Newest addition to the jet ski club, but President of the Susuin tide control monitor association. Known to bust moves to the Grease soundtrack.

SSgt Dan Purdy- New guy in Stan\Eval. Dan traded his jet skis in for a new baby girl. Congratulations!


TSgt Jim Lockley- Keeping busy with his gun collection. Believes gun control means using two hands. Need any information on guns Dial 1-900-SHOOTER. Strong supporter for the Squadron Tobacco policy.

TSgt Randy Johnson- Just arrived from Kadena TALCE and currently pulling a desert tour. He’ll be heading to upgrade shortly. His phone rings constantly.

TSgt Mike Routheau- Enjoying the single life again. Anyone need a new Grand Cherokee? Unloaded a ton of bricks with it over in Dixon. He’s looking for a Harley now!

TSgt (Sel) Tony Edwards- New guy in scheduling. Our resident Garth Brooks and member of the Texas Misfits. Heading to upgrade soon.

Training Flight

MSgt Herb Hughes- Just came to us from Wing DOV. Broke his arm in a freak boating accident. One of the Diego Garcia fishing club members.

SSgt Brian Valadez- Mr. Don Juan. Looking for a job over in the AMOS so he can finish his degree. Likes to go on C-Checks now and was caught on the Internet looking for wedding rings.

SSgt Randy Zaiontz (Z)- Texas boy from way back. Currently trying to teach all the new baby boomers how to load the –10. Would like to be Lt. Governor of Texas in about eight years.

SSgt Dustin McMillan- Came to us from CCTS. Happy newlywed living up in Sacramento. Big Hockey player when he’s not injured. Has been known to show up at Boom Parties.

Line Booms

TSgt Kurt Perry- Came to us from the TALCE. Helps out with the TDY load by staying on the road.

SSgt Al Leaton (Planet Al)- Finished his Bachelors degree--working on his Masters!

SSgt Al Mcnamee- Squadron stealth boom. Usually on the road or pulling staff duty during exercises.

SSgt Gary Hall- Computer Genius! Runs the computer network for the squadron. Currently in upgrade training.

SSgt Jack Fortner- Came to us from the 6th to help out with manning. Helping out in Training Flight.

SSgt Tom McCoy- Blessed with another child this year. Congratulations again! Time for a vacation in BIOT!

SSgt Dennis Wright- Tennessee boy with a big blue 4x4 truck! NASCAR fan and member of the Texas Misfits.

SSgt Dean Ainsworth- Wanted to ride instead of driving. Came to us from Transportation. Currently in cargo training.

SrA Chris Schnieder- Amn of the year and SrA below the Zone. Need I say more?

SrA Seth Bunker- Also SrA below the Zone! Does tremendous work on the Squadron lithographs.

A1C Robert Weitershausen (Whitehouse)- TDY monster—first to volunteer. If its got a beat he can dance to it! New boom.

A1C Shay Gilliam- Squadron director for new flight suit designs. Call him "Boo." Another new boom.

A1C Mike Hinton- Mr. Can do! Likes driving to So Cal.

A1C Cary Doty- New boom in cargo training.

A1C Scott Thomason- 2nd generation boom operator. Fully qualified, can’t wait to show up the "old man."

A1C Laura Theis- New boom in A/R training—burning up the program.

Attached Booms

Chief Paynter- 15th AF Boom. Has a nice house and helps out with the desert tours.

MSgt DK Smith- Wing Boom. Stationed at Travis, lives at Beale?

MSgt Cody Crowder- Training manager at Dallas.

MSgt Ruben Mendoza- Just snuck out of Travis to be TALCE at Dyess.

MSgt Steve Kleman- TALCE boom.

TSgt Eric Nimke- Got an OTS slot! Congratulations! Doing his last month or so with us.

TSgt Troy Keach-Mr. PGA. Took a job in the AMOG to get a higher TDY count.

TSgt John Purdue (Pipes)- AMOG boom.

TSgt Chuck O’Banion- TALCE boom.

TSgt Chris Hoctor- Up at Scott AFB flying with McGuire. Just got attached to WRI.

TSgt (Sel) Chrissy Thrower- Working Current Ops. Also got an OTS slot! Way to go!

SSgt Brian Ennis- AMOG boom. Two years without a checkride, what a deal! Been at TALCE for over 3 years, should be back with us soon.


MSgt Jim Phelps (Retired)- Working as a carpenter for Boomer (Really!) Construction in Napa, Ca.

SSgt Harold Wenner (Separated)- 70th Reservist boom; working in Iowa as an airline dispatcher.

SSgt Bill Taylor (Separated)- Computer guy heading back to the Mid West.


SrA Rodriguez- Fairchild –Command Post guy. Should be proficient at saying "Standby…"

SrA Littleton- MacDill life support. He’d better know how to preflight a mask!

SrA James"Fish" Fisher- Former KC-10 Boom (KBAD) back in the service—we need you here yesterday!


Travis AFB, CA.

70th ARS


It’s been quite an exciting and interesting year for us out here on the West Coast and here’s the scoop:

Chief Boom Rich Olshefski is keeping busy running his section as smooth as silk; (like #15 grit sand paper), with the adeptness of a well-seasoned manager (in training) and keeping his underlings as happy as clams (half baked).

SMSgt Tim Holt has moved up to bigger and better things. He now works for 15th Air Force DOV as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA). He will be greatly missed by all of us at the 70th but we wish him well in his new position, which will most likely allow him to make Chief--Finally!! Well deserved. He will also have his Bachelor’s Degree by Jun 99. Congrats and good luck Tim.

SMSgt Celeste Barcelo, AKA "The Black Widow," recently returned to the unit from the East Coast. McGuire: thanks for taking care of our pretty pest. New Senior Reservist for the unit.

MSgt Terry Monges, AKA "The Axe Man", is now the Stan/Evil god. He loves it. He’s also the newest ART and doing a helluva job. Heads the "Beautiful People" (BP) crew force. "Free Willy" had no chance to get on TV with Terry around.

MSgt Joe Lambertus is still the training guru. He’s been happily married for three years. He’s better known as "gassy" around here. Everybody loves Joe. He’s taking cooking lessons from Emeril Lagasse. Joe is a GREAT chef. Also received the "Heads Up" award for putting out a crew bus fire, AND never spilled a drop of beer!

MSgt Keith Stephens is our boom scheduler, better known as "Clutch Cargo." Constantly reminds Terry he’s his mentor. When the price of cigarettes went up he quit smoking. Now he chews the patch and wears the gum, in between trips to the coffee pot. Says he doesn’t miss smoking.

MSgt Chris Youngblood is living in Southern California, working for Boeing. That Master’s Degree paid off. Now if he can only find a place to live he likes. Still practicing for the senior golf tour. Always testing his putter.

MSgt Erik Sandvik, our newest MSgt, keeps busy with his newborn son, code name "Boomer". One proud father. He too is an avid golfer and is constantly looking for someone to shag his balls.

TSgt Dave Donaldson is so busy on the internet working the stock market he hardly has time to…fly. Also surfs for dates on the Yokota "I-want-to-marry-an american.com" chat room when he can’t find one at work (he works for the Solano County Prison.)

TSgt Dave Bablo is still living in Southern California and is working for Boeing. He says the TDYs are better.

TSgt Chad Courtney still works in Sacramento as a probation officer. You can catch him on the latest edition of America’s Most Wanted (bad boy, bad boy). Flies for currency ($$) only. Also a proud new father (Quantity unknown).

TSgt Barry Green is still living in Merced. Bought himself a shiny, preppy Beemer, with an obsolete Air Conditioning Unit. Previous owner headed for the border to install it. Barry will be heading to the poor house to make his AC legal (and we’re not talking about a pilot here.)

TSgt Bret Sherlock, our resident attorney is still searching for the perfect job: one with a million dollar salary where you don’t have to actually show up for work. Spends his time skiing Mt. Bachelor; word has it he’s put in an application.

TSgt AJ Baxter, AKA "Iceman," spends his time reciting lines from "Top Gun." A quiet, always-with-a-smile guy who keeps chanting, "I can’t believe they pay me to do this." Tell us that in a few years. It’s not the job that will get to him, it’s everything else: ground training, the desert, pilots, Rich….

TSgt Les Apilado also came to us from C-141s. We’re sure he was some kind of spy in the past or in a previous life; he is so incredibly stealthy. When he does show up he just melts into the walls. Poof!! Gone.

TSgt Todd Ruth decided to go back to becoming a Welborn Warrior at Beale AFB. That’s what we get for promoting him to TSgt. Good luck Todd. We’ll miss you. "Keep logging Heavies!"

SSgt Ren Limon left AD last year and came to us fully qualified. He’s quite the artist. Wife is pregnant, due in March ’99. Doing a good job as our Awards and Decorations Monitor. For now, he’s troughing but would like to get into Law Enforcement. Cuts his own Ricky Ricardo hair, looking good "ese!"

SSgt Jeff Odell is still working in Sacramento. He’s the local computer whiz. Claims he’s going broke on RPAs and AFTPs.

SSgt Russ Chubon is still getting checked out. Couple of cargo missions and he’ll be set. He’s our very own policeman, who patrols the streets in San Jose. Look for him in the next GQ issue (next to Terry).

SSgt Rick Marshall is our newest AD boom to come over to us. Welcome Rick.

SSgt Ernie Valles, our Dodi Fayd look-alike, AKA "The Postman," but we just call him "Dirty Ernie." Spends most of his time down in the mobility dungeon, hiding out, after he cleaned out Todd Ruth’s refrigerator.

SSgt Don "Sticky" Mora is getting closer to finishing up his engineering degree. Ten years of college down the drain.

SrA Corbet "Mongo" Cadwell is our resident mortgage money-man magnate of majestic multi-family mobile mansions in the Bay Area. Originally known as the "babe boom." Deemed an in-flight hero when he performed the Heimlich maneuver on a young airman who then spewed on the Ops Officer’s boots as he walked out of the cockpit

AIC Matt Fisher is one of our initial REL boom operators. Matt, Corbet and Don have brought credibility to the program. They’re all doing an outstanding job.



Travis AFB, CA.

79th ARS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Travis AFB, CA

615 AMOS


MSgt Bob Yelverton

SSgt Brian Valadez

MSgt Clyde Soumas: Retired Jul 99

SSgt Richard Marshall: Separated Dec 98


DSN 837-4016


Travis AFB, CA

615 AMS


This unit was either not found,

or did not submit a Boom Signal input for 1998.


Travis AFB, CA

715 AMS






We’ve got 5 booms in the squadron, at least that’s what the personnel listing says; I never see these guys around. Ops tempo is extremely high – we’re always on the hook for the latest uprising. A, C, and E bags are pre-positioned in the car; just give us airlift and we’re off to the latest hot spot. TALCE life is never dull, just ask these guys:

MSGT R. SONNY SAMPAYAN (KC-135) – Recent arrival from the Ramstein TALCE. Apparently he’s our Current Ops Superintendent but he hasn’t been in the office since he PCS’d here in August 98. Currently he’s on Safari in Africa. Rsonny@hotmail.com, rsampayan@aol.com

TSGT JON PURDUE (KC-10) – I don’t know what this guy does, but he’s never around. Ask him about Thailand. Florin33@hotmail.com

TSGT TROY KEACH (KC-10) – Newest addition to the 715th boom pool. No poop on him. Yet. Tkeach@hotmail.com

SSGT JIMBO WEBB (KC-10) – Hyperactive overachiever. He charged in here demanding better organization, so he was put in charge of pubs. On Safari with Sampayan, getting his team chief check-out. Kcboomer@pacbell.net

SSGT CHRISTY KILMER (KC-135) – Lovin’ TALCE life, consistently has 240 TDY days. On her way to the latest war effort for her team chief check-out. Kilmerc@hotmail.com

MSGT (retired) JERRY HOWE (KC-10) – Jerry left us in July 98. Currently making retired E-7 decisions in Connecticut. Boomer0661@aol.com

That’s all from our neck of the woods. If you have any questions or want to talk to any of these guys, call us at DSN 837-0362, commercial 707-424-0362. See ya around the world!



TALCE Boom Operator


Travis AFB, CA

815 AMS


Hello from Sunny California. I will try and do my best for the four booms that we have in the 815 AMS. We stay TDY most of the time because there is not enough to do while we are home. So here are the inputs. I just hope I don’t get in trouble with them because they are TDY today.

MSgt. Steve Kleman was sent to the 815 in August of 98 I dragged my feet all of the way across the street. I get back to the 9th ARS as much as possible and do a good job of staying current in the KC-10. I will most likely do 24 plus years in the Air Force if they will let me. (Stop loss is my friend) I now have 21 years on my LES.

MSgt. Jeff Sargent Jeff’s reputations percedes him around the world. Everyone know’s him in one way or another. A common saying behind Jeff’s back is, (The road to Hell is paved with NCO’S and Jeff Sargent is driving the Bus)

TSgt. Douglas "Spud" Micklich New TSgt. also has a new baby on board this year. He heads the Scheduling office when he gets some time at Travis. As far as we can tell he is still serving his time at Travis and will take the first "PCS" assignment to Mountain Home AFB.

SSgt. Brian R. Ennis Fully fleged MST. (Finely) Schedules and will be returning to the 9th Air Refueling Squardon as soon as his sentence is served 1 September 99. I crosstrained to the KC-10 while in the TALCE and I don’t recommend it to anyone( it is best to be fully qualified in a airframe before going to the TALCE)


We are all looking forward to the day that we can go back to the real flying world if it still exists.


MSgt. Steve Kleman


Steve.Kleman@Travis.AF.Mil (DSN 837-3091)

Jeffery.Sargent@Travis.Af.Mil (DSN 837-3091)

Brian.Ennis@Travis.Af.Mil (DSN 837-7375)

Douglas.Micklich@Travis.AF.Mil (DSN 837-7375)


Washington, DC





Greetings from the Five-Sided Puzzle Palace (a.k.a. Pentagon);

It’s hard to believe I’ve been here almost two years (with two more to go). Can’t say it’s been bad. Actually, I’m glad I took this assignment. I’ve loads of aviators from all around the globe. It’s neat to talk to fellow aircrew and compare notes on flying careers.

Just got back from a very interesting workshop--the Boom’s U&TW. What made it so interesting was I got tagged to run it only two days before it started. Chief Mitchell was called back from another TDY so he could put together a briefing for the CSAF. Naturally the briefings were held the same week as the U&TW. Anyhow, things went okay (that check with you Chief Glast?). After a few stumbles we managed to finish at 1900 on day two. (Give me a break. The ONLY other U&TW I ever attended was the Boom one in 1997.)

Next on my plate is finishing the CFETP (if I get inputs back from Chief Carrier)…

I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out our web site. I’ve made some visual changes since last year. If you click on the enlisted wings on the main page, it will take you to the non-rated page. Everything you wanted to call or email us about is there (if it isn’t, they you may email). We try to answer questions before they are asked. Hopefully, you’ll read it so we can have more time to answer tougher questions.

If any of y’all are passing through the DC area, stop by the Pentagon for a tour (provided by the Pentagon) and a visit. We’re in room 5C1000.


                                            Jim Haskell

               James C. Haskell, SMSgt, USAF

                                            Enlisted Aircrew Training Manager

                                            NKAWTG . . . Nobody!

                                            DSN 224-3443, (703) 614-3443                        haskellj@pentagon.af.mil


Washington, DC


Just wanted to say hello to everyone from the National Guard Bureau. This is our second input to the signal. Originally we were located at Andrews AFB at the Air National Guard Readiness Center before moving to the Pentagon. Last June we moved to Jefferson Plaza 1, in Crystal City due to construction on the Pentagon.

Our branch chief is Lt. Col. "Buzz" Tarlton. Many of you might have met him when he was at 15th AF or when he was an instructor at Castle AFB. Our 135 action officer, Maj. John Smarsh, is from the 168ARW. Our enlisted aircrew manager is CMSgt Al Williams who is from the rescue community. We have added two enlisted positions to our staff, MSgt Mike Ferrell, loadmaster, from the 167AW and MSgt Dave Power from the 129RQG. I have moved over from being the program manager for CRM to be the functional manager for Boom Operators.

For those of you visiting, right now we are on the 10th floor but will move to the 5th floor this summer. We are looking forward to 1999 and hope that we can help settle any issues that relate to our aircrews. If we can help in any way give us a call. Good luck and have a great year. DSN 327-2915/17/14/18. E-mail: bowend@ngb.ang.af.mil.



Inflight Refueling Program Manager



In Memory


Richard G. Visintainer


6 February 1950 - 13 January 1999

The 141 ARW would like to dedicate this years Boom Signal to our recently fallen Comrade, Rich Visintainer. Rich and his three crewmates, Dave Fite, Ken Thiele and Matt Laiho all lost their lives in the KC-135E crash at Geilenkirchen, Germany on 13 January 1999.

Rich was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan on 6 February 1950. He graduated from high school in 1969 and enlisted in the Air Force in 1969 where he served 4 years. He attended North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in the early 70’s and graduated with a degree in forestry.

Rich was a perfectionist. He had an eye for detail and an uncompromising work ethic. Honesty was an absolute. He always gave 110%. He loved to golf and was a member of the Wandermere Men’s Club. He enjoyed all sports; The Cubs, Bears and Celtics were his favorites, but most of all he loved Notre Dame. Skiing was a family sport and he was most recently distressed by the fact that he couldn’t keep up with his son Rocky.

Flying was Rich’s passion. He had many years as a boom operator with the 141 ARW and looked forward to every flight. He enjoyed a brotherhood with his compatriots and formed a bond which will never be broken, even in death. He confided to his former wife Susan, that flying was where he felt closest to God.

Rich drove truck for URM for 12 years. He spent many hours on the road and this was a time of peace and solitude for him. He liked the people at all of his stops and made many friends along the way. We will miss our father, grandfather, brother and friend. We will always remember his great smile and the twinkle in his eye. So long Vis- we miss you Buddy!!

We would also ask that everyone pause for a minute and remember and reflect on the rest of our comrades

who, over the years have made the Supreme sacrifice while doing what they loved to do so well. Ours is such an exciting and rewarding job, and we so routinely travel all over the world that we sometimes forget just what a dangerous profession we are in.

I want to thank everyone who sent cards, E-mails, and flowers and called with words of support. This has been a trying time for all of us and your support is greatly appreciated. You are indeed a special group. God Bless you all.

Rich Weatherly, CMSgt, 141 ARW/DOB



Here Lies A Part of our Lives

On a cold and rainy Sunday I traveled with my family to a park on a bluff, but I felt warm inside. I heard the sounds of helicopters off in the distance. There were flags flying, music playing, and men giving speeches, but my family was crying. I heard the sounds of rifles and a song echoing over the bluff.

As my family walked away, I turned to see where they were going. I saw a black granite stone with my name on it, and then I knew why I was warm;


I was Home.